M’s Theory

I don’t believe there are many who would argue against the observation that our (mankind’s) current situation is dire.

Seems to me some of the fundamental causes of this are as follows:

  • a lack of unity (for mankind) – in vision, purpose, and action
  • a strong interest (on the part of most folks) in getting – rather than giving
  • following someone else (instead walking our own true path) – blind leading the blind
  • a refusal to acknowledge the existence of a Spirit Father, Intelligent Creator, or if you will, God

Seems like we’re a family – but each member is in “Not unless there’s something in it for me.” mode (to one degree or another).

This lack of unity is difficult to explain considering that the answers we all seek have always been there for us to see. If we look at (or search) the wisdom of all the ages, this should be plain to see.

Why don’t we see? Perhaps it is because we don’t want to (or just refuse to)… we’re taught not to… we think the answers are wrong… or because the answers are being purposely obscured by some opposite force.

I believe that if we all had the (real) answers (no matter how different colored they were) then it would follow that we would form a “mankind” vision – a single united (general but individual, unique, & free) vision of mankind’s purpose – and if we kept that purpose in the forefront of our thoughts and actions (kind of like a “golden rule”), we (mankind) would progress so far, so quickly, that we would soon pass the speed of light.

Here is my theory (just a suggestion)…

I think the basic ‘picture’ (below) is the same for all of us (though infinitely variable) and that this (my) brush only affects the ‘colors’. The song is the same but the tunes and voices are many.

There is (an) intelligence behind and within everything – all of the known universe and beyond.

The universe is a huge collection of manifestations of this intelligence. Each manifestation comes from the same intelligence (the same source), yet each is different… unique. Every wave is different but each is composed of the same element. Every flame is constantly changing but all are fire.

This intelligence, being intelligent (duh!), communicates with us (or tries to). Proof of this is the universe itself – each manifestation clearly speaks in some way to those who pay attention. All we need do is stop… look… listen…

One (key) thing that this intelligence tells us is that we – mankind, men, women, children – are its progeny. Spirit Father merges with Earth Mother to create us (conception). Earth Mother provides all of our needs within this physical sphere – just as a mother provides for the child in her womb. We are here to grow, to learn, and then to move on to the next stage – just as the fetus grows and then is born.  And yes, we can have fun – shouldn’t all children?

What comes after this life, I cannot say except to guess… I think & believe our goal is to be ‘born’ out of this earthly womb, as spirit beings of incredible light, intelligence, and power.

Now, although the above would seem to indicate that we humans are “above” (or superior to) the rest of our physical world (& thus, some would say free to destroy it), I would point out that in this context, our physical environment is similar to the mother within which is our “womb”. As with a mother, all the physical systems around us (those of Earth Mother) are necessary to our survival and should not be tampered with. As with a mother, these systems should be kept as clean and natural as is possible – so that the fetus/child can remain healthy. Besides, what child is “above”,  superior to, or “higher on the food chain” than the mother that carries it? 

If we accept (or agree) that we are progeny, not some accidental anomaly, and that our Spirit Father and Earth Mother both are interested in our survival and growth – same as a father and mother will do with their child – we begin to see a potential that far exceeds what we are (or have become).

If we accept (or agree) that we truly are brothers and sisters – and start to live as such – I think then we can progress to the next step… each child unique and free… together.

Just a thought…


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