Sprinkle: The Knowledge of Good and Evil

by SprinklinThoughts

There are a number of writings and beliefs regarding the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil… in various cultures.

Amongst these are some referring to the “flip side of the coin”… the coin representing the Tree’s fruit… the yin/yang… positive/negative…

If these connections are correct, what lies beyond?
In deeper micro/macro.

As implied in the fruit of the Tree, suppose the “coin” itself is to be avoided. (The coin may refer to real ‘coin’, as in gold, but that is a diverging thought.)

Suppose we toss the coin… just toss it away… as if ‘passing by’ the Tree (whose fruit is) of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… suppose we cease to partake of this fruit.

What if this ‘fruit’  or ‘coin’ is just that, a piece of fruit (or coin) which becomes no longer relevant?

Imagine a person standing upon a high shore beneath a boundless expanse… dotted with infinite galaxies and stars without number.

In one hand is an apple, in the other a coin.

Each is an anchor that prevents our seeing something entirely beyond good and evil… beyond the Tree… or beyond even its existence…

so far beyond, that when we let go these anchors, our load lightens, and we rise into the universe…

ready to fly to our destinations… each or some, to our very own stars… to do with as we wish… no holds barred… nothing lacking… imagination wide open

What will you do with your star…
Whose future, in all ways, is being born within you now?

Would you perhaps create a beautiful place for new ones?
For new people… or new stars?

Always Do with Love
and Love will Make Do