When I die…

by SprinklinThoughts

When I die, I die… all gone… 😦


Being human, and feeling that I have or am spirit (as is all around me), leads me to believe in Spirit Father.

Being thus, I can’t help but hope that I when I die, I am able to stand before Spirit Father…

…with reverence and thanks

…in faith that, because of the gift of His Son, I can stand without guilt

…hoping that I am able to (humbly yet confidently) show myself as (being) a true son

…because I lived, loved, worked, and gave as a true son should

…purely, in and with Love…
beginning with Truth, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

Then I understood there is only one way I would ever be able to stand in such a manner before Spirit Father…

That way is to live as I if I stood before Him in such a manner at all times.

But it may be that I must dissolve into the whole to become as new… as a drop of water into the ocean.

Oh that’s OK, it sounds like fun. THANK YOU!
Can I go out and play now?
It’s such a great day – fall, leaves are almost all gone, cool ‘play outside’ weather, light breeze, sun setting.