We are as children…

Ever notice how quickly children can switch gears? How they can be playing nice as can be then suddenly be fighting and almost as suddenly go back to playing again? How time doesn’t seem to exist for them? How a minute can fly by or be forever? How unpredictable they can be? Hold that thought.

Who are we?

Imagine a playground filled with children who’ve been left without supervision for just a couple of minutes, and in those few minutes, much has transpired.

In what, to an adult, would seem like barely a minute, the children, in what to them has been an eternity, morphed.

Some have become bullies – tormenting, blackmailing, beating, and even killing each other as well as innocent ones.

Others make up and tell all sorts of lies to scare the younger children, to keep them compliant, to aid in control & extortion.

Still others toss around trash, light fires, pollute the playground.

Most of the remaining children try to ignore the not so few bad ones, try to play nicely – exploring their surroundings, helping each other, building things, and playing together – but even many of these turned greedy, stockpiling (but not using) toys, taking for themselves (owning) & guarding parts of the playground.

A few, some shy, some battered & hurt, and some overwhelmed by what they are witnessing, withdraw and sit alone – waiting for the adults to return and restore order.

The few older children who are supposed to be watching over the others – baby-sitting, if you will – are distracted by whatever, let the other runs riot, say little if anything.

We are as these children.

What are we?

We are as children, little physical, mental, spiritual, emotional beings, growing up – learning how to use our physical as well as hidden talents.

Instead of using machines to move about, we have the capability of teleportation – we can fly as birds or angels (without machines).

Instead of disease and pain, we have the capability to heal – using our minds.

Instead of using more machines, we can move mountains with our minds.

Instead of hate we have the capacity to create love.

But first we have to learn how – and we cannot learn how as long as we concentrate on the physical world and refuse to see/explore the unseen, spiritual world around us.

Where are we bound?

We are headed (growing) into a different dimension – as when a fetus leaves its mother’s womb to be born into this world.

We are conceived by Spirit Father and Earth Mother.

Earth Mother provides all of our needs within this physical sphere – just as a mother provides for all the needs of the child in her womb.

We grow, learn, and then move on to the next stage – just as the fetus grows and when the time is right, is born.

In short, we are the progeny of something so vast (and so intelligent) that we cannot, at this time, understand it – just as a newborn has no idea of what father and mother are, except that it senses they are.

“Transfigurations” is the 73rd episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The 25th episode of the third season.
— Watch it if you can… —

Once (or if) we accept that we are progeny, not some accidental anomaly, and that our Spirit Father and Earth Mother both are interested in our health, survival, and growth – the same as a father and mother will do with their child – we begin to see our real potential, one that far exceeds what we are (or have become).

This is who we are and where we are bound.

I believe we should try to remember this as we play in the playground. I can see Mom & Dad coming… and I don’t think they’re going to be very pleased with some of what’s been going on here.

I think that if we were to remember that we are brothers and sisters and we’re supposed to act kindly toward one another, things would improve greatly – and in short time.

I think that if we don’t shape up, Dad is going to be really pissed.

Who am I?
Just one of those overwhelmed children sitting alone, watching…



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2 Responses to We are as children…

  1. LizEccentric7 says:

    This is a wonderful analogy of life. Adults do encounter the same issues as children or teens.
    This post should be on Freshly Pressed. Best post read all week. Genius – to compare our lives and thoughts to a child.


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