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Do it Right

One basic (& major) thing (cause) that keeps a portion of this world in darkness (leaving aside for now the issue of the extent of that darkness) is that:

we’re just not doing it right…
murder is not doing it right…
stealing is not doing it right…
greed is not doing it right…
coveting is not doing it right.

In all the above (as well as a great many more), if we did whatever it is we were trying to do right, then our actions (and results) would not take the form they do…

Which implies that our behavior, our lives, and therefore the world would be improved… does it not?


So do it right…



Mushroom People

Much (but not all) of what I see and experience around me on a daily basis is people getting along as best they can, cooperating and trying, to the depth of their individual awareness, to live in a symbiotic relationship with each other and the rest of Creation. These people may be compared to mycorrhizal mushrooms… many growing things that work in cooperation with a living host.

But there is also much, too much, I see that speaks to a second world, a world wrapped up in money, mayhem, and misery. With people living off of, using, abusing each other and Creation, consuming resources and each other’s energies without regard. These people are similar to parasitic mushrooms… many growing things that attack a living host.

To me, at the moment it looks like the parasitic part of humanity is growing out of hand. Which means that too many of us, whether consciously choosing to do so or not, are being too “attacking” in too many of our actions/interactions. There are too many parasitic mushrooms.

Without question, this must stop. The question is not if we stop, but rather when and how do we stop?

If we remain acting as parasitic mushrooms, we shall either kill enough of Creation around us – kill our host – to cause us to die of starvation. Or, before succumbing, our host shall purge or throw us off. Life, Nature, God, white blood cells… doesn’t matter which, any one or all… we stop or are stopped. Either way, eventually the parasitic mushroom/cancer will die. This is a simple fact.


Stop pointing fingers. Stop disagreeing over (silly) things. Put away your bombs, your bullets, your poisons. Put away your lust for more… more power, profit, & pain… more stuff.

mushrooms flashback smBe a good mushroom!

Start contributing your energy, using whatever is your skill or talent, toward getting us all… together.. out of this mess and back onto the right and good path. Work at working together… for the good of all.

Mycorrhizal mushrooms work in cooperation with a living host… and each other.


photo credit: Creative commons – vaXine

Independence Day USA

On this eve of Independence Day, I started thinking about what it all was about… you know, the usual stuff… what is Independence? What is Freedom? What is my responsibility in this area? How does it affect me, others, the world? Politics and corruption… What of those who have none?

And, as you might expect, it all got complicated really fast… just “too much” for this moment.

So I tried to to simplify it and ended up with a thought… tomorrow a whole lot of people will be exercising the Liberty to pursue Happiness.

Cool! Beefburgers!

Yes… well, actually, not for everyone… and a bit deeper than just food… like…

What is Liberty? Why is it so precious?
What is Happiness? Why is it so radiant?
How do they merge? A precious radiance?
Or a radiant preciousness?

OK… uh, I’ll just cut it short… and, God willing, perhaps with a bit of liberty, I may pursue some small happiness…


Uh, about my food?

Your food? Well…
we take extra special, expert care with that…

just as we do with
your air…
your water…
your soil…

photo credit: http://theantimedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/150e9da6472d540c77b429a8eef4dd5f_f48.png


Ever think about appointments?

You know… making “appointments” to do things… we do it all the time… job, medical, friends, fun… I used to have a boss who would make appointments across the sea 1 to 2 years in the future.

photo credit: MomMaven via photopin cc

Why?… Why do we do this?… Doesn’t it seem kind of odd?… or even regimented?… fitting Life into an appointment book?… instead of letting it happen…

Ever notice how kids will not make appointments? Oh, they might say something like “let’s go bike riding after lunch”. But that isn’t really an appointment. It’s more like fitting in what they want to do around something they have to do… like lunch. If they could, they would probably go riding right then.

Even when kids say “let’s go get our stuff & meet back here at 4”, they’re not making appointments so much as getting started… and just getting their stuff… you know… step 1…

So what’s the big deal about appointments?

When we make appointments we are not in the present… while trying to create a future based upon a falsehood… that the then can be gotten to from the now… bypassing the getting there…

Thus, when we get there, things are different… missing spontaneity at least… in many cases (most?) we are actually in the wrong place… or the wrong time…

Now, some people may say, “So what’s the point? Without appointments, the world would not be the same.” -or- “How could we have all these modern advances without appointments?”kidsonbikes__3744677548

All well said…

…but that’s the point…

Love you,

photo credit: MomMaven via photopin cc
photo credit: cafemama via photopin cc

Love and an Aluminum Can

Ever stop to think about an aluminum can?… I mean *really* think…


Click to enlarge.

An aluminum can is a container, mass produced… used to contain something else (which is also mass produced).

The aluminum is (mostly) made by strip mining the earth for an ore called bauxite… mixing the ore with chemicals and heating to about 400F (200C)… mixing the result with other chemicals and melting that at about 1832F (1000C)… lots of heat & lots of chemicals… huge 6 story vats…


Click to enlarge.

It takes about 4 lbs of bauxite to make one pound of aluminum… and about 6-8 Kw of energy (run a TV for about 400 hours). Making just one can uses enough power to run a laptop 11 hours.

Where does the heat come from? Where do the chemicals come from? Are they mined? With machines?

The metal is made in an electric bath using ‘stuff’. Where does all this stuff come from? How is it made?

Machines were used to mine the bauxite ore. Where did those machines come from? How were they made? More mining… more melting… by other machines… which were made…


Click to enlarge.

One pound of aluminum produces about 32 cans. How are the cans formed? Coils of thick aluminum are cut to form ‘disks’ which are further processed… requiring lubrication, cleaning, cutting machines… all made from what, how, using how much energy?

Once the cans are ready, they’re shipped out to be filled… with what, made out of what, processed how?

There is ink on the can… where does the ink come from? How is it made, packaged, shipped, and applied?


Click to enlarge.

Shipping the cans to stores… uses trucks and diesel fuel… the trucks have large rubber tires, big engines… they need maintenance… but have to be built first… more machines to mine, process, melt, form… more energy… more machines to build those machines.

All this for some aluminum cans… filled with stuff that isn’t really even that good for us…


Click to enlarge.

 – 1.4 million truckloads per year (2 trips?)
– 220 million cans per day
– 9 million cans per hour
= just in the USA

Americans go through between 80 and 100 billion cans per year…

Imagine 2 truckloads of cans (152,000) dumped in your backyard… every minute… of every day… non-stop.


Click to enlarge.

Yes, the cans are recycled (less than 50%)… and recycling 32 cans (1 pound) saves about 4 pounds of bauxite, 4 pounds of chemicals, and 7 kWh of electricity… but even recycling means trucking, melting, energy…

If not recycled, each can will take 100-400 years to decompose.

So by now you may be wondering…

what does Love have to do with all this?


I’m wondering what kind of Love is it that does this?…

…just a thought

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On Mass Production

Mass production is often touted as efficient and beneficial… especially large-scale mass production.

Uh huh…

I think although it can possibly have some benefit, in total it can be (and usually is) a very dangerous thing.

If you look behind the curtain (or outside the Matrix) you may find that the supposed efficiency of mass production actually translates into a more widespread & destructive bootprint… for profit.

Look at food…

We are becoming increasingly aware of the inadvisability of mass producing food… in any form.

For example:

Canned foods contain unhealthy additives and the processing detracts from the nourishment. There are also the issues of machinery, maintenance, and energy use.

Oh, but we can feed more people!

Well yes… but ultimately this means just that… more people… more *unhealthy* people.

Frozen foods are better than canned, but consider their benefit/use vs. what it takes to produce and keep things frozen…. and where it could be of most benefit is probably hot.

“Fresh foods” are less nutritious than what this same system produced 20 years ago… with an even greater difference from 40 or 50 years ago… as I recall, things don’t get better by making them worse.

Mass farming, with its monoculture and attendant fertilization and pest control, has numerous problems and health issues which are evidenced when compared with organic farming (which is, in essence, not mass produced)… (GMOs, although *not* a viable option, *are* a very dangerous one)… and the workers…

Computers aid in the transfer of information and social networking… yet we’re slowly turning into dumbed down cyborgs living in, and as, a mass produced mess of conformity struggling to keep up with itself… all the while yearning to be free and truly alive.

Autos promise freedom and mobility… while paving over the earth and dispersing our neighborhoods and lives… locking us into their interiors.

Even indoor plumbing is suspect (though I’m in favor of it)… what’s at the end of that line? where does it go?

I am not saying that all mass production is wrong…

I am trying to see it as it is… and so far what I see is that if anything is mass produced, it should be suspect by default and thus continually reviewed for its true purpose, contribution, and impact. If it does not pass simple, ordinary, and usually what should be obvious criteria, production should stop (or at least be phased out), even if it means a temporary disruption.

There is one other hazard of mass production… for every thing thus produced, some skilled person (whether farmer, metalworker, cook, or carpenter) loses… which, seems to me, results in demoralization…

Now we have unhealthy & demoralized people… too many of them…

Mass produced…

All so efficient and profitable…


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