Heart, Soul, & Mind

The heart is the seat of our emotions, our understanding, and our will.
The soul is embodied in our living breath, as is expressed in our speech.
The mind is our intellect and self-consciousness, that which thinks.

Each of these and the whole is aware.
They are wrapped within the physical body, which provides form & function…
All of which embody our Spirit (that of Man & that of God).

Love God with all your heart soul and mind. (Mark 12:30)

God is good…

To love good with all your heart, soul, mind:

Think good things to speak and feel…
Speak good things to feel & think…
Feel or will good things to think and speak…

When successful, we surround all with good…
And that is good for the heart, soul, mind, & all else.



About SprinklinThoughts

Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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