Blades of Grass

upon blue sky, swirling
pregnant gray white silvery clouds
birth clear drops of rain
bright sparkles of sun’s golden yellow light
sweep in on the wind toward earth,
to cleanse and nourish
soft blades of grass
that form grand speckled green carpet
‘neath God’s feet


I Feel…

brought forward by music
that seems like a ghostly door
which opens to let out and let in
turns the dark to light lace gray
and makes the Light incandescently…

I feel airily solid in a fluid form
breathe and stand upon ‘neath my feet…
small to a very large degree
and small again, below one G…
happy, sad, gallant,
aired out and clean…

my mind too
feels as crystal in a liquid air,
as thoughts must cannot needs could be…
a heart that beats to life light’s multi-rhythm
yet still I wonder at it all,

will it was or will it be,
all this wonder that I see…
when others cannot even be
why remain I so free…
and so it is gratitude
most I feel, appears to be…


The Whispering River

Armies of the North
stand ready to hold
in widows’ defense,
and the old, or poor…

Armies of the South
make weapons ready,
prepare to forge choice
of Death over Life…

But the whisp’ring river
flows south through all the land
offers quenching wetness
for all, with no regard.

People of the East
let spirit souls soar
to Spirit Father
beyond the Great Sky…

Children of the West
ignore all Evil
live with Earth Mother
and love each other…

While the whisp’ring river
flows on through all the lands
with great gift of moisture
sustains each, every one.

Those of the round Earth
go on being Life
appear unknowing
but we’ve seen they do…

In the air of Sky
the birds still do fly
each one another
all in one, God’s eye…

As the whisp’ring river
flows throughout every land
life’s water feeds us all
shares gift, with no regard.


Sprinkle: The Dancing Turtle

Oh the turtle whirls
his gentle waltz of flame
a light, blue red green gold,
on an incandescent wick.

At times floats on the sea
like flame flick’ring on breeze,
from small life soul balanced
dance’s glow is warm smile.

Moments come moments go
wheels turn circles within,
life’s rich tapestry spins
slow flash of turtle’s dance.


Sprinkle: Compass Needles


I think we all,
our inner selves,
could be compared
to compass needles…

for we try always
to point toward
our inner true

but at times
pieces of shrapnel
like large or small magnets
may turn us away…

or a rapid shake
may disorient
until the calm,
when our needle
points true
once again…

some compass needles
are thin (as a needle),
some broader but flat,
others round as dials…

some are enclosed in liquid
to dampen any shakes
or mounted on gimbals
to hold them steady…

thus some are more constant,
others strong or weak…

but no matter
the strength, shape, or size,
each steadfastly endeavors
to mark his/her true north,
south, east, or west…

I feel as though
my compass needle
is a great,
iron harpoon…

Live with Love
& Love will live

Golden Chalice

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
If you’ve read some my past posts,
you’ve perhaps heard me make mention
of a special lady

she works very hard to be
exactly what she already is
a beautiful and wonderful spirit…

This post is dedicated to her…

and to all the beautiful spirits
who struggle to be…

because she doesn’t always see
the radiant beauty that she is…
the positive effect she has…

because she’s so special
I think others should see

and because with all my heart,
I wish for you to know…
and to believe
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Gleaming golden chalice
stands on walnut table

It is empty
for has just been polished
but is no less beautiful
as when full

another is set next to her

hear light metallic ring
as brother’s nudge brings touch of each
to reverberate with sound of small bell

for this special moment
they are…

two sparkling chalices
beneath candles’ warm glow

that wait to be filled
with sweet nectar…
Wine of Living
Spirit of Life

give Love
and Love will Give