Babes in Arms

by SprinklinThoughts

Explosions of color
followed by thunder & booms
staccato bursts of powder
pepper the sky.

Gathered crowd celebrates
each separate, melts into the whole
forms ripples
as wheat beneath the wind.

Like the grain
these spirits and energies
are ripe for harvest
by the corporate machine.

But ‘midst tumult and noise
there lies a babe
with mouth on thumb
asleep in mother’s arms.

Sound of sucking
is lost upon all
but mother feels tiny motions
as wavelets upon the shore.

Child’s peaceful calm
spirals out with energy strong
stops jaws of harvest machine
no more to bite down and devour.

As a good mother will tell
the world can be stopped
with innocence
of just a babe.

What everyone knows
except to protect such a one
war is no use
endangers the child.

Yet Love for each other
envelops it right
with natural cocoon
of safety and warmth.

To gain from a babe
is to tap and drain
its very life essence
no, profit brings only pain.

But to provide
with no thought of cost
to nurture and sustain
brings beauty and growth.

To take or get from this babe
is foolish at best
but to give for it to live
is the natural way.

Within a little beating heart
lies the answer to our woes
for nation’s power ‘n pride lie not its might
but in soft breath of such as these.

As babes in mother’s arms
we first learn of Love
again of Love we learn
as mothers with babes in arms.

Through both of these
mothers and babes
the circle of Love
becomes complete.

your thoughts and deeds
to these
and your course will correct.

Look to child’s true needs
today & beyond
and doing these
our future will improve.

Provide with love
for each other’s needs
and child’s future
will be secure.

Focus as one to
feed the children
and the rest
will fall into place.