Sprinkle: Dinner…

by SprinklinThoughts

He entered the restaurant…
and was soon seated by the waiter…

“Good evening sir, may I offer you our dinner special?”

“Perhaps, what is it?”

“Certainly… it’s a generous portion of GMO, a side helping of Imitation Freshness, with a ladle-full of Additives Galore poured over the whole… to drink, our best 2015 Chemtrail… for dessert, a thick slice of Genuine Faux pie and a hot cup of Full Spectrum Dominance.”

“Goodness! Really? Well, thank you for offering… but I would prefer some of the Organic, a bit of Natural, perhaps a sprig of Inner Dimension on the side, with a large H2O Classic.”

“Oh I see… very well, sir.”

A little after the meal had been set and sampled, the waiter re-appeared… “Is everything to your satisfaction sir?”

“Why the Organic is blazed to extinction, thank you. Tell me, did you fire it with gas or did you subcontrolled nuclear blast it?”

“Oh no sir! For the Organic, we use real flame… by the book… even waited for lightening to start the fire & all that.”

ps. Is isn’t the title of this post kind of an oxymoron? 🙂