Retirement Update #3

by SprinklinThoughts

Week 12
close to 3 months retired
’round 7 weeks last update

Much happened, happening
something always is
breathing, heart pumping, plus
thoughts… meditations… books, music… people…
experience of all these and more
awareness grows
of happenings multi
all the universe happening
any level
any dimension
beyond understanding

Progress feels appropriate
seems not out of line
although feel is ‘out there’
am not sure
either pushing some limit
or pulling it along, behind

More deeply relaxed
often entire being
emotional, physical, spiritual equilibrium
approaching wholeness
Love and Pure increasingly precedent
Truthfulness, Justice, Freedom, Respect

Others confirm
more positive

Allayed pressures
easier steps away project to eat
time to read, not scan
remembering no deadline
lessening of unremitting need
to be productive
produce, do, be active
different to bear fruit

Stepping away
from time manmade
calendars and clocks
to time of now
a time of light or dark
rain or snow, heat or cold
but still to this world tied
still compare
perception of daylight with clock
yet, perception is accomplishment
happily, barely know day of week
is another time of light

where am, where been
who am, who was
become truly am, be
from which will come the doing
climb crest of hill
see edge of valley below
perceive great beauty

Feeling of landing on feet
in a private barracks
located in reality of
Intelligent Manifestation
a different world
to studied be

am a pile of animated wet dust
energized by what
Spirit and dust
both manifestations one and the same
but unique
manifestation and thought
create creation singular

what One triggers
maple tree awake
how does tree know
for tree is aware…
how does Spring
know to become
is it the Sun
or the Son

The doing…
a lifetime of conditioning
clocks, deadlines, do, must have
to fully aware be
not-doing must first come
however long
then doing will appear
and ’twill be
Love manifest

The physical side…
rise ’bout AM 7
urban outdoors or not
must do’s first then
emails, browse, book, music
nourishment, meditation, breaks
by daylight live, min lighting unreal
stop, look, listen
learn, enjoy, share
bed, music, quiet
computer (by monitor light)
TV none
groceries weekly, miles few
people one or two per week
hermit, quiet
own slow rhythm

Relatively healthy
glimpse of veil cut

One thing more
unexpected, is new
news, novels, flicks
tears come
when due

For now
guess that’s it
except to say
Love you…