Hello world

by SprinklinThoughts

Hi everybody,

Well, here I am about to step out of my comfort zone and into the world of blogging – expressing various thoughts and giving opinions on all kinds of topics. 

Why am I doing this? What makes me think anyone cares about what I think?

Actually the answer to both of these questions is kind of the same. In my meanderings around life for the past, oh 60 years or so, one thing continues to stand out. To me, it seems that whatever the endeavor (or topic, subject, project, meeting, etc), most everyone seems to either wander from the ‘nut’ of the matter or they over complicate and/or obfuscate, if not outright mislead or, worse yet, lie. The sad thing about this is that it is not necessary at best and is deadly – as in misunderstandings lead to war – at worst. Many times I’ve tried to offer my small contribution with the hope that perhaps it would help to ‘right the course’. Mostly it didn’t help and too often I was used, lied to, or hurt – enough to make me very reclusive. But, instead of just giving up, I thought I’d give this a try – where I can contribute without totally wasting my time – and where, just maybe, someone will benefit; even if it is only one person.

Mostly, I expect you’ll find the subject matter rather serious for I believe that our current situation is serious or, perhaps more accurately: dire. So ‘serious’ seems to be called for. But sometimes I may write something so you may smile – just because.

If you like what I write, thank you.
If it helps you in any way, good.
If you’d like to address a particular issue, just ask and I’ll do my best.

Ya’ll may be frustrating as heck sometimes, but I still love ya. Yeah, I know… easy to say… Well maybe not quite as easy as you think. 🙂

Thank you… May God bless you with good health, happiness, and good fortune.