Ripples of Truth

by SprinklinThoughts

   Everybody is right but everybody is wrong… because we are prone to making a basic error whenever we follow someone else – believing what someone else says, doing what someone else says – because that someone is an “expert”, is “certified”, is “educated”. It does not matter if we’re dealing with science, religion, medicine, politics, etc.

1946 – DDT was sold as the “miracle” pesticide (it was “OK”, “harmless”)
1972 – after spreading over 600,000 tons in the US alone, DDT is banned because it is a persistent, toxic, pesticide (to humans as well as animals & pests)
But… what exactly is a “pest” & why? DDT is still used in certain countries/places.

   In time, one appears who understands, lives, and shares a truth (any truth). Like ripples emanating from a stone dropped into a still pond, the simple truth gently spreads to touch others.

   Then the one disappears.  The stone sinks beneath the surface of the pond. Now where is the ‘center’? Where are the ripples? Where is the living truth? Few understood, but they won’t admit it – they went along with the crowd.

   Now they fake it, turn the living truth into their own – dogma. They deem themselves the experts – the ‘initiated ones’. All others must be taught, led – must follow. The dogma ‘helps’ to understand the way of the expert – we know better than you. The dogma machine is ‘new & improved’… the emperor has clothes. Mechanical, ‘better for you’ waves are made.

Spare the rod, spoil the child” which originates in
He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently.” –Proverbs 13:24
We’re led to believe this means beating our children into submission.
In reality, the origin (traditional & historical) of the ‘rod’ is, in essence, a ‘switch’ (branch) used to tap or touch the shoulder of an ox when pulling a load, to direct it in a particular direction. Beating was frowned upon as cruelty.

   It’s always the same. Yesterday, the person was Christ. Today the dogma is Christianity. Yesterday, the person was Hippocrates. Today the dogma is Modern Medicine. Yesterday the truth was freedom. Today the dogma is money.

   The living truth becomes obscured. Few see. Fewer understand. Yet many go on spouting the dogma, spreading the deception – making waves. The blind lead the blind. The once still pond with gentle ripples is chaotic, frothing with dogma waves.

it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” –Matthew 19:23-24
According to Jewish tradition, the eye of the needle is the name of a small emergency escape gate in the wall surrounding the city. It is so small that a camel cannot enter through it unless all its baggage is removed and it goes upon its knees. Thus the impossibility of going through the eye of a sewing needle becomes the possibility of getting there through the small gate – humbly, with no baggage, on ones knees.

   Discern the true and gentle ripples. The truth is alive. It is always the same yet ever changing – like a tree or a river. Like a boat upon the river of life, the truth shall set you free.