Uniforms Black

You know, I used to wear all black…
black jeans, black shirt, black jacket…
black cutoff vest…
even my socks and underwear were black…
365 days a year
for over a decade.

As others pointed out,
’twas my uniform.
With that,
I need to say
to you people,
in uniforms black…

Whichever side of the fence you’re on,
as long as you do indiscriminate harm,
to people or creatures,
processes or things,
you’re a disgrace to the uniform.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
On a related Note…
“And I don’t know where you are
Either, but I know
You’re very far from home”

Sinead O’Connor – Very Far From Home

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The Flood

A lot of people have a hard time
with the biblical flood…

Mostly, they say, it’s because
there’s not enough water in the world
to flood the world…

On the surface,
this would appear to be true…

But if you dig deeper, things can change…

For example…

If everything that ‘is’
is of and depends on
a combination of
God’s intelligent vibrations…
and is transmutable by conscious effort,
as quite a number of people attest to
and some have proven…

Then could it not be
that the Flood was actually a process
involving earth masses
being transformed into water…

and then, after a time,
back again?

What do you think this Note means?…
“I’m on your side it’s just so hard to see you, …
I’m on the call trying to get back to you.”
Exitmusic – White Noise

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They looked at him oddly…
“You won’t fly?”

“Nope… no planes unless I’m forced…”
“Huh? Why not? Scared?”

“Nope… I like to do all of my flyin’ with both feet on the ground…”

A completely unrelated View…
Marshall Efron Uncut Better Living Through Chemistry – Lemon Cream Pie

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Believing is Seeing

If a man were to live on earth
for only one day,
which happened to be in spring,
and saw an apple tree in blossom,
he might think it beautiful…

But if you then showed him an apple
and told him that the tree
would transform those blossoms
to produce this fruit
in about 180 days…

since he had seen only this one day,
would he believe you?

“And he spake to them a parable;
Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;
When they now shoot forth,
ye see and know of your own selves
that summer is now nigh at hand.
So likewise ye,
when ye see these things come to pass,
know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.”
Luke 21:29-31

“There’s no God who ever tried
To change the world in this way.
For the ones who abuse his name
There’ll be no chance to escape
On judgment day”

Enigma – Silent Warrior

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An Observation

While the King is away,
feudal lords entrench themselves
within their meaningless fiefdoms;
keeping but their own interests in mind,
taking from others to satisfy themselves.

Thus, this territory,
within the Kingdom,
is left weak
and in grave danger
of being overcome…

Beware liege and citizens,
for what shall we do
if the kingdom is lost?

for we are upon the very edge…

and it’s a long way home…

just ahead…
straight on the narrow…

another, musical, Note…
“Don’t give up, and use the chance
To return to innocence.”

Enigma Return To Innocence

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There once was a man
who could do as he wished…
for he was very rich
and everyone believed him to be
the prince of their world.

One day a rich friend came by
and gave him a gift…
a large bulldozer.

The man was so excited
he decided he must try it out immediately…
but the only open space large enough
was the village vegetable garden field.

Since he could do as he wished,
he wantonly proceeded to play
with the bulldozer…
in the field

Soon his rich friend suggested that the man
scrape all the good soil off the entire garden
and sell it to him so he could build
a nice golf course for their friends…

and thus make a long-term, ongoing profit…

This they agreed to…
and did.

Many days later,
the two stood on a patio
looking out at the vibrant green
of their new golf course…

They drank and joked while admiring their work…
neither one caring that as fall and then winter approached,
there was no garden field to be harvested for the village…

And as they were bragging about their accomplishment
a man came and announced to them
that the land,
which belonged to his master,
was not theirs to sell or buy…
and because what they had done was not good…
for their actions they would pay a heavy price.

mister pseudo-prince did not like what he heard,
no not one little bit…
and at once decided the messenger must die…
but to make such a point as to make men pale,
and thus discourage any other such messenger,
he did not use a bullet, rope, or knife…
instead, he had the messenger tied down,
drove the bulldozer up to him,
and with one of the steel treads
slowly drove over him, foot to head…
crushing him beyond recognition.

what do you suppose
the One who sends the messengers
will do?

On a related Note…
“Angels on the sideline again
Wondering when this tug of war will end.”
Tool – Right in Two
The Gloaming by Nobrain

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Structure or Not?

The question is certainly valid
and important…
but, IMO, it is just a tad off the mark…

Seems to me it is not an either or thing…
it’s a matter of an appropriate
moment-to-moment balance
of freedom (non-structure)
within a supporting framework (structure).

As human beings,
we have, or should have,
been given freedom…
while the environment we live in,
the one that supports us,
provides structure…
such as the laws of Nature.

Another way to look at it…

Imagine a tree…
roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruit…
it grows in a free and unstructured way,
unique and unlike any other tree…
different branches, leaves, etc…
yet there is an underlying structure or framework
that determines and supports that growth…
using rules with a certain mix of factors,
such as quantities of earth. sun, water, sun, air…

In a similar manner, this applies to children,
they need a framework within which to grow…
food, shelter, etc. provide the physical structure…
while other “rules” provide a structure
for the child’s emotional, spiritual, mental development…
just as the rules of fuel, oxygen, and friction provide
the child with power or heat within their physical structure…

But children also need freedom…
freedom to grow,
like the branches of that tree,
in whichever direction
their spiritual and physical substance takes them…

Art is unstructured (free) expression
within a structure (the medium).

We all need both…
with an infinite mix and number of variations moment to moment…
without both,
in a proper and healthy mix,
we are at best incomplete, stifled, and ineffective…
and at worst… well, let’s stop with “at best”…

With both,
in a proper and healthy mix,
we each and all

…just a thought.

On a similar Note…
free imagination, structured, unfettered…
Beethoven — Moonlight Sonata

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