On the Election

by SprinklinThoughts

I was not going to get into the presidential election thing, but can’t leave it alone – so here goes…

There are those who believe in the election and candidates – thinking they’re  the most important thing since the sun burst into flame. OK… All I can say about that is: if the baby is asleep, best let it stay asleep for now.

Then there are those who aren’t really happy with the candidates but feel they must choose – because voting is a duty – and so they choose between the “lesser of two evils”. Why on earth would anyone choose between two evils? Besides, since neither candidate has shown any real interest in this country or its people (their interests lie in their own ego, profits, and satisfying those who pull the puppet strings) I would think that voting for either of these guys (“the evils”) is actually voting against the people of this country.

Then there are those who just don’t care or they know that it’s not going to make much difference. But… what if all those people who don’t like either candidate (rather than not voting) went to the polls and wrote in “We the People”? Now I’m not so naive as to think that “We People” would get elected, but I do think that somebody (maybe even lots of somebodies) would sit up and notice that a good number of people are waking up. Yes, they would still put in one of the two ‘official’ candidates (this time), but they would know…

But I’m still not voting and here’s why:

We’ve been here about 200 years and I think everyone will agree that we’ve pretty much messed things up. So how about we admit we’re wrong (be honest for once), give up this voting thing, dump the government, give the land back to the Native American Indians, say “Sorry” (mean it),  and then follow their lead as to how we rebuild? They lived here for thousands of years and AFAIK never had a problem with homelessness, polluted water to drink, GMO foods, etc… so I think we could safely figure they might possibly know the way out of this mess. At least, I don’t think they could do worse than we have.

What if they gave an election and nobody came?

…just a thought