Sprinkle: A Candle

by SprinklinThoughts

A candle burns,
radiates heat and light,
brightens all around.

In order to live,
flame must have
heat, air, shelter (from the wind), and fuel.

It has and is life,
as we do and are.

Yet of what worth is a candle
if none benefit
from its light?

Though beautiful it is,
may the real wonder be
when it is observed?

In giving its glow
candle is fulfilled,
yet a mystery exists
in acceptance of the light.


photo credit: Eisbäärchen via photopin cc

Both observer and observed
alive, a part of life,
thus are Holy.

Wax and wick
of the finest,
for flame to be Pure.

Candles are many,
flames are bright,
and we are they.