Seems to me…

Seems to me that before proceeding, I should clarify a couple of things…

I am not a judge and I don’t wish to be in any way or form… I’m not looking to debate or argue, but simply to share & learn… nor am I claiming to actually know anything…

I’m simply one human being thinking out loud, that’s all… I mean, for all I know (and quite likely actually) all this, right now, may just be a dream I’m having… OK?

Seems to me that although one might think that my swiss cheese reasoning has holes in it, as long as everything matches up with heart, soul, mind, and spirit, the holes should/will also match as they are filled in… besides, before the cheese is sliced, they are bubbles…

OK, here we go…

Seems to me that we humans devote an inordinate amount of time & effort to disagreeing, judging, hating, hurting, pointing at, accusing, being jealous, lusting after, etc… all those things that pertain to distancing ourselves from each other, from our own individual trueness, or from our Earth Mother. Why? What is it that feeds this non-Love?

Seems to me that even within ideal conditions, where most children will grow up ‘OK’, at least one will not… Why? What is it that sets off and feeds this condition of non-Love?

Seems to me that we humans could & should have developed a little further than we have by now – considering that, seems to me, whatever is needed is there and freely available for the understanding… Why have we not? What is slowing down this process of evolving into Love?

Seems to me that there is a sufficient amount of ‘input’ available to provide the answer to these questions… yet, seems to me, for some reason people either don’t see, don’t wish to see, misinterpret, or never ask the question… Why? What is this “block”?

Seems to me the answer to all these questions is the same… One…

Seems to me it may be better to start from the beginning… problem is, it seems to me that too often when we start at the beginning, lots of folks drop out – even though they’ve just passed through it… therefore, it seems to me that it may be better to start in a different place… here… now…

Seems to me we are physical beings, born of physical matter… Earth Mother… yes, but it also seems to me that we are more… spirit/mind/heart…

Seems to me scientists continue to corroborate what many philosophers (and others) have claimed for some time: that we are essentially all the same in almost every way (though uniquely manifested), even down to the smallest which is the greatest… an intelligent singularity… the thing that makes everything, happens, and holds it all together… what some might call Ether… what others may call God… or Spirit Father… that from which all the universe, Earth Mother, springs forth… One…

Seems to me that ‘intelligent’ implies some form of communication…

Seems to me that this is all kind of plain… yet it seems to me that most people do not see or do not accept this… some just think it’s all nonsense… Why?

Seems to me that (why) has already been covered above… yes, that puts us in kind of a loop… sorry… feel free to drop out at any time… but seems to me that means circling through the loop until you don’t…

Seems to me that if we look at Spirit Singularity or Love as some kind of vibration in all dimensions, we have a frequency…

Thus, seems to me the answer to all the above questions is: a discordant (rogue, or possibly planted) frequency… which implies that, similar to radio waves, this frequency is somehow entering our ‘space’ and disrupting things… broadcasting worldwide 24×7… in many dimensions… physical, audio, emotional, conscious, subconscious, etc…

So it seems to me that the beginning is to tune our selves, our Spirits (and heart, soul, mind), to the correct frequency…

Seems to me that, in closing, there is another important item… we each must tune our own radio dials… no one else can do this for you… like with music on the radio, you have to tune until you find the frequency, or station, you want to listen to… out of good frequencies come good things…

Seems pretty simple to me… but not so easily done, eh?… I mean what if you don’t hear or tune well? Or your memory is so shot that you keep forgetting not only where the dial needs to be, but that there’s something needs tuning? Or all the above, like me…

Love you,
~~~What the…! Uh, Houston? This is Mission Control.~~~
~~~Our coffee? Some wise guy installed a vending machine.~~~


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17 Responses to Seems to me…

  1. elroyjones says:

    You’ve redecorated, the blog looks great!


  2. bert0001 says:

    Great post. Seems I have missed many things during my near internet silence of the past 5 days. Catching up!


  3. Visionkeeper says:

    Right on M !! We do have to tune our own radio’s and that is the purpose of love. To keep us tuned into the proper channel. We complicate everything when in fact it is really quite simple. Be love in every way possible. Blessings to you….VK


    • Yes… but also, isn’t Love the channel?… if so, then we have another hoop of life — Love is the channel and Love helps us stay tuned to the proper channel… which seems to me brings it to being an infinite source…


  4. ♡eM says:

    So what creates our myriad “seems to me” outlooks, understandings? Is it our individual perspectives, sub-collective similarities, or complex combinations?

    Seems to me the “seems to me” mind creates it all — differences, similarities, conflicts, consensuses, ignorance, bliss.

    It’s interesting and intriguing.


    • Seems to me if we consider that we are all manifested in the same universe and have so many similarities, then seems to me it would follow that we are also similar somehow in the ‘mind’ realm… which seems to me would indicate that some ‘thoughts’ are not so much necessarily created in the mind as perhaps manifested there (begging the question: from whence?)… therefore, to your question, seems to me that it is a combination of individual, sub-collective, *and* complex combinations.


  5. “…Before they were sliced, they were bubbles…” Good point and very nice way to express it. I also particularly liked “we must all tune our own radio dials”. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by my blog. (Oh, and Vending machine coffee?! Isn’t that sacrilege?! 😉 ) wish you a wonderful day


  6. Seems to me…
    The world is madness, the spirit is clarity, and the body with which we experience both simultaneously is caught in a constant tightrope walk between the two… Some never see the truth in that or the implications of it, entertaining every insanity that comes along… Some (myself included) get so exhausted balancing their life on a wire that in the weakness tend to give in to an occasional collapse on the wrong side… Yet seems to me there are these bold and awake few, ones like you brother, who see the valleys below without looking down and push forward with increasing effortlessness, after many seasons of involuntary suffering you/they develop a habit of being, a quality of character, that refuses to become complacent or brainwashed by the chattering, howling moons beneath the veil…

    Your keen-ness is a wind of freshest air in an atmosphere of smog. Thank you for writing your wisdom seemings and such.

    I love you.


  7. Living is easy if you close your eyes. But you don’t. That’s a good thing 🙂


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