Love Amidst Electrons

by SprinklinThoughts

The other day I was talking with my ex (God bless her, after all that’s happened she still speaks to me) and we got to talking about the web and blogging… wondering if there is something very different there… almost alive.

Then I came home and encountered a blog (along with a re-blog) that asked the question: “Is it possible to have a legitimate crush on a fellow blogger?”

Now, I tend to be analytical (slow as a turtle, but I get there eventually) and I’ve been skirting around this question in my brain for a while now… Love amidst electrons…

We humans tend to want and need love… we want to love… we want to feel loved… not ‘be’ loved… ‘feel’ loved.

But for some reason, we have a sort of mental or emotional or even spiritual block that prevents us from loving fully… or for that matter, fully accepting love. (Well, OK, “some” of us… Fine… me, I have a hard time… OK?)


It seems to me that the web — blogging specifically — has opened up a new dimension in communication, and since communication is a big part of Love, I see a sort of new dimension there too.

Setting aside all the bullshit blogs… when we blog we share information, thoughts, feelings. When we share our personal thoughts and feelings, we open ourselves up to the reader, another person… like a flower opening its petals to the sun… This inevitably leads to the reader developing thoughts and feelings in return.

When we pour of ourselves into a post, the writing – coupled with the relative anonymity and safety of the electron – I believe allows us to be more open and direct than in any other art form or form of communication. What makes this mix even more potent is the addition of almost instantaneous personal (and personally timed) response in the form of comments and replies. These are all things that Love is made up of.

We never truly know another being, even when we live with them, so why should the fact that we know less of another (via the blog) negate the possibility of loving that person? Even if they are completely opposite of the blog post, if the post is from the heart, it is real – in and of itself… a small crack that reveals the light within.

If I read something of beauty that another soul has disclosed, why should I not see it for what it is and allow myself to appreciate that beauty and thus feel some true connection with that person? …a connection called Love.

Look, every time we practice something, we get better at it right? Is it wrong to allow oneself to feel and express the little bits of Love that we encounter? What if they reside amidst the electrons?

What if this “love amidst electrons” has come about because we need more practice?

I, for one, have found that as I allow myself to ‘feel’ for you and the more I respond to that feeling – and to you – the stronger my Love gets… because I am practicing it (in any small way I can), my Love gets stronger with each expression of it. In doing this I have discovered that my interactions with ‘living people’ have improved… I am better able to express myself and Love is better able to shine through.

Here’s an example…

A while ago (after one of those “Yes!” rides on my harley), as I was pulling into the parking lot where I live, I had to slow down and coast for bit – because about 10 feet in front of me, at eye level, was a monarch butterfly gliding along on the breeze, its wings barely moving… As I followed it for several seconds, I could see it’s antennae and for a few moments I became as one with it – both of us ‘cruising’, both of us aware of each other, both of us in the moment – as one… I could almost see the world through its eyes. It surely was an amazing thing and I was (still am) thankful. Now, here in this blog post, I am able to share this with you… and, without knowing anything about the butterfly (or me), you feel something.

But that is just the lead in to my example…

When I read, “Anywho, this is all I could muster up today. I am floating far away and need to not think so much.” in a post, I sense the beauty of the soul that wrote it… a butterfly lifting off in search of another flower… and I feel Love… to me, this is real… a fleeting glimpse perhaps, but real.

For those who may scoff (but you wouldn’t be reading this would you?) — even if I err in my perception or interpretation, what I felt I cannot, will not, deny. Feeling Love is a good thing. What we do with that is another question.

So it seems to me that this ‘love amidst electrons’ thing might be a way to help us take off the heavy winter cloaks that cover our souls… so we can, as innocent children, dance in the warm summer rain…

~~~ Organic Thought Process Disclaimer ~~~
No drug or artificial stimulation was used in the writing of this post (other than a few cups of coffee).

Love ya!