Fish Farms

by SprinklinThoughts

The other day I was reading about the food that comes from the sea. It seems that because of overfishing, we’ve been making increasing use of fish farms. One item that caught my eye was that, apparently, sometime in 2015 fish farm “harvests” may match or even outpace “wild” ocean harvests.

Uh, OK… so let me get this straight…

First of all, we (mankind) have polluted and (over)fished the oceans to the point that they can no longer supply all of our (perceived) “need”… in some cases 90% of certain fish species are gone. All used up.

The name Cabot used for Newfoundland in 1497 was Baccalaos, that being the one bestowed on it by Portuguese who had led the way. The word means, simply, land of cod. And Peter Martyr (from about 1516) tells us that “in the sea adjacent [to Newfoundland, Cabot] found so great a quantity… of great fish… called baccalaos… that at times they even stayed the passage of his ships.”  — Sea of Slaughter by Farley Mowat

Now, we, mankind think we can “farm” fish. We think we can raise them in ‘kennels’ in the ocean using our man-devised methods… to overcome a problem (decrease of natural ocean fish) that we created in the first place by using our profit-oriented methods. And even now (already) it is becoming increasingly apparent that this “new & improved” way is barely succeeding (if indeed it is at all). Witness the attendant difficulties of those endeavors… such as water pollution and short supplies of fish food to name just two. Farmed fish need to eat and because they are ‘contained’ they must be fed (as opposed to feeding on their own)… and, since fish stocks are depleted, we’ll be needing to grow food (as in plants) to be processed and fed to the fish… not to mention the necessary supporting structures such as steel & nets, fuel, energy, maintenance…

So where in this equation does anyone see something, anything, that would indicate our way is better than nature’s way… the way it’s been for thousands of years? Or even that our way might work?

If I understand rightly, rather than correcting our mistakes and helping nature restore the balance, we’re going to use the same thinking that destroyed our original and well-functioning option (that required no real work on man’s part other than harvesting) to create and maintain a second unworkable factory-like (labor and resource intensive) option?

I mean, who the heck is thinking this stuff up? With all the “history”, “knowledge”, & “data” available, this is not just an accident. Exactly who or what sort of consciousness is behind all this? And how is it that so many agree and approve?

Always Do with Love…