Paper Snowflakes

by SprinklinThoughts

Ever since I can remember, my most favorite place to be was sitting by a window, looking out upon creation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to wander around… but maybe it’s because I was sick as a boy… maybe it’s because in the winter it is warm, and in the summer it is shady and cool… and there is music… whatever.


When I was married, my ex (ex-“wife”, of course, God bless her) would put things in the window… plants, crystals, glass boats & ornaments, paper snowflakes.

Now these things were pretty cool in their way – I mean how can you not like paper snowflakes made by your own kids… but I could never seem to get over one (to me, really simple) thing… they blocked my view.

Now I’m OK with us humans doing things, making things, and all that. Why, I could even go so far as to be a bit proud of some of the things I’ve been able to ‘create’… but nothing I have ever done can come close to a pebble, or a blade of grass, or a thunderstorm… nothing…

well, except maybe for any act of loving… Loving, I think, is one of those next steps in our climb toward heaven – or in our evolution if you wish. When we love we become the next step – one which all of creation around us points to… a step into a different dimension.

But, back to my original point…

What each of us is searching for, the answer, the serenity, the Love, is always and ever before us — right there in front of us… but we keep hanging our paper snowflakes in the windows of our souls.

Why do you think it feels so good to get naked?
Is it because we shed all the things that are in the way — literally?
A direct connection… nothing in between.

…And yet, here we are – via a screen…
~~~Warning~~~Warning~~~Mobius Loop Condition~~~Warning~~~ 🙂