On the Election

I was not going to get into the presidential election thing, but can’t leave it alone – so here goes…

There are those who believe in the election and candidates – thinking they’re  the most important thing since the sun burst into flame. OK… All I can say about that is: if the baby is asleep, best let it stay asleep for now.

Then there are those who aren’t really happy with the candidates but feel they must choose – because voting is a duty – and so they choose between the “lesser of two evils”. Why on earth would anyone choose between two evils? Besides, since neither candidate has shown any real interest in this country or its people (their interests lie in their own ego, profits, and satisfying those who pull the puppet strings) I would think that voting for either of these guys (“the evils”) is actually voting against the people of this country.

Then there are those who just don’t care or they know that it’s not going to make much difference. But… what if all those people who don’t like either candidate (rather than not voting) went to the polls and wrote in “We the People”? Now I’m not so naive as to think that “We People” would get elected, but I do think that somebody (maybe even lots of somebodies) would sit up and notice that a good number of people are waking up. Yes, they would still put in one of the two ‘official’ candidates (this time), but they would know…

But I’m still not voting and here’s why:

We’ve been here about 200 years and I think everyone will agree that we’ve pretty much messed things up. So how about we admit we’re wrong (be honest for once), give up this voting thing, dump the government, give the land back to the Native American Indians, say “Sorry” (mean it),  and then follow their lead as to how we rebuild? They lived here for thousands of years and AFAIK never had a problem with homelessness, polluted water to drink, GMO foods, etc… so I think we could safely figure they might possibly know the way out of this mess. At least, I don’t think they could do worse than we have.

What if they gave an election and nobody came?

…just a thought


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20 Responses to On the Election

  1. optimisticgladness says:

    “We the people…love it.”


  2. Miles says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. So glad to know it’s not only me who feels this way. I felt like I was going to go crazy because people around me have been robotically obsessed with the election as if it were a trend. Young ones who don’t even have enough knowledge of the candidates much more of the government itself have been supporting the more “popular” one. And you are on point about the “lesser evil” thought. My sister and I have just been talking about that the other day. Why support something you don’t believe in? The most help you can do is not vote at all. How ridiculous that presidency especially at present is based on popularity/power/money. But then again, hasn’t it always been..


  3. Pat Cegan says:

    I do not begin to know the solution to the problem of corruption and greed, but like you, I have for years refused to “vote against,” rather than for. Check out my poem posting later tonight on the “mockery of democracy.” Love your blog, lots of food for thought here. hugs, pat


  4. Good insight. Based on the terrible comments from supporters of both parties on my twitter feed I am overly worried about tomorrow’s outcome. There wont be a winner no matter the result, I know that much. I have to say that the American political mentality is mind boggling when you are looking from the north. Still can’t wrap my head around the aversion to a more social model of health care. From my observations, there are many many people who don’t get access to the current model based on finances. And the racism is brutal. Puzzles.


    • Thank you…
      I’m not at all worried about the outcome, because it won’t really change things much. We will proceed down this nation’s ‘path’ no matter who wins.
      Puzzles, yes… but so long as the people don’t act, we will remain upon this path – which is unfortunate because of the needless pain it causes. Oh well…


  5. Visionkeeper says:

    Since childhood I have always been fond of the quote”where there is a will there is a way” and I continue to believe there will be a way out of this mess even if we can’t see it just now. Things on higher dimensions are not easily seen by most but they are there and solutions do exist. As we awaken more things will become more clear to all. Until then the only thing we can do is NOT continue to feed the beast. I will not be voting as my way of doing the Non- Comply-dance as David Icke would say. Carry on Sprinkle! Blessings…VK


  6. eM says:

    It’s mind boggling at best.


  7. I agree completely.

    Kind of like the credit card offers we receive by the dozen, daily; LITERALLY.

    At our house, each and every single one of those conglomorate offers we receive goes back in the mail with “Return to Sender: We Buy Local and Pay With Cash”

    After a year, you’d think those stupidity-nazis would take a hint, but as par for the course their ignorance reigns supreme. What a tragic waste of trees.

    Sadly, “We the People” on a voting ballot would equate to a smoother sail for the head haunchos, because the lack of participation sends only one message. And it isn’t “we are taking our country back.” It’s “keep drilling us in the a**, because we have realized we are powerless against you.

    Do I suggest choosing a lesser evil instead? No way. But I’d like to add that the only way this approach might pave a new road for ‘we the people’ is if it is simultaneously equaled with a sudden abundance of phone calls, letters, petitions, and annoying-as-hell harassment from ‘we the people’ to our council members, our congressmen & women, our state legislators, our governors, our house of representatives, and even our current presidential team, informing them of our disgust and demanding SPECIFIC change.

    You can lead a horse to water. You can tell the horse not to drink the water because it is toxic. Does it matter? A thirst demands quenching; much like a person stranded at sea inevitably caves in and consumes the salt water they know fully well will kill them.

    It’s up to that horse whether or not to drink it. Great options. Refuse drinking and die. Drink it and die.

    It’s about damn time we drain the water at its source and demand a new supply. Simply sitting back and choosing to not partake is also a form of suicide.


    • I agree… unless **lots** of people wake up and start taking real action we’ll keep getting more of the same.
      I would also like to add that in some cases, inaction is a form of action – or may indicate action in another area/way. Example: The more I stop partcipating in the stupidity and insanity, the more time I find to do what is really important.
      In this sense, not partaking of evil *may* lead to death (which would not be suicide) – whereas partaking in the *evil* will certainly lead to death. Does the certainty imply suicide?
      Hate to get all convoluted on you, but I’m honestly trying to find some way through this “valley of the shadow of death” without doing anyone great damage. I remind myself: Truth, Justice, Freedom, Respect.


    • Forgot… I used to get tons of ’em (ccc offers, catalogs, etc.), now down to a few per year… Only thing I did (around 2007) was sign up at: catalogchoice.org
      [I ***hate*** signing up for things!]


  8. nightwork says:

    Agree, but . . . if you can go through the process without the effort (we vote by mail here), and if your state has ballot measures that actually matter, then I’m all for sending that crap in.


    • Which implies you’re supporting the existing system?
      Only way I’ll get involved is if I see real people with viable ideas out there. For example, I might be inclined to vote if we had someone running for governor who would be willing to risk his/her life to really start changing things (stop corps, reprioritize, etc.) and perhaps to be the last stand of the people vs. the feds — by invoking nullification for certain items if needed and more. But that’s not going to happen – least not this time around.


  9. risinghawk says:

    Well put, I believe. I am all for returning the lands that we stole from the Native Americans, but believe that there is little that they could teach us about stewardship of the land. NOT because they don’t know, but because they never had a population large enough to have the crushing impact on the environment that we currently have. Even if we each used no more than we absolutely required, I still believe that there are now too many of us for the natural environment to sustain. And, they were still very much subject to natural selection, “survival of the fittest.” We have now practically divorced ourselves from that natural “culling” by our technological advances – which means we cannot help but over-consume. Man is like a cancer now, spreading uncontrolled, and cheating death. We are so smart that we broken the intended order of things. Having said all of that, I still believe that you are on the money. Whoever gets the Presidential nod won’t matter much – we, as individuals, will have to make the difference. Blessings always…

    Rising Hawk


  10. the_lunatic says:

    Excellently put, my friend.


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