Chaos *&* Order

by SprinklinThoughts

In the yin yang of life, it is not chaos *or* order but chaos *and* order.

Some people use  a variation of the chaos theory to say there is only chaos (a state of disorder). Well… doesn’t this (permanent) state of disorder in itself become the order? Does not ‘disorder’ have ‘order’ in it?

Order can be defined as a condition where things (physical, emotional, etc.) are properly in place (coexist, usually  harmoniously). He leads an orderly life. Everything is in order.

Order can also be the placement of each with regard to sequence, as in space or time.  We usually count in order. Everything is in order.

Order is generally predicated upon (or implies) some ‘rule’ or other. When a leaf draws nourishment from the sun, an orderly process is taking place… a sequence of events (order) is taking place in a harmonious way (order) which will in some (as yet unknown) way affect how that leaf grows.

If we were aware of and understood all the (infinite) rules of a split second of life (now), we could predict what would happen next. If we knew how sunlight affects the growth of a leaf, we could predict its shape to be. But because there are a myriad of other causes (or rules) involved, we cannot… and this is where ‘chaos’ enters. Chaos is the perceived effect (the shape of the leaf in the next moment) of an unperceived cause (unperceived or not understood order). Order is the perceived rule (or cause) of an effect (theorized, predicted, or not).

Yang and Yin coexist within the One… they *are* the One (even if only a part thereof).

Similarly chaos (what we cannot predict) and order (what we know or can predict) exist within the One (moment of Life).

When I breathe, I can rely upon the (harmonious) order of lungs and (unpoisoned) air to help keep me alive. But I do not really know where this moment of life will take this live body…. because things change (within or without) and I do not understand all the causes that affect me… also: I have free will — I can choose my thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions.

Because of this inability to perceive deeply enough (as with *all* life), I/we see the bits and pieces of order result, seemingly, in chaos. If we truly understood all the causes and effects (and how the effects become the new causes), I think it would be obvious that (seeming) chaos is actually (unperceived) order.

Photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

Life, the yin and yang of which
form the One,
is chaos and order,
which are the same One.

If you want to dive really deep, the relationship between black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, life/death, up/down, in/out, give/receive, is similar… but, at this point, I could hardly begin to explain how (even to myself).

Love you!