Truthfulness, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

Notes Upon A Sheet Of Music

immense silence,
pebbled with stars,
plays a melody
of colors and sounds

boundless wavelengths in endless flow,
an infinite variation of vibrations,
Energies and Forces and more and not,
are the unlimited many of One

too often unheard, unseen, or unfelt
this majestic symphony, a Divine song sung,
dressed in beauty, the fabric of Life,
its elegant motion makes perfect Time


A Micro Macro Universal Mini

His hands in motion glowing energy exude
move small molecules from there to here
as if just ping pong balls, floating in the air…
his task for healing to promote is.

Galaxies and universe, planets and suns
places he more ping pong balls somewhere
radiant energy becoming through his hands…
an exercise for lessons to learn it all is.

The small, the large, and the in between
moves he each then, now, at same time
every one time and he becoming one…
spinning eternal loop sphere, burst of life.

Wrapped this all in gift ribbon he did
then gave to us it, as secret thus
of an is to come, was, and yet still is…
yet untie the knowing knot is the skill.


The Mothers Are Right

“Momma, when I grow up I’m going to be a doctor… they make people better.”

“That’s very nice honey… and you could also become a killer.”

“Whoa! Really? Yeah that’s what I wanna be. I’m gonna go get my stuff ready right now. See ya!”


Mushroom People

Much (but not all) of what I see and experience around me on a daily basis is people getting along as best they can, cooperating and trying, to the depth of their individual awareness, to live in a symbiotic relationship with each other and the rest of Creation. These people may be compared to mycorrhizal mushrooms… many growing things that work in cooperation with a living host.

But there is also much, too much, I see that speaks to a second world, a world wrapped up in money, mayhem, and misery. With people living off of, using, abusing each other and Creation, consuming resources and each other’s energies without regard. These people are similar to parasitic mushrooms… many growing things that attack a living host.

To me, at the moment it looks like the parasitic part of humanity is growing out of hand. Which means that too many of us, whether consciously choosing to do so or not, are being too “attacking” in too many of our actions/interactions. There are too many parasitic mushrooms.

Without question, this must stop. The question is not if we stop, but rather when and how do we stop?

If we remain acting as parasitic mushrooms, we shall either kill enough of Creation around us – kill our host – to cause us to die of starvation. Or, before succumbing, our host shall purge or throw us off. Life, Nature, God, white blood cells… doesn’t matter which, any one or all… we stop or are stopped. Either way, eventually the parasitic mushroom/cancer will die. This is a simple fact.


Stop pointing fingers. Stop disagreeing over (silly) things. Put away your bombs, your bullets, your poisons. Put away your lust for more… more power, profit, & pain… more stuff.

mushrooms flashback smBe a good mushroom!

Start contributing your energy, using whatever is your skill or talent, toward getting us all… together.. out of this mess and back onto the right and good path. Work at working together… for the good of all.

Mycorrhizal mushrooms work in cooperation with a living host… and each other.


photo credit: Creative commons – vaXine

The Election Highway

“Charles! Welcome back boy! Here’s your old chair, have a seat. Drink? Oh Johnson, get Charles his usual brandy in a snifter will you? And I’ll have another too, if you would. So Charles, here, have a cigar… glad to be home?”

“Good to be back George, thank you. Nothing like the old club, my favourite chair, a brandy, and a good cigar. Best thing for a man… quite civilized and all that. Especially after the way the rest of the world is behaving.”

“So you’ve been out and about, poking around the world, eh?”

“Poking around the world is a good way to put it I suppose. But the answer is yes, I did some poking around. Nothing too serious understand.”

“What was it like? How are the elections going?”

“Oh, the Elections in Zambia should be coming up on schedule.”

“Zambia! Old boy! I mean the Presidential in America. How is that one going?”

“I’d say it’s shaping up to be one of the more interesting ones.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well if you’ll recall, with Barack we decided fairly early on and thus could try something a bit different. I might add that the experiment to market an unknown like him to the public turned out well. We learned what works and what doesn’t. But frankly that all seemed a tad boring. You know, more like an average sales & marketing pitch. Like selling Fruitio Dumpos or something.”

“Yes, but this election is different is it not?”

“Yes, with this one we’ve opened up the field so to speak. Just to see what will happen. You know, when Donald decided to run, we did not discourage him as it was a splendid opportunity for us.”

“How is that?”

“Donald’s statements and attitude have triggered much discussion in areas we found difficult to explore. He’s helped us to better understand the middle & lower class Americans’ attitude. Oh, we could always guess, but now we have a much more visible measure, if you will, of how our policies are being perceived and accepted; just how deeply our promptings have penetrated the mass psyche.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you might say the political situation in America, and actually their economic one as well, could be compared to a bus on a highway or a train on a track. The drivers an be changed, but since the track has no proverbial exits, the train will inevitably arrive at the destination the track leads to.”


“Well yes, barring accidents or ‘acts of God’ or some other unlikely or unforeseen event.”

“Unforeseen event?”

“Yes, you see, it seems that a not entirely unexpected phenomenon is taking place in America. Much of the world in fact. The passengers on the train, the Americans, are becoming agitated. As if they’ve not been permitted to get off and stretch their legs in too long a time. Similar, in a way, to what happened on those cruise ships that broke down and floated about in the ocean. The passengers eventually became quite angry. I almost wonder if we should slow down a bit. You know, pause at a station to give them a break.”

“Well, perhaps. But what about the candidates?”

“Oh we’re not worried about them at all. Although I haven’t spoken with any as yet, aside from dropping Hillary a hint.”

“A hint?”

“Yes. Back in 2008, when we told her Barack was going to get it, she started looking as if she’d given up… down in the mouth and all. I mentioned that this time perhaps she might tone down the ‘got it in the bag’ vibe so to speak, even if it may be true.”

“Yes, I noticed that too. And what about Donald? What if he happens to get elected?”

“We don’t see that as a problem. We’ll just tell him to do as he pleases, as long as what we require gets done. Simple really.”

“And if he should refuse?”

“We don’t see that as a problem either… once again, simple. If need be, we implement the Kennedy option.”

“Ah yes, the old boy network does have its iron fist, doesn’t it? And what about Bernie?”

“As with all the other candidates, I don’t believe we need to worry about Bernie. Again, for us, he’s become a fair measure of where the fringe liberals & socialists stand… just how many and how adamant they are. If by some remote chance he does get elected, we’ll just do the same with him as with Donald. It really is quite that simple.”

“But what if, for example, he should get the vote and then manages to convince Congress to pass legislation for free college educations to all?”

“In truth, if that should happen, it’s so unimportant to us that we wouldn’t even be aware of it if not for the news. You see, the Government would have to pay for the tuition and the money comes from taxes. So the people pay either way… still a win for us, as we get a margin on the profits either way.”

“Exactly, but what of our colleagues in America? Won’t they stand to lose a great deal of money in paying those taxes?”

“Now George, do you really believe the American Congress will pass increased taxes, on such a scale, without leaving loopholes for themselves?”

“Fair enough… So what with all the marketing she’ll be getting, if Hillary does get elected, what then?”

“Hillary? Why she certainly knows the game by now and who the major players are – but not about us of course. She’s what the Americans call a ‘real team player’, which is why our main efforts lie with getting her into the office.”

“Well, it seems as though our boys have thought of all the possibilities haven’t they?”

“Like I’ve said before, the Americans will accept anything we give them unless we try to shove too much down their throats too fast… or unless the TVs go out… or they run out of toilet paper. Neither scenario is very likely today and if something like that should come about – you know, some idiot throws a tantrum and folds up the game board – we do have other options. Such as, if needed, our ‘alternate’ or ‘extreme events’ locations to which we can retire for a time. Yes, I’d say we’ve pretty much ‘covered our tushes’ so to speak. Quite well, in my opinion.”

“Righto! Well done. Care for another brandy?”


Just a Thought

When I was young, about 17, I found myself out of high school, with no dad (divorced & moved 3,000 miles away), a mom who was recovering from abuse while trying to survive (without alimony/child support), and three brothers.

I was also broke.

I lacked any special talent such as music or art, college was out, and it seemed I had no real options other than work… to the point that I didn’t even think about it. (That in itself may have been the reason I didn’t see any other options. Whatever, that’s what happened.)

But, I did like to learn; liked to see what was going on and how things worked. To learn about cars, I ‘apprenticed’ at a garage by pumping gas for free, in return for being able to hang out, help a bit, and train or explore. I learned a lot.


I just went and got a job.

I looked for the best of whatever was available and that I could do. If the job was just for the money or in a bad environment – whether managerial, physical, or social – I’d look for the next best one and switch as soon as I could.

When I stopped learning or moving upwards on the money scale as needed, I found another job. This process was not always easy but I survived.

During these 46+ years, 50+ jobs, and 3 arguably successful business ventures, I found out a few things…

– I don’t like being told what to do. Shown what to do, yes. But not told as in “obey orders”.
– I don’t like working for people for money… which tends too much to reinforce the ‘obey me’ syndrome.
– And I found out I’m not very good with people; especially talking, though I have had some really great experiences.

I also found that for reasons that exist on many levels, I ‘had’ to be around people. I tend toward solitary, but apparently a hermit existence was not to be as I was always put in people situations, both work or social, even in the more solitary jobs. I believe that for some reason it was necessary for me to learn some things about people.

Eventually I discovered computer programming which agreed with me… and came with better pay. Besides, I didn’t really like some of the factory environments anyway and figured physical/manual work could be tricky when I got older. So, once again, since I did not have the resources to survive, learn the skill, or to support myself (alone) in this field, I kept working but switched tracks from factory/manufacturing to IS/IT.

Starting out as a cook in 1966 at the $1.20/hr minimum wage, in 2003 I peaked at $80,000/year as an IS/IT manager and Director of Warehouse Operations in a Natural Food Distribution Co-op with annual revenues of $150 million. I was responsible for close to 200 people, the computers, inventory, warehouse infrastructure, plant safety, and more. The job had its good points and its bad ones… good: totally cool!… bad: lots of time & stress.

In 2012, I finished off as a programmer (what I really liked to do, with minimal people interaction) at a local college (5,000 students), maintaining the course/students/grades/financials database, related software & its attendant operating system, with support for the hardware.

Through all this and as a result, I kept learning and growing in many different ways. Parts of the process really sucked but overall I’d say it was a good and mostly happy experience. Worth it…

Besides, that’s what life is about anyway, isn’t it?…

surviving, supporting oneself, keeping busy, and having some joy?

Just a thought

Heart, Soul, & Mind

The heart is the seat of our emotions, our understanding, and our will.
The soul is embodied in our living breath, as is expressed in our speech.
The mind is our intellect and self-consciousness, that which thinks.

Each of these and the whole is aware.
They are wrapped within the physical body, which provides form & function…
All of which embody our Spirit (that of Man & that of God).

Love God with all your heart soul and mind. (Mark 12:30)

God is good…

To love good with all your heart, soul, mind:

Think good things to speak and feel…
Speak good things to feel & think…
Feel or will good things to think and speak…

When successful, we surround all with good…
And that is good for the heart, soul, mind, & all else.



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