US – 80% Christian?

Originally, the bulk of this post was written as a comment to Brandy Desiree Collins post of 09/05/12:
If you tend to get your panties in a wad easily, please do not read this.

But I kept thinking about it and am prompted to share it with a wider audience.

First some stats:

– Roughly 75-80% of Americans identify themselves as “Christian”
– So far, the “War on Terror” has resulted in at least 227,000 deaths.
– The US is #2 in the ‘rich nations’ of the world with the highest percentage of children living below the poverty line – 21.9%.
– The US is #1 in the world for the people in prison – 2.2 million (next was China with about 1.5 million).
– The US is #1 in the world for its incarceration rate – 748 per 100,000 (next was Russia at 584 per 100,000)
– The US is #1 in the world for “defense spending” – $695 billion – about the same as the entire rest of the world together.
– One out of 45 — or about 1.6 million—American children are homeless each year.
– The US is near the top of the world for the number of overall rapes as well as the rate (#/population).
– Americans make up only 5% of the world’s population and yet consume 20% of its energy.

What’s wrong with this picture?

In short, we are among the most Christian (and supposedly free-est?) of nations… but we are also among the most violent, greedy, polluting, non-altruistic, nations on earth – and the deadliest.
Yeah… A real empire… A Christian empire – led by professed Christians – totally ‘of & conformed to this world’.

How is this possible?
“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (Revelation 12:9)

The whole world is deceived…
We Christians are part of the whole world aren’t we?

Are there any other options?
Is there any other, better, way to be?
Surely a more “positive” or “Christian” option can be found…

Suppose, just suppose, 80% of the adults in this country (the Christians) decided that instead of killing people all over the world, we would declare a different ‘war’ – oh, say one on hunger… All available resources – including all military personnel, equipment, & $$$ – would be dedicated to this single, top priority task (say, on a “Manhattan Project” level). What do you think would happen?

Or maybe, if that’s too ambitious, we could just decide to feed all the children of the world?

Still too ambitious? How about we just feed all the children in this country? Top priority, no bullshit. What then?

Still not good enough?
How about we just work toward (or allow) taking God out of everything – try to remove Him from our lives entirely.
Boy, now there is a really enlightened, politically correct move.
No God, less guilt – right?

If you are a Christian, here are a couple of reminders…

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

– Jesus said, “Love one another” and “turn the other cheek”.
– But He also got pretty upset at the money lenders in the temple, didn’t he?
– What’s He going to say to each of us when He returns?
– What does the Bible say about living with evil?

“You shall not have any other gods before Me.” (Exodus) 20:3

– as ‘in front of Me’ in a line – “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, says the Lord, the One who is, and who was, and who is coming, the Almighty.” (Revelation 1:8)
– as ‘place before me’ – “…and they shall not appear before Me empty. ” (Exodus 23:15)
– as in ‘preceding Me’ – “All who came before Me are thieves and plunderers, but the sheep did not hear them.” (John 10:8)

Where are you in line?
What are you placing before the Lord?
Who comes first in your life, beliefs, and activities?

…just a thought



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18 Responses to US – 80% Christian?

  1. Denise Hisey says:

    Unfortunately, it seems to be a ‘human condition’ rather than a religious one. (although religion gets involved somehow, usually out of context) We are a selfish bunch, including Christians.
    I applaud your effort to wake us all up and get us moving towards a solution!


    • Thank you. Yes, it is a human condition but I put the religion piece in there because I know too many religious folk that are… well let’s just say a bit (maybe even self- righteously?) ignorant of the fact that they are part of the problem while thinking themselves to be “saved” (really? I wonder) as if that is all that matters…


      • Denise Hisey says:

        (little sigh) ah yes…I do understand what you are saying. It is so true! We can use religion to hide behind, thinking (or pretending) we are doing so much while we are actually contributing to the problems.

        I went to see the band “The Wrecking” who is travelling with “Not For Sale” this week. They are fervently involved in ridding the planet of human trafficking. Now there’s someone who is taking their faith and putting into action! You are doing your part as well, promoting awareness -which is definitely the first step. (now, what can you do about denial? 😉 )


        • Good one! Well… you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink – right? Well eventually – no matter what happens – that horse is going to get hit with a powerful thirst… least I showed him where the water was… if he wandered too far & dies of thirst – well I can’t do anything about that, can I? (unless I have a canteen maybe) 🙂


  2. This post has really got the wheels of my brain turning!


    • Thank you, means I was successful.
      And I trust that (wheels turning) is a good thing. 🙂


      • Pretty much, although I try to avoid religion and politics on my site, it seems to limit the discussions and readership as I enjoy speaking with people from the UK, Russia, Cambodia, Gib, England, Scotland, Argentina etc.

        They often do not know of American politics or some religious topics, so try to broaden discussions by not posting on such things (try not to unless have an opinion on some crazy cult).



  3. True!
    The only problem here( and the birrest one) is how are you going to colect ALL those people to do ONE thing?


    • Not sure, but I think it starts with an individual awakening (as a lot of those ‘meditate’ & ‘inner peace’ people say)… then the trick is to add action to the awakening.
      Besides, doing the ONE thing is awakening or choosing the right path, not everybody doing the same thing. I thnk it is more about a common & right(eous) set of priorities – then each one does somethng different… a simple (but not so good) example: I point in a direction, you ask questions, others agree and motivate their peers, others pack boxes of food, others deliver those boxes…


  4. This is something I’ve often wondered. The whole world, not just America, is too greedy and self-centered. The statistic “The US is #2 in the ‘rich nations’ of the world with the highest percentage of children living below the poverty line – 21.9%.” is terrible, on the surface America represents freedom but how can these children (and their parents) be truly free whilst living in such poverty.
    America is a ‘beautiful disastor’ – beautiful on the outside but when you look closer it’s hiding a multitude on sins, destroying it’s own core. I wonder how long it’ll take until the rotton core spreads throughout and infects the unblemished skin?


    • “beautiful disaster” is a great way to put it.
      How long? I think we’re seeing it already, but they (or even we) keep trying to apply makeup to hide it.
      Think about it — don’t you have that feeling that deep down inside almost everybody knows something is not right – and whatever that something is, (again, deep down, we all feel) it is about to come to some sort of head? For many this is subconcious, for some conscious, and then there are those who are painfully aware.
      …just a thought


  5. I appreciate your candor of real issues that are in absolute opposition of not only Christian doctrine, but most religious doctrines! You are right – it is time that we start treating each other humanely and if that means taking a non-religious way, then so be it! Lovingkindness, compassion, and empathy are in my eyes very spiritual indeed! I believe that if Yeshua (Jesus) were to walk into any church today, he would not be recognized, nor would he recognize the things being done supposedly in his name. Blessings! Rev. Ma.


    • Thank you – I always did like candor.
      I think that – because we have freedom of religion (a good thing) – we are required to find another way of living together (instead of dying together, as is the situation).
      I think if Yeshua were to arrive today, not only would he be unrecognized but people would try to kill him. I also think he’s going to be kind of angry & in a ‘cleanup’ frame of mind… Least that’s how I understand it…
      But (one big reason for this blog is that) I struggle with the whole “forgive them for they know not what they do” thing. As I’ve worked on this, it is becoming apparent to me that perhaps (perhaps, I say) we’ve misinterpreted… that what is meant is – if it is me who has been wronged, then forgive (seventy times seven); but if it is someone else being wronged , then apply justice (or purge the evil)… I mean… How else do we (would you) deal with the following examples: what do you do if someone comes in to rape your daughter? Or, what do you do when someone knowingly is poisoning your son? Somehow I cannot bring myself to the point of sit down, take a breath, do yoga, forgive them, and wait for God. I may be wrong here, but somehow I think we have to find a way to face and fight the abuse… There has to be a way… For now, mine is this blog & the same with any interaction I have with others… wake up people!
      Anyway… thank you for the comments and (more importantly) for thinking and paying attention. 🙂


      • I’m in a state of rapture every time I read your words. Candid, bold, honest, unabashedly sincere.

        What multiplies power by power when you share your perspective is that you do so with a legitimate desire to grow, to evolve your thoughts, to consolidate your truths into a greater whole that stands firmly on experience of seeing things from more than one point of view. In this regard, the most potent opinions are those which welcome oppositional others. Man. I love that. We could all learn a lot from such a humbled approach.

        I agree with you completely. The distinction I would add here is that Christ already paid the ultimate sacrifice for justice being served. This is not a pleasant truth to embrace when you look at it as a victim of evil.

        Can I confidently say that if my children were kidnapped and tortured I would ask for the predator’s leniency in sentencing? No. I am human and much like anyone else, I abhor evil and desire justice. Especially if it happened to me or my loved ones.

        But that’s not, in fact, Christian. The Old Testament is full of great examples of justice. Eye for an eye made sense. But when Jesus gave His life and said, “IT IS FINISHED,” I believe He meant it. I believe there is no one too lost, no one too broken, for the grace of God to reach them and redeem them.

        Is that fair? I’m sure many victims will say most certainly not. But I have been a victim, and in my own ways I have also been a perpetrator. Maybe it goes against the laws of reason to suggest that all sin is equal, and equally forgiven. But unconditional love defies logic and reason, and by that very same reason NONE of us would ever ‘deserve’ redemption.

        I think that’s the problem, at its core. We fail to see things through the heart of Christ, and therefore we fail to understand how simpke it all is. We are called to love the unloveable, forgive the unforgiveable, to sacrifice our very lives for the better good of others.

        Love is not a feel-good present we open up on our birthday. It is an insurmountable task we must apply ourselves to daily, hourly, constantly, ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t feel good. Especially when it feels impossible. Because those are the only moments when love really changes anything.

        Which takes me back to the original comment. You’re absolutely right… Our ‘Christian’ majority are deceived and deceiving, blindly leading the blind to an emptier notion of emptiness every day.

        Why do we waste so much money on things that only strengthen the problems? Why don’t we start feeding the hungry?

        Because even if the ones who truly cared joined forces and tried to put the resources in the right place, the corporate conglomerate ruling our country (ie our government) has too firm ‘a grip on where exactly the money is allowed to go and how much exactly is left over after the iron fist is done counting it.

        Sorry for hijacking your thread 😉


        • Not hijacking… legitimate participation… and great comment.
          Two things…
          1) I get all that about Jesus (or Yeshua), forgiveness & love… but I have to admit that I have a VERY hard time “loving” someone that is harming others… for me there is something not right there – it’s like saying “Well, I love you and God loves you,” while stepping out of the way to let the other kill, maim, rape, pillage, etc. No, something off plumb there. Trouble is I can’t understand or express it quite yet… Which leads to:
          2) How do we loosen the grip of the military/industrial rule? De we “love” them and throw flowers at them? Do we “shun” them? Or do we… what?

          — Some of the answer lies in ‘love the person, but hate the evil they do.”


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