The Whispering River

by SprinklinThoughts

Armies of the North
stand ready to hold
in widows’ defense,
and the old, or poor…

Armies of the South
make weapons ready,
prepare to forge choice
of Death over Life…

But the whisp’ring river
flows south through all the land
offers quenching wetness
for all, with no regard.

People of the East
let spirit souls soar
to Spirit Father
beyond the Great Sky…

Children of the West
ignore all Evil
live with Earth Mother
and love each other…

While the whisp’ring river
flows on through all the lands
with great gift of moisture
sustains each, every one.

Those of the round Earth
go on being Life
appear unknowing
but we’ve seen they do…

In the air of Sky
the birds still do fly
each one another
all in one, God’s eye…

As the whisp’ring river
flows throughout every land
life’s water feeds us all
shares gift, with no regard.