Sprinkle: Calming the Sea

Suppose that God is not only alive and real but also intimately involved… in everything… such that in every aspect of life, all occurrences are deliberate as well as intelligent.

Even to the point where, for example, the breeze blowing upon your brow is as if God stands before you waving a palm frond near your cheek… specifically to cool you in a pleasing and loving manner.

Only man does not see what is known by all of life… for he is independent within his free will and chooses rebellion… simply refusing to see what is.

As a son inherits from his father, receiving skills, talents, or gifts, Messiah did in this way calm the storm at sea.



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Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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4 Responses to Sprinkle: Calming the Sea

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    There are NO consequences in life….Everything has a purpose and is there for us to use to move us along, but only IF we are open to seeing…Hard to do when we are so focused on the insanity surrounding us. Time to step back and rethink. As it is now we are going nowhere and we definitely have some place to be! Evolving!!! Happy day Sprinkle…VK 🙂


    • It may be that I misunderstand your comment (thank you, btw), but it seems to me that life is all about consequences… cause & effect… and our journey here is designed to teach us & allow us to experience which thoughts/actions consequently nurture/create light/love/life and which bring darkness/misery/death? In this way we may (are supposed to?) learn to accept the wisdom/guidance of the Divine.

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