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Near Proximity

“The kingdom of heaven is near”
means near in time, yes…
but also near as in
emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical proximity.

a very near proximity…



One Step Into Heaven

As the brother and sister stepped onto the playground, the brother pointed at the children playing and said, “Look, sprouts. Just like us.”

That was one of the first things I noticed… we really are “sprouts”…

Another thing I noticed is that it seems not so much about granting everyone’s wishes as it is a place that provides everyone with what is needed to grant their own wishes…

or others’…

Yet another is that the energy feels like what one may experience while breathing in the air after a cleansing rain… clean and bright…

And I’ve seen that it is within itself… earth is a part of and within Heaven… so is the universe… and we are a part of what exists within us…

But there is one difference here, in this little part of heaven, called earth…

The sister, a bit more down-to-earth and not to be outdone by her somewhat philosophical brother, replied, “Yeah, so when was the last time you drank from a stream?”
“You know, when was the last time you put your cupped hands into a stream and took a drink.”

One step… that’s all it takes…

Always Do with Love
and Love will Make Do

Dear Son,

Dear Son,

Regarding our last conversation…

winning is important, yes
yet it is a small thing compared to honor
and what is honor next to compassion

strength is important when we are young
but there is also strength of spirit,
character, integrity, and will

concepts such as those above
with wisdom, courage, duty, service
are signposts along all paths

it is not for me to tell you
how to define and radiate these
for that is part of each life’s why and way

yet it may be good to mention these
for you to think about
or meditate upon

they will help guide you
to keep you upon your right path
and to your goal, which is profound

as with your friends you’ve already learned
trust, loyalty, and performance count
yet in all groups of men these can be found

though the system feeds on money, pain, and blood
there are many people stuck within and around
who cherish life, good service, even fun

in the end it is you who decide
how to live, how to love, who to be,
how much you’ll let the above apply

in the end, life is short
so work, play, explore, create
live your life freely and honorably

remember, solitude a necessity is
do take time to be still
for without and within can be found the Divine

with Love,

Vine of the Fruit

Have you ever noticed how people are so very creative?
But also, they are often creative with results
that are “a little off” at best
or worse, disastrous.


Decades have I searched
for an answer to this question
and I have found one thing that is commonly present
when so often our efforts miss the mark…

I speak not of errors of workmanship
but of weapons of war
or things that pollute instead of enhance…
why do things go wrong with what we create?

Here is a basic reason: coveting…

Many, if not all, of us
covet something to one extent or another…
even if it is so small as
wanting to capture or preserve that beautiful moment.

Creativity can and should be beneficial,
a wondrous process, alive…
akin to a growing tree
bearing fruit filled with Life.

It is when we covet,
during our creative (or any other) process
that things
go wrong…

the creative process,
whether mechanical or social,
on balance can only be good or beneficial
without coveting…

this is a non-negotiable requirement…

each “covet” moves a process toward/upon the non-good
or “oops, mistake” path…
as if pitching a hatchet
into that tree

it’s like a bunch of poker chips
with one side white and one side black,
the more chips we turn over to black,
the fewer chips are white

and the darker the picture looks…

or like smudging
an oil lamp chimney,
the more smudges,
the less light we see/receive…

for it’s flavor and other qualities,
depends upon the vine that nourishes it;
poison the vine and you poison the fruit…

our creativity grows a kind of fruit
and to covet is to poison the process…

our cup starts out full of Love…
all that we need to survive and be happy
is provided for us, for free and freely,
by Earth Mother and Spirit Father

this is Holy
and our cup o’ Love is full

then, instead of sharing or not,
why do we “sell”
between each other
what is free to all?

which is based upon greed…
which is based upon an increase
in coveting

we see Love
poured from the cup
to make room
for the coveting or the coveted

this Holy process
of fruit nourishing Life
begins to go bad

the more we pour out for coveting
the less full of Life is our cup
the further from Holy we move
the less pure our vibration or song

thence come disease & impurity,
as all results follow the limb
that feeds the fruit,
which we are and share

check often
vine of the fruit…
drink from the Pure Spring
to Live and Love

My heart aches
for our healing and awakening…
when what we create is
as fine as what we were created.

Covet not…
and remember
to be grateful for
Mother’s and Father’s gifts.

with Love,

Chaos *&* Order

In the yin yang of life, it is not chaos *or* order but chaos *and* order.

Some people use  a variation of the chaos theory to say there is only chaos (a state of disorder). Well… doesn’t this (permanent) state of disorder in itself become the order? Does not ‘disorder’ have ‘order’ in it?

Order can be defined as a condition where things (physical, emotional, etc.) are properly in place (coexist, usually  harmoniously). He leads an orderly life. Everything is in order.

Order can also be the placement of each with regard to sequence, as in space or time.  We usually count in order. Everything is in order.

Order is generally predicated upon (or implies) some ‘rule’ or other. When a leaf draws nourishment from the sun, an orderly process is taking place… a sequence of events (order) is taking place in a harmonious way (order) which will in some (as yet unknown) way affect how that leaf grows.

If we were aware of and understood all the (infinite) rules of a split second of life (now), we could predict what would happen next. If we knew how sunlight affects the growth of a leaf, we could predict its shape to be. But because there are a myriad of other causes (or rules) involved, we cannot… and this is where ‘chaos’ enters. Chaos is the perceived effect (the shape of the leaf in the next moment) of an unperceived cause (unperceived or not understood order). Order is the perceived rule (or cause) of an effect (theorized, predicted, or not).

Yang and Yin coexist within the One… they *are* the One (even if only a part thereof).

Similarly chaos (what we cannot predict) and order (what we know or can predict) exist within the One (moment of Life).

When I breathe, I can rely upon the (harmonious) order of lungs and (unpoisoned) air to help keep me alive. But I do not really know where this moment of life will take this live body…. because things change (within or without) and I do not understand all the causes that affect me… also: I have free will — I can choose my thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions.

Because of this inability to perceive deeply enough (as with *all* life), I/we see the bits and pieces of order result, seemingly, in chaos. If we truly understood all the causes and effects (and how the effects become the new causes), I think it would be obvious that (seeming) chaos is actually (unperceived) order.

Photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

Life, the yin and yang of which
form the One,
is chaos and order,
which are the same One.

If you want to dive really deep, the relationship between black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, life/death, up/down, in/out, give/receive, is similar… but, at this point, I could hardly begin to explain how (even to myself).

Love you!

On Vows of Poverty

I think we humans are mostly generous creatures. Most of the time, if we can help those less fortunate than us, we do.

Don’t misunderstand me… I am aware of the incredible number of people suffering… and of the incredible number of people standing by & watching…. and perhaps I’m being overly generous here… perhaps, but that is not the point.

Many of us contribute money, materials, food, or time in some large or small, difficult or easy effort to aid those around us. At times we may wish we could do more, give more… be rich so we could donate more.

OK, let’s switch to a parallel track for a moment…

If we are to help anyone (at any time with anything — a “tool”), we must allow the ‘tool’ to move toward that person… we cannot hold on to (or hoard) that item, feeling, or helping hand. One example is Love. None can experience our Love if we hold onto, misdirect, deflect, or block it… in any way.

The same is true of money. If the coin does not move toward the one in need, that one will never receive it. I know, it sounds kind of simplistic and obvious when put that way… but bear with me for a bit, please.

Switch again…

Every single thing we own, all that stuff we surround ourselves with, originally cost and now is worth a certain number of coin… each coin is one that will not make it to the person in need… because it is not flowing toward that person… it is tied up and held in our possession.

Now I am not suggesting that we all give everything up and live naked in the trees. “Stuff” is necessary for our survival.

But I *am* suggesting that perhaps we think about just how much stuff we have and consume… (for the moment) think simply in terms of money… as if money is a river that flows around us… but we like to store (or keep) lots of it near us. Why do we want to always be wading in the river?

It seems to me that this is the principle physical truth behind the classic vow of poverty.

Yes, those who utter the vow strive for a spiritual focus instead of a worldly one and so commit to not being distracted by stuff. But in the vow, they also commit to not allowing a distraction to become a blocked flow.

Thus we have the spiritual version: a body, soul, and mind free of distraction… as well as a body, soul, and mind which does not block (or hoard) any of the blessings (spiritual & physical) which are flowing around or through us to another.

That $25 book I finished reading long ago is a good, hot meal or even 2-3 days worth of groceries for the homeless guy down by the river… just sitting on a shelf…


Basic Premises

brings truthfulness in return; both encourage



photo credit: (nz)dave via photopin cc

photo credit: (nz)dave via photopin cc

for all and one, closes
eternal loop

Premises four

breathes Life into

Truthfulness… Justice… Freedom… Respect…
Awareness… Life… Love…

Yet, unique is your path…


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