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Be Aware

“Be Aware”

Huh? What’s aware?

Any relation to a hare?

Do with Love
& Love will do


How Are You?

“How are you?”

“I’m well, thank you.”

“Really? How deep?”

“Oh, just a few fathoms for now. How are you?”

“Writing, thanks.”

“OK, I’ll flow some letters down the wire.”

“Thanks, but my humidity’s optimum right now.”

“OK, type by sometime and draw a bucket of letters.”

“Will do… ceya”


Yo! Script Kiddies…

Yo! Hey script kiddies…

Seein’ with what’s going on tonight (see previous post: “A Two Day Story“), Dad and Mom are letting me stay up late. (Cool huh? Is for me.)

So you still searching? Searchin’ Script Kiddies… could be a song… has a kind of ring to it, I think…

We really are kiddies, searching the scripts, aren’t we?

Hold on a minute. Seein’ as this is our first flight, I’m going to send a blast down the wires & tubes… just to clean out any lost bits and bytes and maybe even straighten out a few kinks. Ready… … Feel anything? No? Good you shouldn’t… means everything is working OK. Hear me any better? You can hear with these things? Way cool…

So… are ya? What do you mean what? Still searching? Of course you are or you wouldn’t be here right now, reading this, would you?


So what’re you searching for? No, wait please… lemme guess, OK?

Love? Yeah? OK… easy… right there in front of ya… all around ya & inside ya too… ya just gotta open up them peepers and look… get it? Here’s a clue: What we see is only the outside shell of a seed… but what it really is is the life form within… the one that was, is, and will be… and all around us we see that life forms are good… Love them and let them love you…

Go ahead, next question…

Who are we, you and I? And what about Good & Evil? … ain’t got me stumped yet… we’re like pendulums on an old grandfather clock… swingin back and forth, black-white, in-out, left-right… but the tick-tock is in the clock… and at the top of the swing is the real you, me, and them too… just there, part of the works, but driving it too… so the pendulum is just swingin in the breeze… Now imagine a windup 7-day brass captain’s clock… those things are so cool, shiny brass door with a  window… no more pendulum, no more swing… cool as cool can be, for me…

next question…

Where are you, me, it, they, we, us going? Here’s the short and sweet… we’re the clock, transforming from grandfather to captain…

How’s it all work? Simple… We’re the clock… yeah I know, you got that already, just reminding the daydreamers who lost attention… the energy of the mainspring is of the One who winds with Key… yep, straight up & no lie… believe it… all of it together is One, designed by One, of One… God, Spirit Father, Totality, whatever, you know what I mean, right? Cool… we’re the clock, separate but still a part of it all… has to be that way ’cause without definition there can be no form… at least it seems that to me, but what do I know, I’m just a bunch of electrons on your screen.

Still searchin? For where we start maybe?

Well I won’t bullshit you (that’s not allowed), here’s where I would (actually did) start:

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

Yep, it’s that simple. You just go there and start out… hey you can even spin around and get dizzy before you set out… I mean if you really want to… what I’m saying is if you go there, you can’t mess up on the start… really…

That’s it for today’s flight… hope you enjoyed it…

Oh hey… The “Dad and Mom” thing? Wasn’t a joke. 🙂

Ding! Oh hey, perfect timing. Mom and Dad say it’s time for bed… so cya & wish me luck…

Cool… just enough time left to post.

Love, Life, and Light, ya’ll… shine bright…

Story: Seagull and Stone

— Just a little something to lighten things up (as I said I might do periodically)… hope you enjoy it —
Originally started for my kids… but between divorce & growing up, they didn’t get to hear it.

Once upon a time… not so far off and not so nearby… there was a seagull. He was just a regular type of guy, doing what seagulls usually do – flying around, eating, having fun, and enjoying life. He was also pretty much an ordinary looking seagull – except for leaning to his right as if he were just about to fall over. This leaning condition was made more prominent by his right wing which stuck out a little when he wasn’t flying. So he always looked as if he was just about to stumble while extending his wing to keep himself from falling over. Kind of hard to tell what was going on actually, but all in all he managed quite well – except for appearing slightly comical.

On this particular day, the seag… (wait, he should have a name shouldn’t he? So let’s call him Seagull… )

On this particular day, Seagull, with a nice big juicy clam in his mouth and thinking “mmm, yum yum”, landed on the beach with a little double hop. Hop… Hop… (Yes! Just like that.)

Seagull perched himself upon a rather large, smooth, blue-grey stone and just stood there for a bit – admiring the curious blue and gold flecks of color that seemed to emanate from the stone’s center. After a moment or two, Seagull roused himself from his reverie, remembered that he was hungry and, since eating was more important than admiring an ordinary, if colorful, stone – he proceeded to break open his big, soon to be yummy, clam upon the stone.

Peck. Peck… Peck. Peck.

“Hey, cut that out.”

Thinking he had heard someone speak, Seagull looked around but since he could find no one within earshot, he shrugged the thought off and continued about the business of breaking open his breakfast.

Peck… Peck. Peck.

“Hey, cut that out will ya?”

Again, Seagull looked around but could see no one nearby. He couldn’t see anyone far off. Heck, he didn’t see anybody at all. But this time he was not so quick to ignore the voice.

“Who said that?” he ventured.

“I did.”

“I know you did, but who are you and where are you?”

“Right under your feet.”

Seagull looked down and saw only the stone and lots of white beach sand. “What are you talking about? There’s no one down there.”

“Oh yes there is. I’m down there.”

“OK. And just who are you?” asked Seagull thinking that he would just play along for a minute. After all, if he was hallucinating, might as well make the best of it.

“I’m the stone you’ve been trying to open your clam on.”

“WHAT? Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous!”

“Now why, I ask you, would that be so ridiculous?”

“Because stones don’t talk. At least they haven’t to me recently.”

“Well, guess what Mister Seagull with the oh-so-sensitive hearing, today is your lucky day because I am a stone and I am talking to you. Now will you please stop pecking on me?”

Seagull was a bit taken aback, “Why certainly sir. You are a sir aren’t you?”

“Well I’m not an it am I? But since you ask, yes I am.”

“I do apologize. If I had known you would be offended, I would never have pecked upon you.”

“Thank you. Apology accepted,” said Stone. “Now will you please get off me? I wish you seagulls would just try being a stone for a day or too. Then you’d see what its like lying around in the hot sun without being able to move, the tide trying to drown you on a regular basis, and on top of that a bunch of seagulls flying down to peck their clams open on you. And I won’t even mention the dogs and what they do… Geez, what a life.”

“Well, believe me, if I had any idea, I would not have landed here,” said Seagull hopping off. “And if I could, I’d make amends for it right now.”

“Funny you should say that Seagull, because you can.”

“Can what?”

“Can make amends.”

“Oh, oh” thought Seagull. “Somehow I’ve really gotten myself in the soup this time. What’s next, a rock concert?”

“Make amends how?” he asked timidly, in almost a whisper.

“By getting a girl, any girl, to pick me up and kiss me, that’s how,” said Stone.

“What! Ha! Excuse me for laughing,” he was relieved too, “but, first of all you’re a stone that talks when stones don’t talk. Second, you want me, a seagull, to find a girl and get her to listen to me. Ha! Never mind getting her to pick you up and kiss you. Are you nuts! Or am I going crazy?”

“Oh, oh. Maybe I really am hallucinating,” he thought.

“Listen Seagull, you’re the one who landed on me and started pecking away without any thought whatsoever about my minding. Then, you offered to make amends. So, are you going to make amends or are you going to stand there laughing?”

“Well, I did say I would and I ought to keep my word. OK, I’ll give it a try. But, don’t get your hopes up. I still think it’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. A seagull getting a girl to pick up a stone and kiss it. Ha! Might as well make it a princess.”

Seagull wobbled a bit on takeoff as he was laughing so hard but finally, after two more tries, he managed to fly off – still laughing so hard that he couldn’t quite gain altitude and almost flew into an incoming wave. As he spread his wings and caught the updraft coming in over the ocean, he thought about his new task of making amends.

“How in the world am I going to do this? For one thing, seagulls don’t talk to girls and girls talk to seagulls about as often as stones do. Hey! I know what I’ll do, I’ll go talk to Owl. He’s a smart old bird and if anyone can help me, he can. Yep, that’s just what I’ll do.” So off he flew in search of Owl.

“Hey Owl.”

“Oh hi Seagull. How’s everything? I trust all is well,” replied Owl.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine thank you. But I need your help Owl. I’ve got this odd thing that needs doing, and only you can help,” said Seagull.

“Well now, thank you ever so much for the compliment Seagull, but what is it you need?” asked Owl.

“Well, you see Owl. Its kind of a long story. I landed on this stone to peck my clam open, and the stone got a bit upset with me.”

“Wait a minute… excuse me for interrupting, Seagull. But you did say the stone got upset with you?”

“Yes. That’s what I said.”

“Seagull, are you OK? Stones don’t usually get upset with things, you know. After all, they’re just stones now aren’t they?”

“Well, yes, but this one did  OK? Now may I continue with my story?”

“Oh, so sorry. Of course. Of course. Please, continue.”

“As I was saying, the stone got upset with me for pecking on him. One thing led to another and now I have to make amends. He wants me to get a girl to pick him up and kiss him.”

“What? Ha! Now I know this is some kind of joke. Who put you up to this Seagull? That old joker Sea Otter? Or maybe you were supposed to say a princess?”

“No Owl. Sea Otter did not put me up to anything. I told you, I need your help. I’m serious. Now are you going to be a friend and help me or not?”

Owl was still laughing, “Heh, heh. Oh, sorry Seagull. Heh. I just can’t seem to, really, heh, believe you. Ha!”

“Look Owl!” Seagull was getting frustrated, “I am not fooling around! This is a serious matter of a promise and making amends. Will you help me or shall I go ask someone else.”

“Hey, you really are serious, heh, heh, aren’t you?”

“Yes, now stop laughing and help me please.”

“Heh, OK, just give me a minute, heh, to get myself, ha, ha, together and let me think.” Owl finally stopped laughing and started thinking.

Minutes passed.

Seagull hopped impatiently from one foot to the other – his wing sticking out. One foot. The other.

Still, Owl just sat there with his eyes closed, thinking.

Finally Seagull dared ask, “Owl… Are you thinking or sleeping?”

After another minute, Owl opened his eyes. “Eh? Me? Sleeping? I should say not dear friend. I’ve been thinking. And I think I’ve got an answer. Well, not really an answer but an answer anyway.”

“Will you please make some sense Owl. Do you or do you not have a suggestion?”

“Better than that dear boy, better than that,” said Owl. “I’ve no help for you, but I’ve got an idea. I shall go see my old friend Merlin. He will most assuredly be able to help us, if he doesn’t die laughing that is. Just you wait here for a while. I shall return promptly.”

And so Owl set off in search of his old friend, Merlin.

Soon he was zooming in on the hut where Merlin lived. Landing on the window sill, Owl peered in. Things were just about the same as when he was young and had lived here. The dishes were busy washing themselves in the sink and making a mess as they splashed around and played. The salt shaker was arguing with the pepper shaker, and the spoons were dancing with the forks, around and around on the table top. There was Merlin, standing over his workbench mixing a thick, colorful liquid in a glass beaker. Upon his shoulder sat a baby owl just as Owl used to do. And as babies will, the little owl was making a little mess on Merlin’s robe.

“Hello. Hello Merlin. May I come in?” shouted Owl. It really was difficult being heard over all the noise that the dishes and shakers were making.

“What? What? Who’s that?” muttered Merlin, looking around. “Owl! Why its my old friend Owl. How are you? Come in. Come in.”

“Hi Merlin. I just came by to say hello.”

“Really? Come now Owl, you do remember that I see things you cannot,” said Merlin, smiling, “I happen to know that you are here to ask for help concerning your friend Seagull. Is that not so?”

“Well, yes Merlin. You’ve guessed it. Do you know the problem?”

“Know the problem? Ha! Owl, old friend, Seagull has got himself into a real pickle. Who would ever believe that stuff about a stone talking to him? Ha! Makes me laugh just to think of it. Him standing there, almost falling over when Stone spoke to him. Oh but I digress, my friend. You ask if I can help. Can I help? What do you think? Would you have come if I could not help? Of course I can help. Just you sit down a minute and let me think. Sit. Sit right there on the sill. Let me think now. Hmm.”

So Owl sat down and waited. He watched the dishes splashing around. He watched the shakers argue. He watched the little owl make a mess on Merlin’s shoulder. “Oh, to think that I used to do that too. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. And rude, to say the least.”

Merlin appeared to be in a daze. He just stood there gazing into the beaker and swirling it gently, mixing the colors around – yellow eddies of blue, red spirals of yellow, green and blue. But the colors never really mixed. They just swirled around and around. Owl was becoming entranced.

“Got it!” yelled Merlin.

Owl almost fell off his perch. He hadn’t realized how mesmerized he had been by the swirling colors and tried to look as if nothing had happened, “Got what?”

“The answer Owl. The answer, that’s what. We’ll write a note.”

“Write a note. Merlin I can’t read!”

“Its not for you Owl. Its for Seagull.”

“But Merlin, if I may remind you, Seagull cannot read either.”

“What? He can’t? Oh of course not. It’s not for him, it’s for him to carry,” said Merlin as he looked around the hut, “Now where are they? Pencil! Paper! Where are you? Come here, will you please?”

Owl watched as Pencil and Paper hopped up onto the table. One of the dancing spoons bumped into Pencil and they both fell over.

“Hey, watch it will you!” cried Pencil, “You spoons are always getting too rowdy, now will you get out of the way please. I’m on a mission here!”

“Quiet now,” said Merlin, “Pencil, I’d like you to write something please. Paper, hold still will you? Stop fluttering about. Now write.”

And so Pencil wrote on Paper what Merlin said.

All the while Owl snoozed.

“Wake up Owl. It’s finished. Take this note to Seagull and tell him he to deliver it to the girl.”

“What girl?” asked Owl.

“Why the one he must find, don’t you remember?”

“Oh yes. The girl,” replied Owl, frantically searching his memory, “I think I remember now.” But he didn’t. You see, although Owl was quite smart, he could not remember everything. Especially since his head was so full of such important things as where his next lunch was hiding.

Anyway, Owl flew off with the note. As he was flying along he spied a nice mouse down below, and since he hadn’t had his breakfast or even lunch yet, he swooped in and exchanged the note he was holding for the mouse. Well, after eating the mouse,  Owl took a little nap and – you guessed it – forgot all about the note.

And, since you guessed that much, there’s really no point in going on with the story is there? Besides it’s obvious you’ve also guessed the ending and so would most likely be disappointed by just another predictable, “I knew that was coming” ending. But, we should still tie off a couple of loose ends don’t you think?…

Owl got back OK, but without the note. He and Seagull had a bit of a tiff (the usual dependability & promises kept stuff), but since Owl had lost the note, there was nothing to do but forget the whole thing and get back to enjoying life.

Stone was disappointed at first but, having been a stone for many many years, he had come to the realization that being unattached had its advantages and after all was said and done he was actually quite content just being what or who he was.



But It’s a Weed!

Long ago I had a friend – who was not that close a friend but I did enjoy his company – and we hung around together with other guys in our little gang.  Actually, we were more like a group than a gang, since we weren’t so tough. What I remember most about him was that he had these brown eyes – not unlike those of a beagle, but with small gold flecks in them. ‘Course this was not unusual except for the fact that he had what I suppose some might call a lazy left eye. But that isn’t exactly accurate either since his left eye had this odd propensity for rolling down to the lowest point available – sort of like a marble slowly rolling to the bottom of a tipped bowl. He was actually somewhat proud of this and developed the habit of cocking his head to the right to look directly at you while his left eye drifted down to the bottom of it’s socket and then in toward his nose – rolling back and forth just a bit as it settled into its new position – giving him a slightly quizzical and cross-eyed look. Reminded me of how a beagle puppy looks when he loves you dearly but is oh so very confused by your actions. The overall effect was quite disconcerting at first and hilarious once you got used to it. He knew this and used it to his advantage. (If you ever want to see what he must have felt like, the fun he had, try talking to someone in a serious manner while looking at their ear lobe instead of in their eyes. Try it, it really is quite fun.) Anyway, that’s also how my friend got his nickname: Quiz. I haven’t seen him in years…

So a few weeks ago I was puttering around the house muttering to myself as us old guys may do from time to time. Did I say puttering? Well, to tell the truth it wasn’t nearly so aimless as all that. I was actually trying to think of a way to automate snapping tiddlywinks into the cup. Thought it might be kind of cool for those who are challenged with their manual dexterity.

But anyway, while I was thus engaged, I heard the rap of knuckles on my old and rickety screen door. When I counted four knocks, I gathered that the knocker (person, not brass) was going to be insistent. I knew this because friends usually knock three times (just enough to be sure you hear them but not so much as to be rude), and pranksters knock once or twice (guess they’re in a hurry to get away). But salesmen and other like-minded, determined folk tend to knock four times. I think they believe it gives them the dominant (or assertive) position in these interactions, or some such nonsense. Anyway, it did not occur to me that the person could be an ‘official’ from the city, so imagine my surprise when, as I approached the door, I saw the dark blue of a public servant’s uniform.

“Gee, who could this be,” I thought. “I hope it’s not a fireman coming to tell me my house is on fire,” But no sooner had I finished when I looked at the man’s face and almost lost my teeth (my dentures) as I tried not to burst out laughing, because, you see, he had the exact same expression on his face that my friend used to put on – the lost puppy look with his left eye still settling in to its most comfortable spot. Exactly the same. I almost doubled over.

But, even though my eyes were blurring with tears from trying to keep from laughing, I kept my cool and asked, through the screen door, “May I help you?”

He cocked his head to the right and, seemingly innocent as can be, but with that look on his face, answered, “Mr, Stobbern?”

“Yes,” I hate it when people answer me with a question. Makes me feel like I’m being interviewed by a shrink. “What is it?”

“Mr. Stobbern, I have here,” he said, waving a crisp white, neatly folded paper at me, which caused his head to move just enough for his eye to roll back and forth the slightest bit, bringing real tears to my eyes, “a warrant warning you to cease and desist or we’ll be forced to arrest you.”

“Cease and desist what?”

“Growing weed sir.”

“What weed? What are you talking about?” Ever try to be serious and appear irritated while the person you’re impressing is staring at you with a wobbly eye? It ain’t easy.

“Sir, you see that yellow thing out there in your yard?”

“The dandelion?”

“That sir. It is against the law to grow. You’ll have to get rid of it right away.” Eye drifting down and toward his nose as he cocked his head at me again.

“But it’s a weed! It’s not illegal. Weeds just grow. Everywhere.” I could swear that my own eyes were starting to roll around in disbelief.

“Well sir, it says here that, as per the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970, it is illegal to grow cannabis – aka marijuana, mary jane, pot, weed, or smoke. So you’ll have to pull it up or risk arrest.”

Now I was really getting mad. The heck with the marble rolling around in his eye socket – this guy had a whole bunch of marbles rolling around in his brain. But the damnedest part of it all was, he was trying to be nice.

I tried to remain calm, “Look, officer, you are a real officer, right? I mean this isn’t a joke or candid camera or anything like that, is it?”

“Yes sir, I’m a real officer of the law and I can assure you this is no joke. You’ll have to remove the weed.”

“Look officer, that is a dandelion, not pot. It’s just a weed.”

“Yes sir, I understand that and I’ll have to ask you to not be stubborn, Mr. Stobbern. We’re being extra ‘flexible’ here by giving you this chance. You have to get rid of it, or be arrested for breaking the law.”

I’m thinking, ‘We? Does this wack job have a mouse in his pocket or what?’ But at this point I knew ‘WE’ weren’t going to get anywhere, so I said, “Fine. Excuse me,” as I pushed my way by him, walked out into my front yard, pulled up the dandelion and ate it. (In case you don’t know this, dandelion greens are actually quite good in a salad and they’re good for you too.)

“OK? There! Happy now?”

“Well sir, I’ll let it go with a warning this one time as I’m sure you’re not aware of it, but ingesting weed is also illegal,” and with a “Thank you sir, have a good day,” he walked off. That’s when I noticed the DEA stenciled on the back of his jacket. Guess he really was for real. And here I’d thought he was a looney.

Well anyway, I just rolled my eyes and went back to my puttering. I mean what else could I do? But Geez! That expression, with his eyeball rolling around… priceless. Wonder what ‘ol Quiz is up to these days?


RFID – Real Freaks Insert Digitals

Weird huh? It started with the doctors… When intelligent, educated, sophisticated people do it regularly, then it must be OK right? Maybe even cool.

First the doctors had to find neat little names for “the procedure”, ones that end in ‘oscopy’. Things like laryngoscopy, tracheoscopy, cranioscopy, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are life saving procedures and have value. But any time you start doing things regularly – as a matter of course, then add advertising with innocuous names (to make it seem OK & ‘just like Mother Nature intended’), then make it seem needed/available/affordable, consumers are bound to get on the bandwagon. We’re still OK though because these are ‘beneficial’ and ‘life-prolonging’ procedures.

But I wonder if the procedures would be so popular if doctors used names like ‘digital missionary-style insertion and inspection’ or ‘oral insertion & inspection procedure’ & such. I’m sure they wanted to stay clear of those complicated descriptons – even more so things like ‘doggy style checkup’ or ‘back door view’. So they came up with the ‘oscopies’. Anyway…

They started by inserting things in different places to look around and see what’s happening. Then they started leaving stuff in there. Now they’re coming up with new developments (read: “products”) all the time – things like computer chips, pumps, batteries, stomach squeezers, silicone, & whatever else they can think of & charge for… poking new holes, adding new things… all to make the body “improved… better… last longer…”.

I wonder how long it’ll be before we have, “Hey, wanna see my stomach working, live? Just got my mini cam installed yesterday. Check out this feed, will ya. Great resolution huh? Only cost me 350 grand!” Geez! Talk about reality TV.

So why not RFIDs?

Seriously, I think RFID chips would be a great thing for some people, like oh, say, prostitutes. Imagine: “no credit card or cash needed; just scan at the door and you’ll be billed discreetly and automatically”.

Not only would it help eliminate non-paying customers but would even add a measure of safety, right? I can imagine the marketing blitz, “RFID scans… know who your customer is… be discreet… be safe.”

Hey wait! How about we give ’em (the prostitutes) airport scanners instead? Then they could feel really safe knowing there’re no weapons hidden or anything like that. Then again, I can hear it now, “Whoa boy! Sorry, we only do men here. You’re up one flight of stairs, they take care of horses up there.”

OK, really seriously now… I predict that RFIDs will become a huge thing (read: money maker) as all the good little ‘consumers’ climb aboard the new fad. “No more cash to lose… No cards to have stolen… What could be safer or easier? Fast too, just scan and scram.”

Why, we could even have different styles & colors of RFID implants… like ‘Red Bump’ for the “hey, look at me folks, I’m cool”, or ‘Gold Dot’ for the “I’m like, really wealthy”, or even ‘Black Toenail – for the rebel in all of us’ for the “I’m not just cool, I’m a real freak” people. Or, how about, “The RFID implant with our special ‘noir lace pattern’ just for her, the sophisticated, early adopter”?

Folks, get in on the ground floor of this huge money-making opportunity now. Invest in your local RFID manufacturer today.

This is going to be really big.


Where’s Our Spiritual Growth?

Many years ago, I learned (can’t remember how or where) what is supposed to be an old, basic philosophical (or religious) principle – which is that: before a man can be expected to progress spiritually, he must first have his physical needs met. For how can he be expected to grow in the hidden ways when he is fighting to survive in the visible ways – if  he is cold, hungry, or unsheltered. This, to me, seems so true as to be almost obvious.

Today it occurs to me that here we (Americans) are,  living lives that just a few generations ago would have been considered ‘royal’. Most of us live better than 90% of the rest of the world. We have all we want to eat (and more than we need). We live in fine homes, are entertained with music & TV, travel where/when we wish, etc. While it’s snowing, we eat (fresh) fruit from the tropics.  We need only to turn up the thermostat when we are cold or turn up the AC when we’re hot. We don’t have to go to the well for water; just turn on the tap and voila – we have cold water to drink or warm water to wash with. All this and more… yet…

We (Americans) are considered, by much of the world, to be rude, morally corrupt, politically ignorant and lazy, poorly educated, and generally decaying. Many compare us to the Romans in their last days. Please,  my intent is not to bash, be negative, or be judgmental – it is simply to provide a sort of ‘baseline’ or backdrop against which I can ask the following question:

If we are so well off, and have been for some time now, then why is it that we, as individuals and as a nation, are not showing significant progress in our spiritual growth?

Seems to me that, if we tried even a little, by now we could potentially be so advanced as to have telepathic powers, healing powers, and any of the other ‘higher powers’. At the very least, instead of showing so much dishonesty, injustice, greed, and downright stupidity, we could (or should) be exhibiting the basics – such as honesty, justice, generosity, and proper stewardship.

Can you imagine what this country (and world) would be like if we truly treated each other as the brothers and sisters that we are? We really are… brothers and sisters.

So what happened?

Instead of moving (or growing) toward a better society – say just for clarity and as an example: something akin to the society shown in Star Trek (I know, kind of corny or simplistic but hey, it’s better than no goal at all) – why are we descending into a corporate/authoritarian state that treats its citizens like ‘resources’ to be used for personal gain.

Rather than using the tools available to guide us upward and toward what may be called a ‘utopian society’, it seems that almost all of the tools available (certainly a good majority) are being used to ‘dumb us down’ with vapid distractions, lie to us (telling us “all is well, just keep on shopping”), or force us to do as we’re told (“do more with less”, “work harder”, “need for austerity”) so someone else can get richer/more powerful.

Instead of moving toward increased freedom, creativity, and enjoyment of life, we’re moving toward depression, unhappiness, and disaster.

The above is a hard assessment (yeah, a real bummer) but unfortunately it’s true. Anyone who’s been paying even a little bit of attention can see it – the story is out there, all over the place.

What the hell happened?

How do we ‘right our course’?

My suggestion: the first thing is to look at what is really going on – and admit it… face it… no matter how much it hurts. Once we do that, each of us will see what he/she can/should do… then, all that remains is to do it… one step at a time.

Get on the right path and stay on it as best you can.


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