Independence Day USA

by SprinklinThoughts

On this eve of Independence Day, I started thinking about what it all was about… you know, the usual stuff… what is Independence? What is Freedom? What is my responsibility in this area? How does it affect me, others, the world? Politics and corruption… What of those who have none?

And, as you might expect, it all got complicated really fast… just “too much” for this moment.

So I tried to to simplify it and ended up with a thought… tomorrow a whole lot of people will be exercising the Liberty to pursue Happiness.

Cool! Beefburgers!

Yes… well, actually, not for everyone… and a bit deeper than just food… like…

What is Liberty? Why is it so precious?
What is Happiness? Why is it so radiant?
How do they merge? A precious radiance?
Or a radiant preciousness?

OK… uh, I’ll just cut it short… and, God willing, perhaps with a bit of liberty, I may pursue some small happiness…