Sprinkle: Give and Take

The phrase “give and take” is actually a misnomer.
More accurately… it is “give and accept“.

To take is to possess what is not offered.

All that surrounds us, all that we are, is a gift.
We cannot take a gift, we can only accept it (or refuse).

Life is a gift… the gift is Love.



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Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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20 Responses to Sprinkle: Give and Take

  1. Miles says:

    I would comment, but everyone already said what I wanted to say. But there you go, I “commented” anyway. Can’t express how sensational this post is, truly. And to have delivered the message so clearly with such few words, bravo.


  2. optimisticgladness says:

    Simple, yet profound.


  3. Visionkeeper says:

    Truth is so refreshing, like being cleansed in a summer rain. Thanks for posting this and blessings to you…VK


  4. ZazuMove says:

    Oh, yes, I didn’t realize it! Thank you for the clear explanation, which can be transmitted also to my native language (German: geben und nehmen). Thank you for Β΄a little bit` more awareness -step by step πŸ™‚ – in my life, Katharina


  5. Yet I think on occasion, it is perfectly fitting to give, and then receive what is given back to you. Take that πŸ˜‰


  6. franuby says:

    Misnomer . . . I learn’t a new word. I learn’t a new concept. Thank you.


  7. Well that was a pleasant little read. Thanks, I accept your words. Ergh, wrong context? Oh well. Hah. Too many coffees have been ingested this morning.


  8. This is perfect and concise.


  9. amoonfull says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I never thought of it in this manner. This is truth. There is no other way to see it now.


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