Freedom – is to choose…

So I looked up freedom, using the ‘standard’ Merriam-Webster definition:

1: the quality or state of being free: as

a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence
c: the quality or state of being exempt (exempt[1]) or released usually from something onerous <freedom from care>
d: ease, facility <spoke the language with freedom>
e: the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken <answered withfreedom>
f: improper familiarity
g: boldness of conception or execution
h: unrestricted use <gave him the freedom of their home>

Too me, as usual (which is a continuing thread on this blog), this is overly complicated.

Why do we always over-complicate things? Because that way the powers that be (seen and unseen) can obfuscate, mislead, and use ‘legalese’ to turn whatever it is to their favor and against us. But back to freedom…

The simple (my) definition is: Freedom is the inalienable right of a man or woman to choose. As long as his/her choice does not harm, coerce, or defraud his brother/sister, a man/woman may choose to do whatever he/she will, go wherever he/she will, say what he/she will – without any interference. The only caveat is that in choosing he/she must accept the reaction to his/her action – but this is also a basic law of life.

That’s it. Simple isn’t it? Simple, but not so easy to live by or keep (as in a right).

Remember? “…they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” “Give me Liberty or give me death!” It’s all about the freedom to choose.

Many have died in defense of this right to choose, yet it remains oh, so elusive. Why? Why is it that although we make a lot of noise about being free, in reality we’re not? Oh, it may look like we are in some minor and unimportant ways, but we’re not really… really, we’re not.

Did you know that for some American Indians, I think the Lakoda amongst them, the right to choose was a sacred thing and held above all duties and other rights? From what I’ve read/learned, this is true (to the best of my knowledge). Not only was choice a sacred right, it was also a sacred duty. In everything that he did, at some point a brave made the choice to do what he did or not. For example, even if the whole tribe was going to war, a brave had the right to go against the council and ‘choose’ not to go. He may have had to endure some peer disapproval, but his right to choose was never questioned.

In fact, the Indians were so free that when prisoners were exchanged, Indians returned to tribes with joy, but colonists had to be, literally, dragged back  to the colony, kicking and screaming. At one point the difference between the two ‘societies’ got so bad that one Governor had to declare going over to the Indians an act punishable by death.

Yet despite the sacrifice of many Americans and our ‘pride in our freedom’, almost everything in our society is geared to obfuscate, or take away, our right to choose. Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with the message that we should give up our right to choose and let the ‘experts’ choose what is best for us. Or, even worse, we’re told that others have ‘the right’ or ‘duty’ to force us to do their will – a right that exists only with the use of force.

Phooey! Not only that, but this is (to some, obviously) wrong. Very wrong.

Our governments take our children as young as they can, put them in ‘schools’ (as in schools of fish) and teach them to do what? “Sit still! Do as your told!” Plainly, children are not meant to sit still for hours on end (instead of being physically active) and be forced to listen to ‘the drill’. What is the purpose of this? Ultimately it is to take away their freedom of choice. Even more sinister is the intent, by forced rote (brainwashing), to take away their awareness of having such a thing as a choice, much less the freedom to choose.

Bad stuff here. Not good at all. As proof, just look around (do your homework). [Don’t know where to start? Read “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto – an award-winning ex-teacher. Eye opening stuff. Also, see the Reading List page on this blog.]

We cannot choose to not pay taxes – without suffering a heavy penalty (jail). Imagine: If taxes were strictly voluntary, wouldn’t the local/state/national governments be ‘encouraged’ to do what is right – so that people would feel it a good thing (‘right’) to contribute/pay? Same thing with dues in any society or club. If union dues were voluntary, do you think that some workers would be making $14/hr while the high up union bosses earn $500 thousand per year ($240/hr)? I don’t think so.

I should be able choose to pay dues or taxes, or not. This is my god-given and inalienable right.

The new healthcare law takes away our right to choose whether or not to have insurance. Another bad thing. Beside the obvious ‘no choice’ aspect, it can (and I think will) lead to further encroachment on our right to choose. It happens like this: Once the “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), aka “ObamaCare”, has been foisted upon us and we have accepted it (acquiesced to “Do as your told!”), the next step will be to take away our right to refuse certain ‘preventative medical care’. We’ll be forced to submit to whatever procedures (on whatever schedules) the AMA ‘experts’, decide are in the interest of our/public health & welfare. Do as you’re told! Imagine being forced to get a blood test, or a mammogram, or lung x-ray every year. Imagine being forced to accept yearly flu shots or other inoculations. Imagine these “recommendations” forced upon you “for your own good”, even though some of these procedures/inoculations have recently been shown to do more harm/damage than good.

Again, this is just plain wrong and, quite simply, this is not acceptable!

We should not ‘choose’ to let this be. It is our (dutiful and unavoidable) choice – even if we choose to not choose.

Look… If I want to go out and pick mushrooms (without knowing the good ones from the bad) and eat them and poison myself (knowingly or unknowingly) – then that is my sacred and inalienable right. Period. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s, about it. It is my choice.

All men & women are free to choose – all men & women are required to choose. We choose to accept another man’s coercion or not – there is no in between, no grey area. If any man chooses to acquiesce to any other man/boss/government/military, unless he does so for a specific need (such as a foot soldier in a just war – and I don’t mean our current imperialistic bullying/beating/killing of innocent people), he inevitably grants the other too much power. Need proof? Look at the current situation within this authoritarian, Constitution ignoring, country. This country is where it is simply because the majority of its citizens have allowed it to be so – by choosing not to stop it, by default they let it. If we had any courage, we’d choose to take the murderous, lying, bastards and… but I’m getting carried away… back to freedom…

The freedom to choose is the most important right we have. We were born with it and without it we cannot grow as we need to grow. Without it we are simply slaves of another, or just so many cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Once we take/regain our freedom to choose, once we accept it and its attendant responsibilities, we can choose to be who/what we’re meant to be – we can choose to ‘be’.

Choose to do as you’re told! Or… Choose to do what is good and just and right.

Wrong or Right. Choose.

Hate or Love. Choose.

Profit & death or Life. Choose.

Assault & battery or Gentleness. Choose.

Darkness of the soul or Light. Choose.

It’s your choice… always has been.


I choose to care about you, my brothers and sisters.



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5 Responses to Freedom – is to choose…

  1. elroyjones says:

    Perhaps the ACA is not the answer but there is a desperate need for healthcare coverage in this country. I would prefer universal healthcare and a flat tax. Power corrupts, politicians are promoting self-interest only, nobody cares about the People, even the People don’t seem to care.


    • Hi elroyjones & thank you for the comment.

      Freedom is the priority, so for me: no mandatory… If healthcare is ‘offered’ with no stipulations, I’m OK with it as long as I can refuse. If it is offered but paid for by garnishing my wages, well, I’m not so sure.

      But more important to me is the perception that we “need” it. Why? Is it not possible, with appropriate education, to live good healthy lives that may be longer and healthier than prior generations? Is it really necessary to have all these inoculations, test, procedures, implants, etc. What for? So we can live longer and pollute more of this planet? Or so we can live “better” lives while we ingest poisons in our air, food, & water?

      Are our lives truly “better” than past generations? Or do they only seem so for the moment and after the moment passes, the price must be paid in various diseases, dead zones in the ocean, global warming, cancer, etc.

      I think these things are all related and in one way, are based on our false belief that any change is an improvement.

      One thing I’ve learned: the more that man ‘processes’ something, the worse it is for him. A simple example: beer vs. hard liquor – few people die of drinking beer, hard liquor is known to cause various problems in the body. More complex example: X-rays can help dignose disease, but how many problems do they actually cause – as in cancer, plus the making of the machines (pollution in metal mining, smelting, etc.), the source of the x-rays (radiological hazard/pollution), etc.

      And finally, we all know that the healthcare industry is run not to make us healthy, but to keep us coming back for more – remember the profit motive as well as things like vaccines that actually cause more problems than they prevent. Not for me. I’d rather die young, or die in peace, with courage and dignity when the time came (no tubes sticking out of my body). Just sayin’.


      • elroyjones says:

        As someone who sees physicians only when pain is acute, I believe we must have a way for people to access care that is not so expensive as to be unobtainable.
        For example, I have a brother who is a quad, he requires specialized care from time to time, attention beyond his family’s abilities; another example from my own life is my, now deceased, niece who was physically incapacitated, could not talk or feed herself, never walked but that little girl did experience pain, ailments beyond her mother’s ability to treat and her mom is an RN.
        We must have a way for people who are in tremendous pain to get relief, a way for people who are inarticulate to find comfort.
        I agree that we have become accustomed to immediate relief and instant gratification but I would not like to suffer and I would rather not be a burden to my family.
        I don’t take any medications and, like you, I intend to go quietly when my time comes with no heroic measures taken. I have a voluminous advance directive outlining exactly how I wish to be treated in various scenarios. Load me up with morphine and send me home to my own bed.
        I’d rather contribute a little bit each pay period so I can afford the morphine when I need it.
        How do you feel about social security and medicare?


        • Around 1963, when I was just barely 14, I asked my dad what Social Security was. After he explained it to me, I said, “Oh, OK. Guess I’ll never see any of that.” Even at that age I had an innate feeling about what we’re seeing today (re: government & money) and I fully expected SS to be gone by the time I retired. And, up until about 2 years ago I fully expected and planned on working until I die. Today, I am so glad I was wrong about the timing (but I still believe, not the actuality) of SS’s demise, for now, it seems to be my only way out of this rat race gone wild.

          Let me think things over a bit and I’ll post thoughts on healthcare, health insurance, SS & medicare/medicaid. K?


          • elroyjones says:

            Sure. I’d like to have my contributions back not the contributions my employers have made on my behalf over the years. I’d manage it better. Don’t take a notion that I’ve been a high wage earner, I’m more of what you’d describe as a subsistence earner!


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