Sprinkle: Sister

A sister found with sight unseen,
Gift of God as if from a dream.

Boundless energy, flaring free,
She became a light to me.

In darkest hour, her light did shine,
Never going out, for it’s Divine.

Somehow knew OK she’d be,
Else why would she even be?

This sister that I have found,
Someway to her I’m bound.

Able to offer my ‘bro love,
a gift for both from above.

An open book I read,
not yet secret, but yet hid.

Know you know how I found out,
“By the Spirit!” would I shout.

Pushed o’er the edge, we were,
Flying free with pure delight.

Love her much, this I do,
Lift her chin, send smile that’s true.

Short and sweet can be my style,
But see the way with a light that’s true.

Surprise and thanks do I give,
To God above for His gift.



About SprinklinThoughts

Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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2 Responses to Sprinkle: Sister

  1. Your spirit has a niche in this poetic frame of mind. Like time somehow loses its purpose. So kind. Like stopping or pausing in presence of “why?” being answered without any words, yet still rhyme. And how can we write? All the feeling unfold, watching the motion, the tide as it rolls; most abundant. The peace of it. Magic untold. Rhythmic, your soul syncopating its way to a very frame upon which I am sold. Not stolen or take, if you will just a moment lest holy forsake… Simply placing my chips — and yes, all of them — down. It isn’t a gamble; it’s love being found.


  2. What a huge profundity of light, and love, and beauty.

    God has touched you, Mr. M. He has placed His hand upon you; what great fortune for this sister to have stumbled upon you — a vessel of His love, first and foremost — and yet a brother… A strong and mighty being, a companion and a friend; a confidant and advisor, and the kind of guy who says the simple truth with such compassion.

    Your gratitude for the connection, it seems, adds a deep element of unexpected glory. We are blessed to be a blessing, aren’t we? Wow, and a lot more wow.

    This poem is so beautiful. An undpeakable surprise to find, really. I recommend you write more often… Tender vulnerability proves a deepest well of spiritual strength.

    Boldly, you have gone into a new dimension of your being. Or so it seems. I might be dreaming, I don’t know. I haven’t had my coffee. 😉



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