Truthfulness, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

A Question of Morality

Assuming both have been taught of God,

which is the worse – or morally reprehensible…

the one who bares herself in public — or the one who straps on a bomb and suicides to punish nakedness?

the one who wastes resources — or the one who wastes lives to stop waste?

the one who allows freedom, with an accounting to God — or the one who forces an accounting to man…

or is it the one who rebels against Spirit Father?


Meandering Along

As I walk this path of mine, which meanders through what we call the journey of life, I find myself traversing the territory called “twilight years”. This simple or complicated (whichever you will) process gently but inexorably coaxes me to look back and think, “What have I achieved in this life?”

Well, certainly I have (more accurately) ‘done’ much. But what have I truly accomplished… that was of any real import? If I were to be completely honest with myself, I must, in truth admit that it’s not much. Oh, I put in a real effort, did lots of stuff, worked hard and meant well, but I did not actually accomplish nearly enough to be proud of… so little in fact that I am prompted to seriously consider whether or not my life has been wasted. And when I find myself in that space, I cannot help but think that yes, in truth my life has essentially been a waste… of sorts.

Yet, if I consider that life may just be simply a matter of living and growing, then in that way my journey has not and could not be counted as wasted – as I lived and grew (am growing). This is great news, but does not satisfy deep within my soul… especially given the fact that, since I can remember, I’ve mostly felt my purpose was to figure out and be able to explain what life, with a capital L, truly is.

Along with the process of discovering the answer to that question, I’ve also felt that I am duty bound to pass on what I learn, just as an artist must draw, an engineer must design and build, or a doctor must help heal the patient while also imparting some of the requisite knowledge for maintaining good health.

All this I have tried to do… but while doing it, I’ve generally seen that no one is really interested. Really. I mean ask yourself honestly: who really cares what some old (or young) fool thinks about the purpose or meaning of life? And it certainly doesn’t help if my presentation tends to… well… suck… which it does. Yet knowing this is simply another of those hazards or markers we all overtake along the path through the territory of twilight years.

I am also aware of a need to stay positive… to feel as though I and my thoughts (and feelings) do have at least some little value… and thus the need to continue trying… to learn and to contribute what I can… by passing on what I can, however I am able… whether the presentation sucks or not… provided, of course, I continue to improve in that too. 🙂


Fact or Fiction

Have you ever thought about the story of Jesus? Of whether it is fact or fiction?

Well… if you believe the story is true then you probably know what to do. But what if you don’t believe the story is true? Should that really make a difference? What I mean is, even if you don’t believe Jesus existed and was who they claim he was (if the story is total fiction) why should that make any difference in the meaning of the acount?

Seems to me that the story itself – of who Jesus was, what he thought, and especially how he behaved – has so much in it that if we pay attention (regardless if it is fact or fiction or sopmething in-between), we would all benefit in some way.

I also feel that if one simply looks at the story objectively one must in the end accept it as fact because if you think about it, why would it be a lie? We know that people who lie (or are imposters) do so because they wish to gain something (selfishly) for themselves (whether fame, power, money. or just their way). Yet when we examine what Jesus (or the story of Jesus) asked, we find that it was that we believe in something (truly) better in more ways than one and that we take heart and/or find solace in that something… and he did so without asking anything for himself in return… actually giving up everything – fame, fortune, and even his life. Now would a liar (or an imposter in a story) do that? I believe not… and I don’t think anyone would deny that if we all followed the example that Jesus set, mankind would be at least a tad better off than we are now. So I figure, we might as well as try to emulate it.

But why do people refuse to examine and ultimately accept & believe? In my opinion it is due to either blindness, fear, rebellion, or possibly weakness of some sort. For whatever reason, they cannot seem to acknowledge any better idea or example that may exist beyond themselves or their meager understanding. And so we come to why the world is the way it is… because people argue about fact or fiction instead of doing right.


If We Were Flowers

Suppose for a moment that everyone is a flower of some sort.

Now, some people may think that certain “flowers” are really just weeds.

But I know some pretty cool bees who think those same flowers are something special.


Gracious Is

God’s graciousness,
were it not what it is,
would be utterly overwhelming…
and yet at times it is.


God’s Mirror

What if God had mirrors…
What if I were one…



If you want to see,
for a moment or two, or three,
try being as a tree…

After all it really is free
and true vision thereby may be…

Try it yes or try it no
it’s just another of a way to go…

And when you get there
you might almost see
that of All and One are you truly be.


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