Buying the Lie

There are essentially 4 ways that we do things:

– do right for the right reason (good)
– do wrong for the right reason (mistake)
– do right for the wrong reason (hypocrite)
– do wrong for the wrong reason (next step is out)

For too long, I did the wrong thing for the right reason.

The reason I did it was because I wanted to be a “good man”, a “contributing adult”, to support myself.

I voluntarily went out, got a driver’s license and got a job. Actually I got a job even before I got my license.

For 45 years, I sold myself (my time, my body, my mind) to the corporate machine – all the while thinking I was doing the right thing.

There were times that I knew something was not right, but I talked myself out of it – convinced myself that I “needed” to do this (to get this or that thing, or to “survive”).

It was easy in a way. Too easy.
“Just go with the flow.”
“Be part of the team.”
“Take your lumps like a man.”
“Don’t take it personal, it’s just business.”

They (those who are part of the machine) said this was the “new & improved” version of life – “guaranteed to please” – with a “limited lifetime warranty”.

They said that if I worked hard and did as I was told, I could get stuff – money, a house, food, clothes, an education – and that I would be happy.

They never mentioned taking advantage of my work without proper ‘compensation’.

They never mentioned that no matter how much I did (produced) they would always demand more – while undermining my good efforts, limiting my freedom of expression, or my freedom in general – all the while profiting at my expense.

They never mentioned that my “input” would only be accepted if it increased profits – would never be accepted if it allowed us to be more human.

They never mentioned the requisite of succumbing to a culture (“civilization”) that crushes humanity – and turns us into machines to be sacrificed on the altar of profit (in factories, offices, cities, or in our own homes).

They never mentioned that their lies corrupt lives – teaching my children to sell their souls for profit.

They never mentioned that all this “stuff” they profit from must be produced by people living in poverty – so that profits can be increased to a disgusting (no, the word is obscene) level. The lower the wage, the higher the profit & who the hell cares about the people.

They never mentioned that this whole “happy” lifestyle is toxic to our environment, is killing people – poisoning my own children.

They never mentioned that to ‘protect’ all the stuff (and their precious profits) my freedom would be taken away – to become tyranny within a (too well) armed police state.

I had a nice house on 2 acres, a wife, kids, good job, and a decent ‘middle class’ life. I was “succesful” – and it was killing me. My body was fine (or appeared to be) but my spirit was almost dead. And that’s when I realized…

I had bought the lie.

I’m not satisfied.
Where do I go for my refund?

I admit that I may have been overly trusting, naive, or just plain stupid, and it is all my own fault – no one else’s. I have only myself to blame. Really… is that really true?

But now that I’ve woken up, and whether I get a refund or not, I quit buying the lie.

I will no longer buy the garbage the pushers are selling (yes, they’re ALL ‘pushers’) – whether education, drugs, “clean energy”, ‘expert recommendations’, or whatever stuff.

I will no longer buy into their ‘system’ (“trust us, let us decide what’s best for you”).

I will stop, boycott, withdraw my support – in any way I can to the extent I am able, however small.

I will work as hard on this as I did for them – harder even, with more focus, better intent.

I will do the right thing for the right reason.

And… I will no longer stand by quietly when in the presence of any of their lies; I will speak out against any one or all of them – however small or seemingly innocuous.

Somehow, I will free myself of the neckties (leashes), watches (manacles), time clocks, credit cards, weed killers, fabric softeners, and all the other junk & bullshit  – that does not make me truly happy – that kills either my environment, my health, or my spirit, or that of others.

I will free myself of the company of anyone who believes in the lies.

I will regain my dignity, my self-respect.
I will become a free-thinking, free-speaking, free-acting, free man – a human, being.

One step at a time… but I will succeed.



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16 Responses to Buying the Lie

  1. bert0001 says:

    Just two thoughts I jotted down on the subject, later finding this entry

    2013-03-18: Declined a 1 day teaching job, and refused to enter my application for a 40H/week job at vdab. One has to know one’s weaknesses. In the first I don’t have the correct skills, in the 2nd case I don’t have the correct attitude to work 8-5 for an organisation anymore.
    Still is painful. I could well use the money. Past tells me money is not everything. Something will come up that fits.

    2013-03-18: We live in a strange society. Nearly everyone is asleep. They study well for 15 years and get a job for 40 more and then they are 70. In between they had some relationships and raised some kids, and that is it. When they are 70 they think about their dreams, but now it is too little money too late, too difficult with my present health. And then they die.

    … Now what is the right thing to do?


    • I hope you’re not asking me… because as you can see by this post and others — I haven’t much of a clue…
      but if I had to, I would perhaps venture this: I think if we truly really pay attention, we’ll know what to do… and it seems to me you’re doing that… next maybe double-check: right thing for right reason?…
      look, I have two kids in college, freshman & senior, and what I offer them is ‘do what you want, but I’d advise against doing something just because the money is better; question everything, don’t buy the lie; I’d recommend something artistic (as opposed to corporate) for reasons that should, by now, be obvious… seems to me: creative lives, corporate profits… keeping aware of this can make other decisions easier — to decide, not necessarily to implement or live by…


      • bert0001 says:

        Seems we are thinking the same thing, but deciding not to go for the money was painful yesterday. 🙂


        • Painful? Yeah, I’m sure… but hey, at least you had a choice… and that’s a good thing, yes?


          • bert0001 says:

            It’s good to be able to talk about it. If I would tell my wife what I refused, she would kick me out or worse. But I couldn’t work in an office environment under an ‘I-know-everything’ boss for more than 3 days a week … 🙂


            • Which I did (the wrong thing) for years because I had little mouths to feed (the right reason)… but I managed & they grew up… now I deal with ‘catching up’ on all the stuff I had to ‘submerge’… which is more than I realized at the time…
              I think if you know you can’t do it (you do), then you did the right thing for the right reason… ‘course I’ll bet the question your wife might ask is ‘so what are you going to do now?’


  2. ... says:

    Spoken like a true awakened one.. great insight.


  3. Great post! I realized the same. The world around us became an illusion and we became its consumers. Let’s do our best to walk through it with an open heart, a deeper mind and a free spirit!


  4. elroyjones says:

    Time is the only priceless commodity.


  5. Cintana says:

    some people are caught up with the fancy lifestyle that they cannot get out from the corporate lies…


    • Yes, but if these are the ones susceptible to the media and the media is the only info out there, then they don’t stand much of a chance do they?
      Hence my determination to keep the important issues out front, keep discussing, keep facing them. That’s the first step.
      Thanks for stopping by, reading & thank you for the comment. It is encouraging.


  6. The evils of the modern world. It’s a shame more people can’t come to this realisation.


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