Sprinkle: glow in the dark

by SprinklinThoughts

Two bikers were sitting at a table, drinking a few beers, smokin’ some weed, and talking…

“Nope, can’t buy any smoke for a while; have to save up for some tires.”

“Yeah? I can get you some good tires real cheap bro. I mean like 50%.”

“Yeah great, more five finger discount specials?”

There’s that sheepish look again…

“No thanks man, I told you before… look, I’ll say it again. Whenever you touch something stolen, some of it, kinda like oil or dirt, rubs off and sticks to you… only it sticks to your soul… it’s sorta like handling radium with your bare hands…”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, eventually you glow in the dark…”