by SprinklinThoughts

We are not a idiots
we are human beings
struggling to live a decent life
in a world controlled by indecent humans

There’s nothing wrong in falling down
even less when we’re pushed down
we may take a little break to heal
afterward we’ll get up again, yes we will

The hawk rises whether alone or with prey in its claws
if the prey is too heavy
the hawk may drop it or stop to eat it, to then rise
the hawk always rises

When we feel locked away
in dungeons of darkness and despair
remember the key cannot be gotten
only accept the one already Offered

Perhaps in this part of the realm
things look not right
but within the Realm
all is as it should be

On this level of our immediate reality
much damage is done, we are hurt
but the rotten grapes upon the vine
are soon pruned and removed

We need but to live and act in Love
remain watchful in all things
resist evil (by non-participation?)
and consider always Who succors us

I love you,