What we are is…

by SprinklinThoughts

We are the spark that, once part of the fire, is shot upward, solitary yet in a cloud of others, rising on the hot winds, glowing red with the heat of its internal energies, reaching its peak far above the flame, releasing its gifted energy for all to share, to finally cool, wink out, and fall back to the earth from whence it came.

Outside of time, we, our lives, can be as fireworks; brief, bright, explosions of God’s light. Some are sparklers, slower burning, throwing off showers of light. Others are like firecrackers, a sudden explosion of color with an equally explosive audible assertion. Yet all of us are the Light as It breaks forth from another dimension and bursts into this one – Creation.

We are not some semi-conscious slave organism traveling (or being dragged) along history’s timeline. We are Creatures Being; Life Becoming – a bit like the firework in its explosion, only more constant. The energy beyond Life, the Creator’s energy, at some point goes forth from its dimension and is translated into ours – it becomes us. Just as invisible light becomes visible (in colors) when put through a prism – the Creator is the light, the colors are Life.

From this ‘entry point’, the Spirit Father energy expands and clothes itself in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of variations… electrons, neutrons, & protons, atoms, molecules, DNA… to become four basic elements: earth, fire, water, air. Various combinations of these, mixed to different extents, become all that is around and within us. Add to this mix a measure of ‘life breath’ and we have an infinite variety of plant life. Add yet again to the mix, but this time a measure of motion, and we have a boundless variety of animal life. But what, if anything, do we add to get Man? Thought? Awareness? Ability to create?

Whatever it is, I believe that somehow, in some way, we have become separate from that which we are and can be, and thus, we’ve lost our true sense of reality – or to put it another way, we’ve gone insane. It could be that we are nothing more than insane animals, though I believe we’re more. But that makes no difference for, to me, the question becomes (or is, or remains): How do we shed the insanity?

How do we shed the insanity when we are surrounded by it, fully immersed in it – born into it, brought up in it, and (because we must & know no other way) continue to live in it?

We begin by ending the separation, thereby learning and then knowing what sane is.

For me, the first step was (or is) to, “Acknowledge the giver of the gift” – this gift we call Life – for it is in the acknowledgment that we turn away from the separation to face our reality.