Takin’ a Breather

Normally, on this day, I’m offline (everything is shut down, can you say: Sabbath?). But today there’s something going on that I need to keep track of. Which all has led to my thinking in terms of a post…

I have this thing about people. It’s probably some combination of fear (imagine someone 2-3 times your size beating you, and it’s your father — that’ll mess up anyone’s trust factor), being “too visible”, maybe even wanting recognition… or just too much feedback… but there is one other thing: I have a need to deeply recognize them (the people)… each one…

Whatever the reason, it’s the intensity of the recognizing that makes me seek solitude. Well not just the intensity, it’s also that there are just too many people around all at once… Heck, lately I can barely handle one person a day (but don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing).

So that’s why I started blogging… I don’t need much by way of support and I can connect somehow, in what seems like a deeper place – this place of writing… and it’s worked pretty well (I think), in a way… there’s something about the speed of it all…

But that’s not why I’m writing this post.

I’m writing this post because something else has happened… stepping out of a parking lot… empty… tar… I have come upon a beautiful field.

In that field is a wonderful variety of souls… some already bearing fruit, some blooming, some blossoming, and some shoots so young that there’s still a little bit o’ earth on their tender little tops.

All that life… all that love… that field is you…

Something happens with the web… souls connect, somehow… pools form… oasis (oases?) come into being…

It’s all you…

And I wanted to acknowledge that, to acknowledge you… you all are awesome! Each one of you… now, read me write, I’m sayin this in the cool ‘bro way I mean it, but also in a much deeper, sorely needed, way too… I love you.

read me write? write?

‘Course it could just be the 3/4 palm-sized magic mushroom I ate a couple hours ago, along with the two hits of fine smoke… taken for spiritual purposes (honest)…  (there, I’m out of the closet – no turning back now – will I have to march in rainbow parades?)  😉

Really gang, straight from my heart…

Whew! That’s enough for me… think I’ll take a breather…



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Give good to the world & make sense of it... the world, not the good... well... OK, the good too. :-)
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3 Responses to Takin’ a Breather

  1. Thomas Ross says:


    Love the post- almost as much as Brandy.

    I often need to take a break from everything. Oddly, or maybe not, it’s the people I feel most connected with from whom I need at times to back away a bit, for a bit.

    Solitude is a good and necessary part of existence. And then to return to those who matter. All good.



  2. Love and light.

    And a mega-dose of purest laughter.


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