Emerging Moment

I too have known the experience & feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, depression, and despair… methinks for too long and for too many times. Often, even remembering “God never gives us more than we can bear” did not seem to help. But eventually I managed somehow to get through and beyond each episode.

The hardest times were those when the health issues, physical and emotional stiflings, financial difficulties, heartbreak of personal & work relationships going wrong, all stacked up one on top of another… with no end in sight.

One day, I finally began to realize that the end (even being in sight) no longer mattered so much. What did matter was how I dealt with my situation in each (present) moment. Now, I’m not saying doing this was immediate or easy as flipping on a light switch… nope… only that, in the end, the realization is what made/is making the real difference for me.

One (overly simple) example of how this can work is of the man who quit a 2 pack a day smoking habit (just like that). When asked how he managed this without any aids, he replied, “Every time I want a cigarette, I wait 10 minutes.” He was waiting to emerge out of the moment of craving… which he eventually did.

Looked at from another perspective…

Someone once shared with me: “I’m made of fragile broken pieces taped back together…”

I find that it is not so much an actual breaking that happens (though it certainly feels like it) as perhaps, say, the breaking of a pane of darkened glass which subsequently allows the butterfly to fly out of the house and into the open… or perhaps to let more light and a breeze into the house to brighten and freshen it.

So I no longer see myself as broken (well maybe a little) but perhaps more as the butterfly emerging out of its cocoon, into Life… the “broken” and the “pain” are just the cocoon cracking open as I work to get out.

BTW… Did you know this process or struggle to emerge is what strengthens the butterfly’s wings in preparation for flight? Cut the cocoon open too early to ease the butterfly’s struggle and it will be unable to fly because its wings have not become strong enough.

Anyway… it occurs to me our entire lives may simply be one long (or short) moment of birth, growth, emergence… breaking out of a cocoon.

One moment…
after all, the actual moment of breaking free is just that… a moment… is it not?

I have only just begun to understand this (though I realized it years ago)…
that all we really have is this moment…
now, this moment…
and now, this moment…
and how we accept this moment, how we choose to behave in this moment, is all that truly matters…
and it is all that we can truly control.

Our behavior in this moment largely determines how (attitude, mood, condition, etc.) we emerge from this moment… and thus what the next moment brings…


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2 Responses to Emerging Moment

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    A hard move to make but one that is so very necessary for growth and moving forward! All the best on your continued journey Sprinkle!!!I’m sure we’ll pass by one another… VK 🙂


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