Wisdom’s daughter

In a land distant and close,
an old hermit was, by higher design
accustomed to roaming
valley and hill, field and forest

As happened almost often,
he encountered a fellow being,
a young woman disoriented,
wounded, and weak

At times assisting,
he accompanied her
to edge of forest
and beyond, a bit

Along the way, they spoke
of Holiness and of Purity
of Love Pure and Holy
of Being Holy and Pure

Then discovered both
children of spirit parents
siblings they were,
their love grew, will always be

Upon her path, in her ways
she strove to do well
to become, remain, to be
Holy and Pure

“Holy” embroidered
on white blouse
pulled over, yes
radiates from true Light within

With flash hermit knew
into his life, first time
Wisdom’s daughter
was sent to meet

It’s been said
when Wisdom is companion to man
changed he becomes
in heart, soul, mind

And the hermit was…

When at last they came
to a land that she knew
he stopped and she, strengthened, turned
looked him fondly, eye to eye

Said he to her, “Go,
for as surely as the Lord lives,
you must return
where I cannot accompany you

“For in your land, as did you here,
bewildered, lost, wounded I become
and my time, my task
is not yet done

“A while more must I remain
in province of those lost
encounter and accompany them
along a path, for a time

“If think of me you must, as I will of you,
may remembrance place
upon your lips, as mine, a brief smile
Holy, happy, and warm.”

“Say no more, dear brother” she replied
“for I’ve come to end your task
invite to stay where you’ve been led
in this good Kingdom, of the found.”

And the sun shone
upon meadow where they stood
the flowers that grew



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7 Responses to Wisdom’s daughter

  1. I can’t even say what this provoked in me. It took me on a ride. Having walked it out in first person, that still did nothing to abate the anxiousness-bordering-on-panic that came over me when (as written here) she reached familiar ground and you began to withdraw, retreat, as if your “task’s” completion would compel you to surrender the journey instead of continuing in step with her, as I imagine she was deeply hopeful you would…

    This took my breath away and I wish I’d read it sooner… I want to say that it’s stunning, but my words feel so small and inconsequential, as if they just can’t reach the greatness of the feeling your poem creates.

    “Wisdom’s daughter.” What an incredible picture you paint of her with this name. Humbling.

    Reflecting on all of this, I’m suddenly inspired by the thought that maybe she was lost in the woods for the primary purpose of you finding her. Maybe she wasn’t lost at all, but looking for the missing piece of her heart that was you.

    “Say no more, dear brother” she replied
    “for I’ve come to end your task
    invite to stay where you’ve been led
    in this good Kingdom, of the found.”



    • I knew, of all people, you would get it… and be affected by it… 🙂
      why was she lost? perhaps, it was as you say…
      layer upon layer, twists & turns, wheels within wheels…

      he often goes with flow
      refuse good invite, no
      so who doth know
      where hermit will go?
      the flowers that grow…


  2. ShimonZ says:

    always good to hear of love


  3. bert0001 says:

    made me smile — lovely


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