Sprinkle: Purposeful Effects

every thought has an effect
every word has an effect
every action has an effect
every effect
can build or tear down

thus, every effect matters

harm, heal…
loathe, love…
hurt, help…
neglect, nurture…

what is the purpose of the effect
of all we think, do, and say
of all that we are

to some this may be obvious
easily answered and lived
to others it may be
most difficult and obscure

yet still we all
have an effect

help each other
to have the right effect
may God help us all

do with Love
& Love will do with you

One Step Into Heaven

As the brother and sister stepped onto the playground, the brother pointed at the children playing and said, “Look, sprouts. Just like us.”

That was one of the first things I noticed… we really are “sprouts”…

Another thing I noticed is that it seems not so much about granting everyone’s wishes as it is a place that provides everyone with what is needed to grant their own wishes…

or others’…

Yet another is that the energy feels like what one may experience while breathing in the air after a cleansing rain… clean and bright…

And I’ve seen that it is within itself… earth is a part of and within Heaven… so is the universe… and we are a part of what exists within us…

But there is one difference here, in this little part of heaven, called earth…

The sister, a bit more down-to-earth and not to be outdone by her somewhat philosophical brother, replied, “Yeah, so when was the last time you drank from a stream?”
“You know, when was the last time you put your cupped hands into a stream and took a drink.”

One step… that’s all it takes…

Always Do with Love
and Love will Make Do

Dear Son,

Dear Son,

Regarding our last conversation…

winning is important, yes
yet it is a small thing compared to honor
and what is honor next to compassion

strength is important when we are young
but there is also strength of spirit,
character, integrity, and will

concepts such as those above
with wisdom, courage, duty, service
are signposts along all paths

it is not for me to tell you
how to define and radiate these
for that is part of each life’s why and way

yet it may be good to mention these
for you to think about
or meditate upon

they will help guide you
to keep you upon your right path
and to your goal, which is profound

as with your friends you’ve already learned
trust, loyalty, and performance count
yet in all groups of men these can be found

though the system feeds on money, pain, and blood
there are many people stuck within and around
who cherish life, good service, even fun

in the end it is you who decide
how to live, how to love, who to be,
how much you’ll let the above apply

in the end, life is short
so work, play, explore, create
live your life freely and honorably

remember, solitude a necessity is
do take time to be still
for without and within can be found the Divine

with Love,

The Wanderer

falling flakes
and blanket of snow
cover all that eye can see
be it friend or foe

white sea undulating
white curtain swirling

star shaped wafers
dry, wet, cold
cover the wanderer
who stands outside home

within, fire burns bright
gold yellow flames
give heat and light
warm both body and soul

radiant firelight
through window casts glow
as glass panes reflect
wanderer’s eyes, windows to his soul

inside, outside
body and home
hearth, heart, flame, and soul
merge into one

and learns the wanderer
he need wander no more


Sprinkle: All With Love

do all with Love
and Love will make do,
Love will do with you

be all with Love
and Love will be you,
Love will be with you

give all with Love
and Love will give too,
Love will give with you

become all with Love
and Love will become anew,
Love will become with you