A Sudden Change of Plan

“Things are not always the way they seem.”

“Really? So how did all this really happen dad? Tell me the real story.”

“Well son, about two years ago, it was just after your birthday, we were watching a movie on TV when, out of the blue, we got that beep. You know that ‘This is an Emergency Broadcasting System Alert’ beep…”

Attention… Attention… Attention please.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for an important Emergency Broadcasting System Alert.

This is not a test. We repeat, this is not a test.

Stay tuned for an emergency announcement from the President.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now present to you the President of the United States of America.

My fellow Americans, good evening.

As you know, ever since 9/11 we’ve been fighting a hidden enemy that has sworn to disrupt this great nation, to kill its citizens, and to wreak havoc at any and every opportunity in an ongoing war of terrorism. So far, we have been successful in preventing any new major attacks. We have been vigilant. We have been kept safe.

For several months now, the people dedicated to keeping this country and its citizens safe from harm – members of the CIA, the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and other Federal Agencies – have been monitoring what we call “chatter” in various areas of the world. Wherever and whenever possible, we have not only monitored but verified the validity of the information at hand. In the past several months this chatter has turned ominous.

It is with the knowledge of a clear and present danger that I stand before you today. It is my duty to inform you that we now have indisputable evidence of a planned large-scale, nationwide, multi-cell terrorist action involving many separate attacks, hundreds, all coordinated to occur within the next 72 hours.

As you may have seen on the news, in the past few days there have been a number of events that have resulted in widespread damage and injury to our fellow citizens.

– In Louisiana, the accident that sent a car into a large gas station causing an explosion which killed or injured 53 people.
– In California, the explosion which shut down the refinery and killed or injured 38 people.
– in Iowa, where a grain elevator exploded and fell over, killing 15 hard-working farmers with wives and children.
– in Rhode Island, where a roller coaster ran off its rails, killing all 108 people aboard and wounding an additional 27.

My fellow Americans, only earlier today were we able to acquire incontrovertible evidence that these were not accidents. Various members of this country’s intelligence agencies have discovered and shown, proven, that various terrorist organizations around the world have joined together with each other and with certain drug cartels to wage a “new offensive” or jihad against the citizens of this country. Members of this new terrorist coalition include Al-Qa’ida, Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the Zeta Drug Cartel, and various other drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia.

According to what we have learned, this coalition has awakened “sleeper agents” placed here years ago and has inserted new guerrilla insurgents – all of whom will execute a planned operation that includes hundreds of targets across all the lower 48 states – as I have said sometime within the next 72 hours. The examples I have cited were not just accidents. These were pre-planned terrorist actions that went wrong during the pre-execution staging. They were also the final evidence and proof that we needed.

We do not know exactly when they will strike.
We do not know exactly where they will strike.
But we do know that they will be targeting airports, dams, malls, amusement parks, beaches, or refineries, energy facilities, fuel depots, and others.
Any place that Americans gather with their families or any facility that will have a heavily disruptive effect on this country is a potential target.

We have never faced such a wide-spread, potentially devastating, and deadly threat.

Because of this highly unusual situation – a massive, coordinated, terrorist initiative on our soil – I have ordered that the Department of Homeland Security raise the threat level from yellow to red, the highest possible alert, effective immediately.

I urge all Americans to take this dangerous development with the utmost seriousness and to practice the utmost caution.

Never before, in our entire history, has America been faced such a coordinated and vicious planned attack upon our soil and our citizens. Even 9/11 pales by comparison.

We must do whatever it takes to stop this threat, to find each and every one of these animals and bring them to justice, to protect our loved ones.

It is with this extreme danger in mind that I have consulted with members of Congress and the Department of Justice and the Military to seek their advice and approval in the strategy as I shall lay out before you now.

Let me be clear: such an unprecedented threat calls for an unprecedented response.
Such an unprecedented danger calls for an unprecedented defense.
No, let us not be defensive, let us go on the offensive.
Let us root out this evil by using every means and tool at our command.

So it is with a solemn and grave sense of duty and protection that, as your President, I am herby declaring a National State of Emergency and in order to protect this country and its citizens from the extreme impending danger, by the powers vested in me as President of the United States, I must hereby declare Martial Law in these United States, effective immediately.

All personnel in any branch of the Armed Forces, National Guard, State and Local Police are hereby called to active duty and are to report to your commanders immediately.

Pursuant to the various Executive orders signed in past years, among them 10995, 10998, 11001, 13295, as well as others that may be relevant, I am issuing the following directives – effective as of now:

– Command of all evacuations if needed, logistical plans, and civilian law enforcement & military personnel will fall under The Secretary of Homeland Security
– All non-critical business and industry will shut down immediately and remain shuttered until this emergency is over. Local law enforcement personnel will drop by to inform you of the status of your operation, whether it is considered vital and whether it will be allowed to remain open or not.
– All other non-essential personnel and civilians are to stay in your homes. A full 24 hour curfew is now in effect and will remain in effect until further notice. Anyone caught traveling without an official escort will be arrested and detained until this emergency has passed.
– If you must go out for some vital reason, for an emergency, or because of a national security issue, call your local police department to request an escort. Be aware that, because of the need to deploy personnel in appropriate areas, most requests may be denied.
– Ambulances, fire suppression personnel and equipment will be escorted and allowed to respond to emergencies.
– All civilians engaged in non-critical activities, currently traveling to or from work, or who are at a place of work that will be closing have 1 hour to return to their homes. If you cannot get to your principal domicile within this time, you must make other accommodations.
– All medical facilities, essential production facilities, food distribution centers, and other essential businesses are hereby placed under the command of the Department of Homeland Security, members of which will be contacting you shortly with further information as to what you can do to help during this emergency.
– Let me be clear about one important thing which I am certain is in all of our minds – we will do everything we can to keep vital necessities flowing. Food, electricity, and heating fuels will be distributed to each neighborhood, home, or family as needed. Other “non-essential for personal use” items, such as gasoline, will be dispensed by official personnel to those with proper authorization.

My fellow Americans, let me remind you that we must all pull together in this time of grave peril.

In order to root out the terrorists that have infested this country, the military, in conjunction with state and local police personnel will be conducting door-to-door search and seizure operations as we search for and decommission these killers in our midst and confiscate their weapons of destruction.

Some of these people may be your neighbors, but their good will has been a clever deception. Make no mistake, these people are armed, highly dangerous, and mean harm to you or your loved ones.

I ask that you please remain calm, stay in your homes, and let the professionals – who are trained to handle these dangerous and criminal elements – do their jobs.

I must also remind you that any looters, vigilantes, or those who would endanger official personnel in any way will be detained or disabled, using deadly force if necessary, as deemed appropriate in each situation by the military officers on duty.

I ask each and every one of you to please remain calm during this turbulent and dangerous time.

I am certain that I can count on all the good citizens of this country to cooperate fully and do all that is asked of them to help defend this great nation from this unprecedented, grave, and immediate threat against our people and our founding freedoms.

We will keep you informed of any important new developments as soon as they develop.

Thank you, and God bless America.

“And that was it. Short, simple, and not at all sweet. Of course, the media jumped all over it because it was real ‘breaking’ news – sold a lot of commercials, newspapers, and such. And of course, most Americans didn’t know that, except for maybe the accidents (which were either real accidents or staged ‘ops’ events), the whole thing was a lie. They swallowed it hook, line, & sinker.”

“Now hold on a minute dad. How do you know it was a lie? No bull now, how do you know? No conspiracy stuff here OK?”

“Well son, I was getting to that. You see I know it was a lie because I wrote that speech.”

“What the f!…”

“Hold on now, before you explode or laugh or whatever, just hear me out for a minute. You see, about 8 or 9 months before it all went down, I had this strange idea for a short story. It seemed worthwhile enough, so I wrote it up and posted it on my blog. The story was almost exactly what happened, just as if they had used my post as a script – or maybe I just read somebody’s mind somehow. I’m not sure there. ‘Course the post seems to have disappeared now, but I do have a copy on my computer, and a hard copy tucked away someplace safe.”

“But how did they pull it off? I mean how did they convince all the people that it was real so we didn’t revolt? What about all those armed survivalists and militants?”

“Well, I think that, looking back on it – hindsight and all that – it was actually pretty easy. First of all, some months before, the media started publishing all kinds of scare stories… This kid went bonkers and shot up a bunch of people in a theatre… that guy went nuts and shot up a mosque… then somebody planted gas bombs in a mall… they kept at it, all the time adding stories about terrorists and discovering new cells or new plots, foiled plots, etc… then “the accidents” happened… boy they went nuts over those… you would have thought there was nothing else happening in the whole rest of the world.”

“OK, but how did they make the people go along – not fight? You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean… Well, the first thing was to do what they call ‘establish credibility’, right? Well the media did that – more than well enough to convince people something big and dangerous was up. Then, they got real smart. The troops they deployed were always sent to another city or state – so they never knew the people they were dealing with, never had to face family or friends.

They started deploying the troops even before the speech, so by the time he was done they already had most of the important areas of the country essentially locked down.

They already had lists of all the legal gun owners so they just went from one house to the next, knocked on the door – or broke it in – confiscated the weapons and told the owner that if he complained or said anything they’d be back to arrest him & he would disappear as a known terrorist – until the emergency was over.

They also shot more than a few people when they dared resist. And of course that was all heavily reported on by the media – always stressing that anyone of the “resistors” were terrorists who refused to be taken alive. We all (or most of us, or enough of us) believed it and there was too much confusion to argue.

They didn’t do it all in one place at one time. They moved around from block to block or neighborhood to neighborhood so that we didn’t have time to talk and compare notes. Real slick these guys. Nobody ever really thought or believed that they could be that devious and keep it hidden. Nobody ever really believed it could happen. Well some did I guess, but not enough.

And of course they had the internet shut down – nothing official, just what they called technical difficulties, “overload of the system” they said.

It all happened within a few days. Maybe three or four at most before they had the majority of the work done. Anybody left after that was either too far out to matter, or became part of the mop-up operation.

By the time the people realized that the ‘terrorist actions’ and most of the official warrants and accusations were bullshit, it was all over.

Remember, they had everybody shut up indoors, the internet was down, all the media was theirs, nobody could go anywhere without an official escort, they controlled the food & fuel… the private ‘ops’ guys were all over the place along with the military, and police… all that and more.

When you really think about it, it was all so smooth, so tight, and fast that we never really had a chance.”

“But couldn’t you have said something, anything?”

“Well, yes… perhaps… but there was an awful lot happening all at once – and fast too. Who would have heard or listened? Besides, about 2 minutes after the President dropped his little bomb on TV, four guys in dark suits, wearing those little earphones with the coiled wires going down into a pocket, knocked on our door. There were two more at the back door, but I didn’t see them at first. When I answered the door, they introduced themselves as Homeland Security and basically, but very politely, told me to keep my mouth shut or I or anyone in this family or all of us would disappear – “snap” just like that. Now seeing as what happened after that, and seeing as I had already done what I could to warn people before it happened, I figured my turn was up & I just ought to be quiet for a bit. Take a break, like.. Until now anyway.”



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  1. Poignant and powerful. Keep on going.


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