Buying the Lie

by SprinklinThoughts

There are essentially 4 ways that we do things:

– do right for the right reason (good)
– do wrong for the right reason (mistake)
– do right for the wrong reason (hypocrite)
– do wrong for the wrong reason (next step is out)

For too long, I did the wrong thing for the right reason.

The reason I did it was because I wanted to be a “good man”, a “contributing adult”, to support myself.

I voluntarily went out, got a driver’s license and got a job. Actually I got a job even before I got my license.

For 45 years, I sold myself (my time, my body, my mind) to the corporate machine – all the while thinking I was doing the right thing.

There were times that I knew something was not right, but I talked myself out of it – convinced myself that I “needed” to do this (to get this or that thing, or to “survive”).

It was easy in a way. Too easy.
“Just go with the flow.”
“Be part of the team.”
“Take your lumps like a man.”
“Don’t take it personal, it’s just business.”

They (those who are part of the machine) said this was the “new & improved” version of life – “guaranteed to please” – with a “limited lifetime warranty”.

They said that if I worked hard and did as I was told, I could get stuff – money, a house, food, clothes, an education – and that I would be happy.

They never mentioned taking advantage of my work without proper ‘compensation’.

They never mentioned that no matter how much I did (produced) they would always demand more – while undermining my good efforts, limiting my freedom of expression, or my freedom in general – all the while profiting at my expense.

They never mentioned that my “input” would only be accepted if it increased profits – would never be accepted if it allowed us to be more human.

They never mentioned the requisite of succumbing to a culture (“civilization”) that crushes humanity – and turns us into machines to be sacrificed on the altar of profit (in factories, offices, cities, or in our own homes).

They never mentioned that their lies corrupt lives – teaching my children to sell their souls for profit.

They never mentioned that all this “stuff” they profit from must be produced by people living in poverty – so that profits can be increased to a disgusting (no, the word is obscene) level. The lower the wage, the higher the profit & who the hell cares about the people.

They never mentioned that this whole “happy” lifestyle is toxic to our environment, is killing people – poisoning my own children.

They never mentioned that to ‘protect’ all the stuff (and their precious profits) my freedom would be taken away – to become tyranny within a (too well) armed police state.

I had a nice house on 2 acres, a wife, kids, good job, and a decent ‘middle class’ life. I was “succesful” – and it was killing me. My body was fine (or appeared to be) but my spirit was almost dead. And that’s when I realized…

I had bought the lie.

I’m not satisfied.
Where do I go for my refund?

I admit that I may have been overly trusting, naive, or just plain stupid, and it is all my own fault – no one else’s. I have only myself to blame. Really… is that really true?

But now that I’ve woken up, and whether I get a refund or not, I quit buying the lie.

I will no longer buy the garbage the pushers are selling (yes, they’re ALL ‘pushers’) – whether education, drugs, “clean energy”, ‘expert recommendations’, or whatever stuff.

I will no longer buy into their ‘system’ (“trust us, let us decide what’s best for you”).

I will stop, boycott, withdraw my support – in any way I can to the extent I am able, however small.

I will work as hard on this as I did for them – harder even, with more focus, better intent.

I will do the right thing for the right reason.

And… I will no longer stand by quietly when in the presence of any of their lies; I will speak out against any one or all of them – however small or seemingly innocuous.

Somehow, I will free myself of the neckties (leashes), watches (manacles), time clocks, credit cards, weed killers, fabric softeners, and all the other junk & bullshit  – that does not make me truly happy – that kills either my environment, my health, or my spirit, or that of others.

I will free myself of the company of anyone who believes in the lies.

I will regain my dignity, my self-respect.
I will become a free-thinking, free-speaking, free-acting, free man – a human, being.

One step at a time… but I will succeed.