A State of Being

by SprinklinThoughts

alone, upright, still
look at beyond sky
Spirit attunes
directions seen

world slips away
from shoulder mind
stop look listen be
awakening within

Earth Mother, Spirit Father, Son
mindful of look to upon
some call Universe
partake in present

each moment unique
yet the One
know feel be
heart Light Life Love real

awe for all
full Spirit fills
serene Love solid
dimensions multi wholly

atom energy
Sacred Life alive
All in Love in All
All of Love of All

body and none
edges blend
into One of All
bid keep a form yet “hon”

nothing is denied
free will choose
Life undying
undying thanks

action stress decrease
anger not quite know
stay in tune hesitate not
open, bare self, all got

forgive mistake and err
compassion gentle become
a time for each
each in no time

slow up slow down slow
sublime joy
pause connect
thank accept

open door is
glad to be for to see
keep light lit bright
ever Love must be…