Dear NSA…

I was wondering if you could help me with a problem. It’s a lost file.

I was working on a freelance article about the propriety of data collection based on three basic premises…

data collection…
1) can be (or is being) done clandestinely — until and even after discovered…
2) can be (or is being) done but only on an “opt-out” basis — isn’t this too similar to #1?…
3) only with explicit and fully informed approval — strictly “opt-in”…

With these applying to everyone (no exceptions), which would you choose?

The same should apply to any/all junk mail, phone calls, advertising, databases, services, etc… only if I request it…

Oh, sorry, here’s what I’m writing to you about:

You see, this  article I was working on (for weeks) — filename: DNSA.doc — got corrupted somehow and I don’t have a backup… tough spot, I know… 😦

but I figured, with everything I’ve been reading, maybe you guys had a copy out there someplace? If you do, could you *please* copy it someplace for me? Better yet, if you have the time, can you just download it to my computer & put it on my desktop? You have access to that too, yes?


You guys are all right! 🙂

…uh, maybe while you’re there you could also take me off any/all of your lists too?… You know… I’d like to unsubscribe & delete my account… thank you, but no thank you…



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5 Responses to Dear NSA…

  1. risinghawk says:

    LOL 🙂 Good luck with getting off their “list.” Those guys have been doing that since before the mid-80’s, and they won’t be stopping – even if they say they will. Peace . . .


  2. ♡eM says:

    Oh, ST, this is brilliant!


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