On Mass Production

Mass production is often touted as efficient and beneficial… especially large-scale mass production.

Uh huh…

I think although it can possibly have some benefit, in total it can be (and usually is) a very dangerous thing.

If you look behind the curtain (or outside the Matrix) you may find that the supposed efficiency of mass production actually translates into a more widespread & destructive bootprint… for profit.

Look at food…

We are becoming increasingly aware of the inadvisability of mass producing food… in any form.

For example:

Canned foods contain unhealthy additives and the processing detracts from the nourishment. There are also the issues of machinery, maintenance, and energy use.

Oh, but we can feed more people!

Well yes… but ultimately this means just that… more people… more *unhealthy* people.

Frozen foods are better than canned, but consider their benefit/use vs. what it takes to produce and keep things frozen…. and where it could be of most benefit is probably hot.

“Fresh foods” are less nutritious than what this same system produced 20 years ago… with an even greater difference from 40 or 50 years ago… as I recall, things don’t get better by making them worse.

Mass farming, with its monoculture and attendant fertilization and pest control, has numerous problems and health issues which are evidenced when compared with organic farming (which is, in essence, not mass produced)… (GMOs, although *not* a viable option, *are* a very dangerous one)… and the workers…

Computers aid in the transfer of information and social networking… yet we’re slowly turning into dumbed down cyborgs living in, and as, a mass produced mess of conformity struggling to keep up with itself… all the while yearning to be free and truly alive.

Autos promise freedom and mobility… while paving over the earth and dispersing our neighborhoods and lives… locking us into their interiors.

Even indoor plumbing is suspect (though I’m in favor of it)… what’s at the end of that line? where does it go?

I am not saying that all mass production is wrong…

I am trying to see it as it is… and so far what I see is that if anything is mass produced, it should be suspect by default and thus continually reviewed for its true purpose, contribution, and impact. If it does not pass simple, ordinary, and usually what should be obvious criteria, production should stop (or at least be phased out), even if it means a temporary disruption.

There is one other hazard of mass production… for every thing thus produced, some skilled person (whether farmer, metalworker, cook, or carpenter) loses… which, seems to me, results in demoralization…

Now we have unhealthy & demoralized people… too many of them…

Mass produced…

All so efficient and profitable…



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4 Responses to On Mass Production

  1. What a brilliant perspective. I’ve been wondering why you’ve been missing from my emai inbox. Un and re subscribing to try and fix.
    Happy Fathers Day my friend.


  2. Quantity over quality, because you can’t have both and only one feeds the greed, the manwhosays so, the one percent, and nobody wins.

    Quality over quantity, and everyone wins, only that’s no longer possible because the bigpeoplerunningshit already have the lockdown on the whole thing.

    You’re brilliant, which is half the reason I love you.


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