The WEB -is- the NET

The World Wide Web is also known as the Internet…

Well duh!

Yeah, but think about it for a sec…

— a web is something (cloth, structure, spider, electronic, etc.) that is woven, tightly or loosely… such as cloth which is a tight web (or weave) of threads… a spider web is more loosely woven…

— a net is (generally) a web, usually used to actively ensnare (catch) something or someone… a fish net is a weave with openings large enough to let smaller fish through… it is spread out at first then pulled in… gathering to harvest…

— the world wide web started out as a bunch of computers all over the world connecting to each other and sharing information…

— the internet is the means of communication the computers use…

— think of the Internet as the string and the Web like the knots or intersections of the strings… picture a net (or web) encompassing the entire world… just like a huge fishnet… which is exactly what it is… only the fish are people.

— the weave of the world wide net is the size needed to capture humans (along with their spirits)… it was initially opened and spread around the world… now it’s being pulled in tighter all the time… just like a fishnet… gathering to harvest…

Meanwhile… Great Spirit calls… also gathering to harvest… using no webs, no nets… no coercion whatsoever… just a quiet whisper encouraging us to freely choose… to choose rightly…



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2 Responses to The WEB -is- the NET

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    You got that right Sprinkle….There our handlers sit all around the world in their boats yanking on their net strings and anticipating their final catch for world dominance, but….They cannot catch a spirit or a will or a soul, they do not have bodies with which to capture them in nets. They are like air and they slip through the net. It is now up to all of these free spirits/souls to come together and turn the nets on the fishermen who do not realize the power and magnitude of all those free spirits/souls, they are too busy celebrating their own downfall…..Have a happy πŸ™‚ VK


    • true… but…
      they know this… and the setup is such as to keep a spirit entangled in the net by distracting it, keeping it’s mind on lower frequency matters… thus making it so dense as to not be able to pass through the net…
      also they use every means to entice the spirit to volunteer to be captured, though that is depicted as ‘freeing’ by using much doublespeak…
      have a good one! πŸ™‚ M


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