I See a Storm Comin’

It’s occurred to me that, in this blog, I’ve been sort of skirting around the issue of bad news… this is a result of passing on as much as I can — but through the lens of Love… trying to offer a method or strategy… something positive, uplifting, or strengthening. (I did say trying, didn’t I)

Yet in some way this doesn’t seem fair, to me or you, for without knowing what it is I see, how can anyone begin to perceive the depth of my lifetime struggle or to understand why some of these posts are such an effort. So, to be fair, here I will try to lay out just what I often agonize about… or the storm I see coming…

For me, this is “mega-heavy” and very serious; many say overly pessimistic… I’m not kidding… this has more than once brought me as close to utterly wretched as I ever want to get… though, thank God, in the end there is Light…

But, then again, you might wonder why or even just consider it total bullshit (which is fine)…

I think we all… each of us… know… deep inside and in our collective consciousness… something is very wrong… and time is running short…

What I think few know, or are aware of, is the depth and extent of this “very wrong”…

George Orwell described it in 1984
Aldous Huxley described it in Brave New World
George Lucas described it in Star Wars
JRR Tolkien described it in Lord of the Rings
there are many others…

All describe the same thing… correctly…

musicians sing of it…
artists paint it…
prophets have spoken of it…
scientists warn about it…

There is an insanity loose in this world.

Call it a “nut virus”, the devil, or whatever. Fact is, it is loose and it is causing a whole lot of damage…

Actually, I think its primary purpose or goal is destruction (‘if I can’t have it, nobody will’)…

I see this as the intelligent and basic cause of the ills (or effects) we see before us.

Now if you don’t believe in God or the devil, that’s OK… not agreeing with above does not affect below…. except that it does…

All around us are various “systems” (natural, man-made, or man-affected) that either appear to be failing or are causing other systems to fail…

pick a system, any system…

oceans — failing
air — failing
water — failing
other ecology — mostly failing
climate — you decide
economic — failing
energy — tipping
waste — failing
political — playing last hurrah
industrial — tipping
military — ever bigger & better destruction
societal — frayed
families — losing ground
honesty… justice… freedom…. respect… all on a downhill slide

If we look at any single system, we’ll find that it has a “frequency” which can be compared to a wave… up, down, crest, trough. All the systems that we live in or under, whether natural or man-made, have their ups & downs… all have a frequency.

As these systems and waves interact, they create new or different frequencies… which create, etc…

When waves interact, they tend to combine in a way that essentially adds or combines the energy of each. Thus, if two peaks combine and each is 1 foot, then we get a 2 foot wave… same for troughs.


I once read a science fiction book (sorry, can’t remember the name) about a happy pill that also limited aggression… worked great except for 3 days per month — when the bad genie was uncorked… the pharmcos/gov thought that was a good number… well, this one guy figured out that because of the system’s good/bad days ratio (the wave frequency), eventually at least one of everybody’s low points (bad day) would converge on the same day. He tried to point out the potential effect – given wave behavior. Of course he was disbelieved, ostracized, laughed at… until it happened.

Excluding what I call the ‘blind’ or ‘rose colored glasses’, almost everything I’ve encountered (in 45 years of learning/pondering various systems) points to this convergence happening with most or many of the systems we live within or under… eventually the troughs will be so close together that they may as well be one very deep bummer…

Imagine, for example…

a years long, severe drought with subsequent diminished food supplies and starvation, then illness… little water to drink… and suppose that at the same time we have another economic meltdown… and a (man-made) deadly virus gets loose (oops), causing a worldwide pandemic… and we find there really isn’t enough oil to go around… wars increase in frequency and area… authoritarian powers are deployed (with increasing frequency and force) to ‘protect’ the populace from itself… civil wars, confinement camps… nuclear war… hurricanes become horrendous superstorms… governments failing… bees (essential for plant fertilization) dying… terrible multiple earthquakes… volcanoes erupt… tidal waves… dams break… no electricity… roads impassable… oceans die…

…there are thousands of possible failures and scenarios.

Imagine most (or just many) systems and waves bottoming out at ‘worst possible scenario’ around the same time… or so close and in such quick succession that it may as well be all at once…

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:21-22)

I think that is what we are facing… woe… my God, how I wish I could ignore it or prove my data wrong…

What can be done?

That’s what’s been seriously bothering me ever since I was a teen… what can I do to prevent it?… change/mitigate it… even avoid it… nope, sorry, avoidance is not an option.

In many ways, other than facing it, there is nothing that can be done because it’s all too big and too far gone… it’s too late… even if we could get our collective act together (not likely at all, and even less likely if we include remorse), we’d fail because most every time we try to fix/change things we mess things up somehow… besides, some of the systems have a delay in them — even if we act now, results won’t show for ## (too many) years…

Thus far, the only viable options I see are: help each other through… Love… perhaps stay fit in case called upon… try to keep my sense of humor. 🙂 …and get right with God…

But, under the circumstances, just giving up or ‘letting go’ seems indecent to say the least… and to those who still think we can change things, I say great… go for it… but based on what I’ve seen thus far, I’d like to suggest that we get very serious about our role in all this… as if there is very little else more important. Better yet, find some capable reinforcements because the insanity is spreading… we’re only beginning to see its true purpose and extent.

So what am I doing?… Me? Honestly? Well… first of all, I pray I’m wrong…

Then, I suppose I’m a mix… I figure that there’s not much left to be done, but so long as one person remains aware and does not give in to the killer matrix, the insanity cannot be total… guess I’ve resolved to be one of those people… top priority… and I’m getting right with God and working hard on Loving…

Regardless of how I’m dealing with it… since I’ve spent so many years on it, I thought I owed it to myself and to you (since you are & will be affected by it all) to pass on the info. What you do is up to you and the only advice I can give is to get real… be true, stay on your path, Love, remember the Giver of the Gift…

“And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” (Mark 13:37)

“I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.” (Psalms 102:7)

Yet… beyond this massive darkest black super storm, I do see the sun’s rays shining… lighting up and warming all they touch… remember the Rainbow… remember Love…

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” (Rev 21:4)

With Love,


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21 Responses to I See a Storm Comin’

  1. elroyjones says:

    So you know I don’t subscribe to organized religion and if there is god whatever that may be it resides within. Like you, I think we’re teetering on the brink. I see it in my daily life. My husband and I can’t believe the virulent dishonesty- the wink-wink nod-nod in the business world where people believe it is okay to lie, cheat, and steal.

    I will say this with the hope that it makes you rest easier; I had the near death, out of body, clinically dead experience and it was the most calm I’ve ever felt. The thing that has stayed with me from that experience, 20 years ago, is that I KNEW we are part of what I can only describe as a “universal oneness”. Peace, M.


    • So you know… :-)… I don’t subscribe to organized religion either… and as there is this “universal oneness” I would (& do) think that it might just be intelligent enough & possibly merciful enough to want to let us now it’s there… and just maybe, it has chosen the word God to help us understand?


  2. This is UBER POTENT.

    The sincerity here! The humility! The humble strength and precise clarity of perspective! Breathtaking, brother. It humbled me to read the power of such a gentle force moving in such a gallant, majestic way. Raw, man. In the purest, purest way. Totally raw.

    I love the effect it has; you conscientiously removed the filter while remaining grounded in Truth. Dig it.

    More to say in a bit…


  3. You know I’m no believer in this omnipotent fella, but I agree with you whole heartedly. We’re so disconnected from our roots – call this “god” if you like – that we’re facing a collective existential crisis, just because we’ve forgotten how to live. Which is damned easy, when you think about it. I call this “evil” you speak of the void-self – that abstracted, empty version of whom we think we are that incessantly craves only more and more. It will never be satisfied until it is starved out. Don’t know if that will mean anything to you, but I wrote a whole book on it so I won’t bother trying to condense it into one para. And no, I’m not too sure that there’s any way around its destruction. All you can do is all you can do, hey?


    • Yep, I get it… and pretty much agree. It seems to me we’re talking about the same thing but coming at it from different angles… long as we don’t have a head on collision, I’d guess we’re OK 🙂


    • The void-self: ie, the ego.

      I would agree with you in that the human ego is directly responsible for much of this world’s ills, however; they are only a microscopic picture of satan’s totally disgusting essence — which happens to be more accurately the macroscopic order of this world.

      We are not of this world… But we are accountable for what impact we have on it while we’re here.

      I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes a gazillion times by now, and I certainly do not aim to instigate a religious circle jerk here, I just felt led to comment on your response. The void-self is an interesting depiction of the corrupt side of our human nature. The nature that exists without God in it. 🙂


      • Ahuh, the void-self = another name for the ego . . . I developed it like that in my book, cause I didn’t want to just say ego.

        And re the satan stuff, no eye rolling. Just sadness. Cause by your definition, my own life is of a disgusting essence. Cause there’s not a drop of God in it. But like, I reckon I’m an all right fella. I’m a bit mad but that’s not really my fault, madness was passed over to me, and the madness is of a self-loathing hue. I don’t mean anyone harm, ever. So how does that work?


        • Sweet soul. Please forgive me for coming across wrong.

          My best friend has joined the masses and now declares herself atheist.

          I do not wish to “conform” her.

          It just saddens me.

          The crazy thing is that even those who do not believe in God, were formed by His very hands, and were personally chosen BY HIM to receive — by no merit of our own, and certainly not mine — his own sacrifice. That sacrifice redeems us to His love, whether we acknowledge it or not. It is undeserved. Period.

          I do not attend church. Why? Because there is more of Satan in the local churches than there is God.

          Everyone is so caught up in impressions and greed that they have forgotten who the real God is.

          He is Love. Not regular church attendance and titles of Christianity. He loves the unlovable… And I place myself within that category. By all holy standards, I am unlovable. But that’s what the grace of God is for. It sees beyond our imperfections, to the beautiful heart within is all.

          Please forgive me for coming across judgmental, friend. That’s the main reason nobody jumps on the Jesus bandwagon. Because Satan has perversed Jesus into something He isn’t. He is incapable of anything but LOVING YOU. EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.

          Love to you brother.



        • Ah… the inadvertant head-on collision… edifying example this is… two folks who agree in the essence with the painting, but not so much on the colors…
          My blog, my post, my apologies… for I know that no hurt was intended…


  4. bert0001 says:

    I don’t think in biblical terms, but there are indeed cycles. And often they do converge. And I had been thinking before thgat in a bad case scenario (not a worst case) I would be better of at the edges of society, like the northern part of Norway, since at least, I could be self sufficient for some time, and people would not kill each other there for just one potatoe …
    But there is no avoidance, or prevention. We can inform in many ways, and such is being done, but the nature of humanity is indeed more and more like huxley’s works, only North Korea is the remaining Orwellian empire. (although google could suddenly change into one)
    So I will continue by giving my best example and sometimes by knocking on the doors of those who have a little more power than I do, but they too lift their hands in the air and say they are too small to do anything. So they continue not doing anything. And that is the worst case scenario.


    • Yeah, I tried to move further out but for some reason I keep ending up back here…
      I think that the Huxley Orwell scenarios are actually a flip side of the same coin kind of thing… it’s just that, like any coin, one side is up…
      “And that is the worst case scenario.” — You sure? Seems to me they’re basically passive, yes? What if they decided to go aggressive, in favor of the system? …just a thought


      • bert0001 says:

        I was thinking about China being the lab of the world to come right now. And indeed things are not going so well there. However, local politicians, even in China, listen to the locals. If they don’t, those politicians are not safe any more. And China is a very large country, with a lot of local politicians, who make lots of mistakes. In 2011 there were more than 80000 local protest demonstrations in the country.
        As long as the internet and cell phone systems and satellite tv remains as they are today, an Orwellian world is impossible. Huxley however, seems to be very close. I think we already live in Huxley’s brave new world. Look around. It’s all there. 🙂


  5. jeremylum88 says:

    The end times are being foretold by the Bible. None can prevent it as this is the judgement of God.
    Now is the harvest time! We can be the sower, the planter, the person who does the watering and weeding or the labourers in the mission field.
    May God bless you in your area of witnessing!


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