A Question of Insanity

How do you justify this?



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22 Responses to A Question of Insanity

  1. Jura Nanuk says:

    “Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world, when He could do something about it…but I’m afraid He may ask me the same question.” – Anonymous


  2. optimisticgladness says:

    Oh my word. That first picture made my mouth drop open. That makes me so sad! Powerful!


  3. Denise Hisey says:

    The discrepancies in your photos are hard to wrap our minds around. For some, perhaps it’s just too overwhelming, so then easier to over-intellectualize it. Finding solutions is hard work, and as you so eloquently put it, there is little room for humor around something so painful and unnecessary.


    • Thank you Denise! I was really hoping that someone would notice (if not benefit from) the exchange (which, I have to say, took a bit of extra effort).
      yes, it really can be overwhelming – but that was the point and that is what we need to face and get beyond… then we might have a chance…


  4. bert0001 says:

    The reply button to your reply is not present … so i’ll try here.

    >> Petitions work – as long as they are little & unimportant to the powers that be.

    The thing is that most don’t go any further than those petitions. If you want to use the system from within, you will need to lobby, just like them. And then hope that you don’t get corrupted in the process. You will need something like an ‘awakened’ leader to go further than petitions.

    Another aspect is that the general public will only go as far as mediocrity. The Swiss system gives all the power to the people, and this leads to apathy in state. They do not see further than their nose, unfortunately.

    The superpowers do indeed divide and acquire resources as you said. But somehow, this is limited. Petrol will one day run out, and diamonds are already produced in Germany in such a way that they cannot be seperated from the stuff that comes out of the earth. The economy always has to develop new markets, since it is based on ‘ eternal growth’ which does not exist. So while North American and European middle classes is leveling downwards, India is leveling up. Until there is no more market left.

    The roman empire has also disappeared from earth. Superpowers also fall and new ones rise. Why don’t you become a leader of a superpower, and change the sails? Aim high enough. Thoughts are limitless.

    If i look at the world where i was born 45 years ago, and compare it to this world, i see many improvements. Whether this will continue to improve, i have no idea. I just noticed that the internet was given to us and the whole world by DARPA, a divsion from the US Army. This is a stunning fact. Same is true for GPS. Maybe one day, DARPA will develop free energy for everyone, since no commercial business on earth would be interested developing it.

    So yes, we are in for great and interesting times, and maybe you or i can play a role in pacifying the world.


    • “Why don’t you become a leader of a superpower, and change the sails?”
      I think you’re missing the point here… the superpowers are the problem… the thinking that creates “power” & then “super power” is… well… only word I can think of is: sick… this is the ‘dark side of the force’ in full dress uniform.
      If I look at the world where I was born 61 years ago and compare it to his world, I see a remorseless progression down the path of control, power, profit, and ultimately death. Yes, they gave us the internet and GPS… yippee… nice distractions…. they also gave us cancer, DDT, poisoned air water & earth, nuclear bombs, depleted uranium ordnance, a budget that spends more on killing than everything else combined, and a whole lot more…
      (Sorry if I’m being critical or impolite here, but) perhaps you’d like to try the red pill?


      • bert0001 says:

        ok, i’ll try the red pill … do they come strawberry flavor?


        • I am taking that to be a serious reply…
          Check out the Suggested Reading & Suggested Viewing pages… start with Endgame – Derrick Jensen items… but any other will also serve if you are willing.


          • bert0001 says:

            i do not believe in revolutions the way Derrick Jensen wants them. The biaffran war x 500 / ethiopia 1984 x 1000 – don’t want that to happen.
            I believe in simple evolution like ‘Aung Suu Kyi’, ‘Vaclav Havel’ or something like Linux.
            Dismantelling civilisation according to Jensen might not cost many lives, but i think the contrary. Just a matter of opinion, and respecting yours.


            • You are certainly entitled to your beliefs & opinions – which I (must & do) respect… I too do not wish to see any more pain happen… but you know what? we’re seeing it now and it is getting (& will get) worse…
              Thus I find little room for humor regarding our current plight and virtually no tolerance for any sort of BS in that area… just sayin’


  5. bert0001 says:

    well, i don’t,

    but then you show pictures of innocent children taken mostly during several different crazy wars and as such, you cannot expect an objective discussion on how to solve these problems. Doing this, you are not better than most dictators, abusing whatever feelings of the people listening and watching their dramatic adverts. (I’m trying to be critical in a somehow positive way – but what i say does not sound polite, I’m sorry not finding a better way to express myself)

    We are all part of the societies we call insane, so let’s do something about it and take part in the public democratic discussion we call politics. Those on the sideline, will get what they deserve from feeling being above politics.


    • You don’t – which is a good thing, but you may be surprised by how many people might answer with something like “I don’t have to, because I’m ‘entitled’ to enjoy my life”… and yes, I have actually heard that – more than once.
      Your point is a valid one… but I think you misinterpret my intent – which is/was only to bring up the fact that there is a real discrepancy between what we say or think and what we do (outside of politics – as individuals)… Politics could be the answer – but only when enough individuals wake up… for now politics (the group) is part of the problem & not part of the solution… in this respect, you might say that the post is meant as a wake up call.
      As to when the pics were taken, I think it matters not – since the problem still exists… actually in some ways these are mild depictions of only one aspect of the (bigger) problem, but I won’t get into that here.
      Your expressing yourself is fine – great actually, because at least you are looking, thinking, engaging… critical is good, so long as it is honest… so keep the comments coming, please…
      …and thank you!


      • bert0001 says:

        Policies start with an idea towards a solution. An idea can be brought forward by one woman. Read by many, and amended to make something solid. Then you can make petitions like avaaz is doing, and with the arguments of a solid idea and a million signatures,
        a ‘lobby’ can indoctrinate those on a powerchair in a parliament. πŸ™‚

        In this todays world, the superpowers hold strongly to the integrity of a state and non-intervention like in Syria (unless all of them want it like in Lybia)
        So in the short term, we (start with you and i) have to tackle all crises as individual problems and bring solutions forward in all states involved.

        In the long term we have to find a way to make a global forum that is not limited to states at the highest rung only. Inernational law will have to be adapted to our new global village. There is more than one problem here.

        But right now the biggest problem is “Why should i leave my arm chair and do something, since i’m very lazy and afraid to stick my head out”



        • Well, yes and no… Petitions work – as long as they are little & unimportant to the powers that be. Think not? Then why is it that with all the info & petitions out there things still continue to deteriorate (and at an increasing pace)? I do not believe that any of the major issues can be addressed this way – not without massive rioting (which BTW is what they are preparing for). Using your example (in today’s world) of Libya & Syria – the superpowers are doing what they want & do not give a rat’s ass about the people… it’s all about resources & profits (power). Thus, IMO there will be no true (and right) global forum until the current system is dismantled (clean house).
          But I do agree that real action begins with the individual… some people sign petitions… some people write petitions… some protest & hold signs… some get others to think & then they write petitions… my “way” is to open eyes, get people to stop, look, and listen… de-condition.


  6. Cintana says:

    πŸ™‚ how to spread the wealth to the needful ? a question that until today is still rremain a question…if it is answered…we won’t have this situation.


    • Yes… I had a conversation (around these issues) with a friend over the weekend and he asked what I would do to resolve the problem(s) if I were God for an hour – all powerful, etc.
      While I was thinking about that, he said, “I would only need about 30 seconds.” So of course I asked him to explain. He said, “I would put it into everyone’s mind & understanding that they (we) are all (and want to be) equal.”
      Which includes what it means to be equal, how to be equal, etc – in every way, especially regarding basic necessities. In this way, for example, I could not accumulate more money or food than another because then we would not be equal – and I would not want to be unequal or to create inequality.
      I thought that was pretty good.


      • bert0001 says:

        Its a good idea, but limited in scope. We shold all be born with equal rights, but it is obvious that nobody is born equal, hence we would all be clones living in one body. This is an example of what i mean by an amendment: Taking a good idea to the drawing table and investigating its validity from every angle, and in most cases also willing to dismiss it if it is not realizable.

        (Of course, if you take your vantage point somewhere around the star Deneb, (maybe god lives there – πŸ™‚ ) it is indeed the same spot for everyone.)


        • Limited in scope? I would think just the opposite – if you look at it as an idea that points to an ideal with unlimited potential… In this case, to me, it is not about bringing about the reality so much as pointing out other ways of looking at things and just how far we could go (or how far off we are)… It may not be attainable in total, but any (even slight) shift in that direction is good… IMO, to dismiss something like this is an error…
          Of course, if one’s real interest lies in somehow preserving one’s current lifestyle (rather than looking at & changing what needs to be changed), then any current (often ineffective) idea (or way, method, etc.) will serve nicely. πŸ™‚


  7. omg if one of us is hurting we all are affected and none of are free.


    • Yes… none are free – even if they try to mask it with (whatever)…

      Someone once said (wish I could find who) that the human race can only progress as fast as its slowest member… we could change slowest to ‘most hurting’ or ‘worst off’ or ‘poorest’ or ‘sickest’…
      …just a thought & thank you for reading & commenting.


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