Unity of Purpose

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to contribute my little bit to the betterment of this world. This has been a long, often lonely, and difficult endeavor.

But that’s OK because some of the difficulty is my own fault, as people have rightfully pointed out. It does no good to point out the wrong without looking at the flip side (offering a right way) – lacking balance. When I accepted/realized this, I backed off (but only a little) and worked on what that flip side would be.

Yet every time I shared a proposal, I encountered the “your truth / my truth” dilemma. No matter what I came up with, someone (rightfully) could or would disagree – or worse yet, point out why my version of utopia would not work.

So I went back to the drawing board…

Then, when I first got involved with Occupy Wall Street (I thought it was a great effort – but based on the group meetings) I could see it was going to be a hard go. This observation helped me to see why “we the people” generally seem to be so ineffective (at the moment) when going up against the insanity. Then it hit me…

We lack focus and unity of purpose.

The corporations, the government, the military, and others (who feed the insanity and live off it) are successful not only because they have money and power. They are successful because they have focus and that focus is on their plan or goal – unity of purpose. That focus is part of what got them the money and the power. In their world, everyone involved is part of the team & ‘chants the team mantra’.

It follows that if we are to be effective in stopping the insanity, it would really help if we were all ‘on the same page’ – if we all had the same focus or goal. The thing is though, even if we were (page = “stop the insanity”), the methods employed would be (are) different and so we would become (are) diluted and weak again…

“I’m going to work to end hunger.”
“I’m going to work stop deforestation.”
“I’m going to work to stop bullying.”
“I’m going to help fight cancer.”

So we’re back at the starting point. Unless we can all agree on a common goal or purpose, we’ll remain weak or ineffective – because we lack focus as “the people”. Separate goals mean separate efforts mean division which equals failure.

If “we the people” could achieve this kind of unified focus, we can do anything…. look what happened in WWI & WWII, what was accomplished with unity of purpose – with many different projects and different ways.

Back to the drawing board I went; this time to try to come up with something we can all agree on & agree to – a basic, unifying idea which can help to give us focus and provide a unity of purpose. Better yet, what if I could find something that we are all already agreed upon, only perhaps not aware of? Something like Peace and Love (which, deep down, everybody wants), but in more down to earth, practical terms.

For the search, I gave myself one, ironclad criteria: whatever came to mind had to transcend ALL differences, amongst ALL people.

I think (actually, I hope – because I’ve yet to see/hear feedback) I have succeeded…

With respect and some (required) deference to everyone’s freedom and individuality, I would like to offer the following as a starting point – to help us achieve true unity of purpose…

This, of course (should be obvious), all presupposes that many have not yet achieved nirvana, been saved, have awakened, or “are” Love… so something else is needed if we are to prevent the calamity approaching (as we all suspect deep down). It may already be too late for that though, so then the phrase would be: avoid the calamity. If it’s not that, then all that’s left is: survive the calamity.

I like to keep things simple, so here are four words, each of which I believe we all already agree upon – as needs, desires, possibilities, and rights.

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Respect


I do not mean this as a philosophical or even religious truth. I mean it much more as (but simply) no bullshit honesty – the raw, physical, undeniable, undefeatable truth. Like saying I did not do that when the plain and simple truth is I did do that. Obvious. Or a bit more subtle: Closing my eyes & saying I didn’t see anything wrong going on, even if I heard it. Still lying.

I once read a book (Hanta Yo – by Ruth Beebe Hill) about Native American Indians, the Dakotah. The author, a Dakotah, speaks about how lying was considered so bad that a member of the tribe could be banished, or even killed (under special tribal order) for telling a lie. As I recall, one of the reasons for this was, for example, if a man lied about where game could be found, and the tribe followed, people in the tribe could starve. (For more, read the book – it’s based on real life & I think is well written and very enlightening).

I am not necessarily advocating the death penalty for lying, but I am advocating for taking lying much more seriously… much more… a whole lot more… bazillions more.

Truth… imagine how different advertising would be… or schools… corporations… government… medicine.


I won’t even try to get into defining justice, other than to say simply: if we stop lying and start telling the truth (including even to ourselves), we’ll not have a lot of trouble determining what justice is in/for any particular situation.

I do need to add that whatever justice is defined as, it will probably fit into the area of supporting and enhancing the interaction between people, these concepts, and Love.

Here are some examples to ponder:

– it is not just that children should go hungry. Period.
– it is not just that children should be homeless.
– it is not just that children should fear for their lives.


Freedom is every being’s right. Real freedom.

The main thing that made the United States famous (and for a while great) was the fact that it was based upon the principle of Equality and the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Why was that so cool? Because every thinking being on this planet, if they’re not lying, will admit that is what they want for themselves. It is a universal desire, even amongst plants and animals. Think about that for a minute (please)… Even plants and animals desire, need, and are entitled to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness – equally with us humans.

Everyone should be free to live where and how they wish and to be free of any constraints save those which may keep them  from harming their fellow (man, woman, son, daughter, land base, etc.). The constraints should not only include those against stealing and murder, but also pollution – and probably GMO foods and spraying the atmosphere to control the weather. Why? Because, in these “modern” times we’ve seen that they are hindering or even threatening our (& others’) right to Life (remember: no lying).

So does that mean that someone has the freedom to create a corporation that can take down huge swaths of the Amazon Jungle? No.

Why? Because if the truth were known, we would see that this kind of greed for gain is “not just” in its lack of respect for nature (our land base, what sustains us) and man.


When I say respect, I am not so much concerned with showing respect as I am with having respect – because once we have it, it will show.

We need to have respect for all the world that surrounds us – as one that supports and sustains us. We need to have respect for each other as people of this world – “holy” in that we are created by the same life force, one outside of “you” and “me”, and thus are sons and daughters of this force. At the very least, when we disrespect each other, we disrespect life itself.

…If you can’t deal with four items, I’ll settle for the first two: truth and justice.

How will this all come together and make a difference?

I honestly think, believe, and feel that if we all realize (or remember) that this is what we all need and desire – have the right to – and accept these as our starting point; going on to boldly live as if we have all agreed and we do all have the right to, then the more it becomes the norm in our daily lives, the closer we will be to having unity of purpose. And if we can get that far (true unity of purpose) we can rightfully begin to resist the insanity as we become united in action – each being free as to the how.

Example? OK…

Amazon forests: The people resisting the cutting are already doing their part. They are (in their way) demanding truth, justice, respect, and freedom. The difference is that now we (everyone else) will be supporting them whenever we encounter the issue, because we will also be (in our own way) demanding truth, respect, and freedom.

Whenever we hear lies, or are unsure, we will ask for, or even (by right) demand, the truth (verbally, in writing, music, art, or in action). Whenever we see or hear of injustice we will ask for, or demand, justice (verbally, by writing, with music, art, or with action).

It is not so much what you do as the choice you make and live up to – your way.

We will not accept lies, or injustice, or non-freedom, or disrespect, any more – and the not accepting will generate an automatic accountability. (I start with saying to myself, “This is not acceptable… now what am I willing to say/do about it?”)

I mean all this not as an option, but as an obligation – to apply these as our measure of sanity. An obligation to each other, to our environment, to your own God, and to our children.

If we manage to make this a high priority obligation – to stop, look, listen, and demand truth, justice, freedom, and respect – in all that we encounter & do (however little it may be), then we will be able to accomplish more than we can dream of now.

In the same way we would all be supporting each other in resisting (each in your own way) any aspect of the insanity…

Let awareness be your first step.
Truth (honesty) will lead you to your second step.
Justice will guide your actions.
Freedom will allow you to do it your way.
Respect will help keep you on the right path.

These are facets of Peace and of Love…
They are also our rights – as well as our tools.

I know this is going to sound corny, but I can’t think of another way to say it…
Let us strive to uphold, encourage, and strengthen each other – with truth, justice, freedom, and respect… With Love.



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31 Responses to Unity of Purpose

  1. bert0001 says:

    The only unversal thing i know is compassion … it unites people by example …


    • Very interesting… but something did not sit quite right with me, not because I disagreed or that compassion should replace the four premises, but because of a sense of a piece missing which would bring these together… then I had a thought… is compassion a “how” whilst the four I spoke of are the “what” or “act”?
      What do you think?


      • bert0001 says:

        To be honest I thought you gave us a very interesting insight in your process of thinking and you proposed 4 beautiful things …
        However, justice is incorporated in truth, truth is also freedom (i’m skipping 7 steps of why here), if there is truth then respect will also be respected.

        So we are left with Truth. But nobody knows about Truth. Truth is relative depending on perspective, and absolute truth is divine so unreachable.

        Somehow, i think that love/compassion is serving Truth even if ignorant about it. So indeed, compassion/love is a how, while truth is an unknown what. Without correct truth there is no justice, no freedom and no respect, so truth is on a different level than those 3. But since we will never attain absolute truth, we are left with incorrect justice, limited freedom and incorrectly based respect. (relative freedom and relative respect are not always friends so we invented justice)
        Just do what liberates others from suffering (compassion) and what makes them (on a high level) happy (love). We have no other choice.
        We are too ignorant to do anything else.

        But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ‘combat’ anti-love and anti-compassion. A peaceful demonstration is often an act of compassion. When people demonstrated today in Dublin for less strict laws on abortion, they really did that out of compassion. That is the first drive that moved them to take part. If you look at the Irish ‘situation’ we will notice that there is no truth. A law needs always to be interpreted, otherwise, a nation is conformist and repressive. So what is respect for life in this particular case. What is justice in this particular case. Husband and wife were taken away from their freedom to live life together. So what is freedom here in this case. If the staff of the hospital had known absolute truth and consequences of acting, they would have acted otherwise, but they couldn’t possibly know absolute truth. If they would have acted out of compassion and not out of ‘what-does-the-book-say-in-this-case’ they would have saved one life.

        Passion is your inner drive, Compassion is your inner drive to serve everyone, everything and All.


        • Lots here in your answer… but I think you’ve kind of gone into a different area… In the post, “truth” was not meant as that “my/your what is” truth, but as simple (and raw) ‘honesty'”. Make sense?


          • bert0001 says:

            I think you want a practical, rational and usable approach. I think that what you propose is a good start but quite shaky. Freedom, justice, respect and honesty, all interrelated, have been the cornerstones of the American Nation and the French Revolution, both now more than 200 years ago. I think that if you really want to change the world, you’re going to have to come up with something deeper and more universal.


  2. Dana Fuhrman says:

    Obligation. Absolutely! I love this post. Agree ten fold. Too many people are looking down and not paying attention or outright avoiding doing the right thing.


  3. Gigi wanders says:

    It is interesting to note that initially it was ‘The Pursuit of Property,’ and then later was changed to ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’


    • I’m not sure about that; but wouldn’t be surprised since (AFAIK) the whole thing (revolution & document) was set up by the landowners. Initially they thought men without property should not be allowed to vote – not enough $$ experience I guess, or maybe just too dumb? It’s all about which ‘class’ you’re in.

      Thanks for the info… good reminder (for me) of just how insane it all is — I mean why should we need a document to outline our freedoms? Shouldn’t this be kind of bred into us by now?


  4. Great one!
    I still don’t think that the whole world will do this and so make world peace possible.But I’m going to do my part,starting with e-mailing this to everyone I know and trying to apply thouse four ideas in my life!
    I hope it works!
    Excelent writing and well put together!
    Thank you!:)


    • Thank you!
      It’s just my attempt at kick starting the process – with something simple – easily remembered…
      I would never expect the whole world to do it, but have great hope that enough of it may…
      If only we will remember… Truth, Justice, Freedom, Respect… repetition helps… keep it visible in our minds and our actions – always… to become a part of each of us.
      One soul at a time… take it ‘viral’.
      Oops, is my (lifetime) passion for this showing? 🙂


  5. eM says:

    You’re clear—I just look forward to the day when governments own up to the truth. I’d like a little of that plain and simple truth. It would work.


    • Well hopefully if you and I can agree to these guiding concepts… two are stronger than one… and looks like there are already more than two of us. 🙂

      I figure never mind “them” so much for the moment – mind “us”. First we (help each other) grow in purity and strength, then we’ll see what we can do to get them to join in. Each in his/her own way.
      …just a thought


  6. Fabulous post!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with what you are saying. I think our unity of purpose can be boiled down to changing the “control over” paradigm of society to a soul centered non violation one. Keep on going.


  7. risinghawk says:

    Reblogged this on The Fortress Of Potential and commented:
    Here’s the plan – a brilliant one, too. Can you commit to it and live it? I hope that you try, as will I. Blessings…


  8. risinghawk says:

    A wonderful goal! Now, the trick – seeing it happen. As you know, there is no way that we, as a group, can ever accomplish this. BUT, if every individual person made the personal commitment then, the group, by default, would become as the one. Much of this is implied, (and sometimes stated outright), in many of our founding documents – but few have read them, and of those relative few that have, many have twisted the interpretations to suit their baser natures. So, how do we get the whole world to read your post and live it? Beats me, but for my part, I am going to re-blog it on my own sight. This a great piece of work, btw. Thanks, and blessings…



    • Thank you.

      I completely agree about how this is not a ‘group’ thing, but personal. The rest will just happen – the purpose being the concepts themselves (or simply: a better life for everyone).

      Ah yes, the trick: how?… maybe go viral?


  9. Once again, You write very very well. Good job.


  10. eM says:

    Live it. Demand it. Right on. Truth, justice, freedom, and respect are a tricky business, though—just ask anyone in a position of power or even the majority (i.e., big corporate business, cultural ideologies, organized religions, political parties, etc.). Your ideals (the Fab 4 you listed) and more are shared by many, but until the many become a lot more demanding, these ideals will be interpreted through the minds and hands of greed, righteousness, etc. There are about as many truths, justices, freedoms, and respects out there as there are humans. I’ve been on this peace, love and justice wagon a long time, as have you, and it’s sometimes a lonely journey. Thanks for continuing it. Peace.


    • If I may: Hi Midge, pleased to meet you.
      Thank you for the comment(s)… and encouragement… But it seems to me that by bringing up the “many truths” concept, you may be going too deep into what I meant by truth… perhaps I was not clear enough. By truth, I mean telling the truth – being honest… the kind of truth or honesty that even young children can describe (using different words) as ‘not telling lies’. Probably not even ‘white lies’.

      In order to help me understand what I may be missing here, would you please consider providing an example where we would disagree on what (telling) the truth is? Or one which clearly supports ‘many truths’? I’d appreciate it. Really. I think it’s that important (at least to me).
      Thank you,


      • eM says:

        Pleased to meet you as well, M.
        Yes, I see what you mean by truth, as in factual truths, the plain and simple truths. You were very clear, and you’re not missing anything, but I do see and read about how humans distort the plain and simple truth to suit themselves, their political agendas, religions, businesses, etc. For example, justice, at least in the US is very unclear. For example, a politician (with or without the consent of Congress [we the people]) can kill citizens of another nations as well as American citizens under certain conditions/provisions, and that politician will not be considered a criminal, even though his or her actions may be very similar to those of war criminals of the past. So, depending upon what nation that politician represents, justice is not always plain and simple. People make up their versions of these ideals to suit their needs, their wants. Does that make sense?


        • Yes your example does make sense.

          But first I’d like to point out that we’ve already moved from Truth – which was IMO a ‘problem’ in your previous comment. I say this only to show how easy the process can be if we work at keeping it pure. We weren’t there (agreed) and now we are. Just like that.

          US justice: yes, at present it is not clear, but I think if we apply the truth that we’ve just worked through to this case we will easily see that what this example consists of is murder (or poorly legitamized killing) based on some (probably gross) lies. For example “We need to defend our interests” really means we need to defend corporate profits and gain more resources – both of which fail the Justice, Freedom, and Respect tests. Also, those “provisions” being used as permission are probably based on lies too.

          See? If you think I’m at all off base, or still unclear, please say so.


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