When I die…

When I die, I die… all gone… 😦


Being human, and feeling that I have or am spirit (as is all around me), leads me to believe in Spirit Father.

Being thus, I can’t help but hope that I when I die, I am able to stand before Spirit Father…

…with reverence and thanks

…in faith that, because of the gift of His Son, I can stand without guilt

…hoping that I am able to (humbly yet confidently) show myself as (being) a true son

…because I lived, loved, worked, and gave as a true son should

…purely, in and with Love…
beginning with Truth, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

Then I understood there is only one way I would ever be able to stand in such a manner before Spirit Father…

That way is to live as I if I stood before Him in such a manner at all times.

But it may be that I must dissolve into the whole to become as new… as a drop of water into the ocean.

Oh that’s OK, it sounds like fun. THANK YOU!
Can I go out and play now?
It’s such a great day – fall, leaves are almost all gone, cool ‘play outside’ weather, light breeze, sun setting.




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3 Responses to When I die…

  1. I had a similar pause today, after much unintentional yet deep, deep introspection and universe-spection and the silent hallelujahs had my spirit wearing down; I stood myself up, looked around and realized my soul needed sunshine. The weather, indeed, is a certain kind of lovely only autumn seems captures quite so perfectly.

    Such depth here; oceans deep. So much LIFE-energy in that deepest blue sea. A well so lovely to stumble upon, refreshing us all. This post is bolder, more pure somehow. And potent because of it. It seems to go one step farther, from merely ’embracing’ to the *actualization* of being. Maybe that’s part of its purity. Not just a commitment to becoming more aware of being in His presence at all times (and modifying behavior to suite the occasion), but a true, life-changing revelation of His presence as an implicit and infinite facet of your own existence; kind of like realizing neither the chicken nor the egg came first, they were once, in origin, one.

    Or maybe I just need to get some fresh air, clear the dust off these couped-up recesses in my cerebral gray matter. 🙂 Beautiful post, indeed.



  2. the_lunatic says:

    I hope the same for myself


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