Sprinkle: Sparkle

in a way
it could be
that the whole universe
is but a sparkle
in the brook
the runs through
God’s garden

just as it could be
the sparkle
of a brain synapse firing

thus we are
both grand and small
yet equal in God’s eye

the magnificence of the universe
flows through your veins

so it is that you
the One reading this
are a Holy Being…

a conscious sparkle…


About SprinklinThoughts

Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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3 Responses to Sprinkle: Sparkle

  1. It’s as if you journeyed beyond the barriers of our human (limited) understanding, and for a moment given the freedom of seeing the whole of things… and how they appear once the blinders are gone is breathtaking.

    Reminds me of the spiral analogy. From the microscopic things in the universe (as with DNA) to the macroscopic things of the universe (the shape of galaxies, and even the path/direction in which those galaxies travel)… God’s design is stamped all over everything… Our fingerprints are spirals. The list goes on and on… And humans understand time in linear-only terms: past, present, future, repeat. Maybe this accounts for what God meant when He said a day on earth is a thousand years in heaven… Each day has its own spiral staircase, full of dimensions that humans have no access to while alive in the body. Hm. (That was all tangential, I know, but I sense that you were aware of the connection I was trying to make here when you were writing this..)

    You write with a deepest simplicity, it gives so much weight to the heart of your words. You never strain to reach for fancy or unnecessary explanations, and the result is a magical precision in what you say. It leaves room for your message to breathe a life all unto its own, gives it space to reverberate in our brain and ring to the truths it bears in it. I love when you write these sort of things. Fwiw. Powerful, M.

    I want to go on that trip with you.

    It could be
    That our whole connection
    You and I
    Is but a current
    Of electricity
    In the great and wonderful
    Power station
    Known as God




    • “It’s as if you journeyed beyond the barriers…” Yes! I knew you would see it… and quite an experience it was too…

      “I sense that you were aware of the connection I was trying to make here when you were writing this..” Yes, and I sensed you would make the connection.

      “You write with…” Aw shucks, thank you.

      “I want to go on that trip with you.” Ship’s still at dock, you’re welcome aboard any time… šŸ™‚

      I love you…


  2. Nice! We are all made of stardust. Keep on going!


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