A Two Day Story

Day One

If a message receive you did,
That two days more you had to live,
What would you think, what would you do?
Unless believed it was not true?

Have been told that all will be well,
Quick and painless at toll of bell;
All loose ends tied off nice and tight,
Unimagined ones? All done right.

Don’t know much of what you would do,
I’ll experiment, as if true.
To all whom I love I would say
Don’t be sad or cry, it’s God’s way.

And more than ever I would… pray,
As I proceed upon my way.
The rest I’d live as often do,
Part of the world of I love you.

Day Two

Woke up slow, as the  earth at dawn,
Feelings of sad, but joy deep down.
See conductor comin’ down the aisle,
His punch ready, he’s got a smile.

Lost in lost world, nothing to do,
Still can’t help but thinkin’ of you.
Wrote letters to family, friend.
Spoke of goodness, need not defend.

Went to see tree of inviting,
Much calm, felt serene, was no sting.
Held out my hand, to touch and feel;
Whispered thank you Lord, tree Spirit real.

Visit water, Lady so fine,
said cya, you liquid Divine;
We’ve been close, you the first to speak,
Yet know I, that we’ll still meet.

Earth so solid under my spine,
Life does grow, rock, dove, and pine.
Sweet cool breeze that blows over me,
Unseen, lifts wings for flight so free.

Then came a message from above,
Love is The Truth, The Truth is Love.
And so the two day story ends,
a day of change with no amends.

Yes, gracious Glory have I seen,
Made me whole and well, made me clean.
Freely, no fear, I, child, accept;
Stand in joy and wait for pure change.



About SprinklinThoughts

Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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3 Responses to A Two Day Story

  1. Woah. So deeply, Woah…

    I can’t get beyond woah, for now… I’ll come back when words allow


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