Sprinkle: Compass Needles

by SprinklinThoughts


I think we all,
our inner selves,
could be compared
to compass needles…

for we try always
to point toward
our inner true

but at times
pieces of shrapnel
like large or small magnets
may turn us away…

or a rapid shake
may disorient
until the calm,
when our needle
points true
once again…

some compass needles
are thin (as a needle),
some broader but flat,
others round as dials…

some are enclosed in liquid
to dampen any shakes
or mounted on gimbals
to hold them steady…

thus some are more constant,
others strong or weak…

but no matter
the strength, shape, or size,
each steadfastly endeavors
to mark his/her true north,
south, east, or west…

I feel as though
my compass needle
is a great,
iron harpoon…

Live with Love
& Love will live