I took the liberty to pursue a little happiness…

Then I struggled to open the spigot…
with a loud squeak, it broke free…
releasing but a light dribble of words…

Life is canvas.
Imaginer holds brush.
A painting alive and more…
One paint moves at will.
Can change self, colors, and hues…
Instead chooses to smudge canvas,
Rather than transform beauty.

each rests almost alive atop a system of roots…
drawing from its meaning to give nourishment…

strung together, these can be as blades of grass which soften our journey…
or they can be sharper than blades of steel…

Yeah? Let’s see…

over 20,000 children died today – of war, disease, and hunger
happy valentine’s day
300 million children went to bed hungry today – 17 million in the US
for just a dollar more, get an extra pound of chocolate

How many were abused, physically, emotionally, economically?
How many died in the streets of a violence insane?
How many were poisoned by the air, water, and food?

How many of those who have, ignored those who need?
How much profit was made on lives trampled so severely?

How many minds were “conditioned” to accept this killing matrix?
How did you support this death machine that we call society?

Too depressing? Let’s talk/think about…
any kind of utter nonsense…
That distraction not good enough? Go shopping!

I am no longer able to participate in the insanity.
Though I joyfully accept this wondrous gift of life,
I cannot live in joy amidst the hurt and pain I see.
No, instead I will live in mourning for all the ones,
Until their hearts and minds are free.

Sharp enough I guess…

Words can be strong too…

Will you please stop this shit.

And stop supporting it too…
with your minds, your dollars, your participation.



About SprinklinThoughts

Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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6 Responses to Words

  1. over 20,000 children died today – of war, disease, and hunger
    happy valentine’s day


    This is the you, so maddest and madly, I see deep within, the innermost entering eye; perceiving made perfect by nature of free heartstrings plucked plucking and pluck still my Stillwater Soul; flame flickers fanned up and courage can’t stay here much longer untold… This and things given; spinning mind spin in and with you right now takes a perch-given seat. Bowing and awestruck and once it was meet to be met with a steam, going and think I can forward I think I can know we can tree from Nourishment Roots; revive the mighty Holy hope.

    At times success depends on us, to let it go — the notions we compose of its precise composition. No longer where or what, but Him. Only Him.

    And you, here in this moment so to speak. Heavy rhythm. Weightless beat. Perfect, so purely perfect. I see

    And Love

    Loved this piece. Peace can speak.


    • mad man… or madman… transforming the emotion into Love… always seeking the Light… like a flower that ever turns its face toward the sunlight… only Him… only the One…
      the journey may be long… the road may be rough… yet the Blessings cease not…


  2. bert0001 says:

    Sometimes it is better to abandon hope and do something.
    How to bring an end to this ignorance up as well as down?


    • I agree… at this time, all I can do is make others aware, while continuing to withdraw my support of the beast… one thing that has changed recently is that I have become even more serious as the situation becomes more urgent… this theme (as put forth in this post & others) is almost my sole focus when speaking with others as I have now come to believe there is little else that is so important to us all… most don’t like that — oh well. 🙂


  3. the_lunatic says:

    I care so so deeply, most say too deeply, that sometimes a distraction is the only thing that keeps me alive.


    • Yeah, I get it… I have to also sometimes… it’s killing me too, in more ways than one…
      But I never stop looking, thinking, and working at pulling out — withdrawing support in any way I can… I’m to the point now that I’m even ready to give up my bike & car when it’s time (soon I think)…
      I think the biggest thing is to be aware of what’s going on and being done to us — and NOT to give in to it…
      stay awake Loon and never give up… “Illegitimi non carborundum” (don’t let the bastards wear you down)… 🙂
      love you,


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