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yoyo rant

So here’s a thought…

If the Earth spins upon it’s axis and orbits the sun in a, well… an orbit….
and this entire system, as part of a much larger system, is moving in some direction…
then this technically makes the orbits 3 dimensional spirals rather than simply 2 dimensional orbits.

Kind’a cool huh?

Well, suppose this one earth spiral is actually a yoyo while doing one of those around and around and up and down tricks… in super slow motion…
if that’s possible to imagine (nice job!),
imagine God is the One doing this unimaginably difficult and complex “yoyo trick” in an unimaginably beautiful way… with an unimaginable number of yoyos…

Even cooler huh? (I thought so, obviously)

So now I’d like to ask you,
why or for whom do you think He is doing this?


…that’s the yoyo part, now for the rant…

Did reading that make you think, smile, or anything?
Did it stir any kind of reaction whatsoever?
Or did it just leave you perplexed?
Well, good! Any reaction is a reaction! And that’s what this post was meant to do…
provide a communication that creates a touch between two human beings,
that each could feel… in their own good way…
and at least one of whom really does care… about that touch…
and tries to make it helpful or maybe memorable in some way?

So if you were influenced by reading this post in any good way, then perhaps you could click on the like button below?


You see, even we nutty hermits have some small need to be recognized… even if only for trying…

I’m down to 1 or 2 people who recognize my writing(s)… which causes me to question my perhaps too small but well-meant attempt,,,
face it, just not makin’ it…
Oh… poor me! Now I’ve gone and done it again…
off on a rant.
You know what?
Fuck it!
Just fuck it!….
K… have a good one… :)…



The Oscillation of Ups and Downs

The oscillation never goes away for that is what life is — back and forth, up and down, happy and sad.

But if you picture a pendulum, you will see that the oscillation is only part of who you are.

There is a third part; the top of the pendulum… the anchor, the being, the soul… which is essentially unmoving.

The oscillation never goes away, yet you (can) always remain centered and be what/who you need to….


Within the Great Hall

He had finally made it… finally been admitted to the great hall of the king. The hall was so full that he stood at the back against the wall, just to the side of the large and heavily carved solid gold gates of entry, a place he would have chosen in any event.

But it did not feel at all as he had expected. In fact he felt slightly overwhelmed, a little anxious, and thought himself to be unworthy or unclean in some way. Just knowing the king was so near reinforced the aching humility penetrating his soul. He thought, “Ah, if only I had spent my life differently, then perhaps I’d feel more comfortable being here.”

Yet he knew there was nothing he could have done to deserve the honor, for he’d been admitted solely by the king’s good will. T’was this realization brought him some good comfort…


Sadness, a Coin of Feeling

Ever thought about what causes sadness?

Well, for me, I feel sad when I do not have (or miss) something I want… but I think what makes me even sadder is when I miss (or want) something that I eventually find out I already have. Kind of like when wanting Love from others but we’re taught to first Love ourselves.

Yet, it seems to me that these are not separate… but exist as equal sides of the same coin… the coin of feeling sad when we’re missing Love (or something -eventually- very similar).

So what is the true coin of Love? Is it self-Love? Love of/from others? A combination of both?

Yes… and no… because the coin of Love is actually not a thing (having), but a process… a two-sided process of giving and accepting… of such as kindness, mercy, good judgment, support, and so much more (without end).

So when I feel sad, I ask myself, “What is it really that I feel missing… and is it not already here? Both within me and without? Or if not, perhaps it is still on the way? Or is it I just don’t see it… am truly missing it?”


Dapples Dancing

When the winds blow through the trees,
The leaves dance, each in its unique way…
Causing sunlit dapples to shimmer and glow.
I trust this is pleasing to God…
Else why is it so?


When We Wonder Why

When things go wrong we may feel
“It’s my fault… is something I’m doing causing this?”

If this feeling is true,
it may be that we really are the cause.

Whether moving, speaking, listening, eating,
breathing, seeing, touching, smelling,
thinking, wishing/wanting, feeling, etc.
It may be that we are
doing the right thing the wrong way or for the wrong reason,
doing the wrong thing for any reason,
or (not) doing for no reason…
while, in addition (and perhaps more importantly)
often forgetting that we choose to do
this or that thing,
this or that way,
for this or that reason.

07/04/17 – SprinklinThoughts

Watching or Walking

Ever heard the expression “we are all actors upon the stage of life”?

Well… Before I get into this, for those of you who are into the neutering thing, according to Websters Dictionary an actor is “one that acts”…. notice that no gender is implied? Good.


It seems to me that if we are all actors on the stage of life, and I happen to be a member of the audience (or acting as such) and I truly do not like or agree with the acting on stage, then as an audience member, the civilized thing to do is get up quietly and just walk out (of the particular play, not life). Of course this is assuming that nothing of harm is going on. So why is the audience arguing & fighting instead of watching or walking?


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