Sprinkle: Sister

by SprinklinThoughts

A sister found with sight unseen,
Gift of God as if from a dream.

Boundless energy, flaring free,
She became a light to me.

In darkest hour, her light did shine,
Never going out, for it’s Divine.

Somehow knew OK she’d be,
Else why would she even be?

This sister that I have found,
Someway to her I’m bound.

Able to offer my ‘bro love,
a gift for both from above.

An open book I read,
not yet secret, but yet hid.

Know you know how I found out,
“By the Spirit!” would I shout.

Pushed o’er the edge, we were,
Flying free with pure delight.

Love her much, this I do,
Lift her chin, send smile that’s true.

Short and sweet can be my style,
But see the way with a light that’s true.

Surprise and thanks do I give,
To God above for His gift.