Truthfulness, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

Near Proximity

“The kingdom of heaven is near”
means near in time, yes…
but also near as in
emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical proximity.

a very near proximity…


Sprinkle: Calming the Sea

Suppose that God is not only alive and real but also intimately involved… in everything… such that in every aspect of life, all occurrences are deliberate as well as intelligent.

Even to the point where, for example, the breeze blowing upon your brow is as if God stands before you waving a palm frond near your cheek… specifically to cool you in a pleasing and loving manner.

Only man does not see what is known by all of life… for he is independent within his free will and chooses rebellion… simply refusing to see what is.

As a son inherits from his father, receiving skills, talents, or gifts, Messiah did in this way calm the storm at sea.


Journeys of Zender — Dealing With the Bad Guys

It was almost dawn. Zender, older now, more experienced, and with spirit ascending, was out much later than he normally liked, but it had been necessary.

As he walked through the cool, autumn fog that was forming in little pockets along the road, a car came up from behind him and drove by. But further on it turned around and came back toward him.

“Oh, oh,” thought Zender.

Despite his uneasiness, he was awed by the beauty of the sparkling reflections of the lone street light in the droplets of fog upon the hood of the moving car. That is, until the car stopped across from him on the other side of the street.

A young man jumped out, ran up to Zender, and waving a knife, he barked, “Hey you! Give me all your money! Right now! Or I’ll do ya!”

“Whoa now! Just let me get my wallet out, K?” replied Zender, calmly.

“Hurry up man! Do it!”

“Yeah… Look, I can see you’re kind of desperate here so let me see if maybe I can help a bit, K?”

The mugger hesitated a fraction of a second, looking at Zender with a fleeting quizzical expression. Then he hollered, “What? What the fuck you talkin’ about! Just hand over the money!”

Slowly, Zender reached for the wallet in his left back pocket. “I’m getting it see? Moving slow so’s you don’t get rattled, K? Listen, I have a proposal for you.”

“What the fuck is a pro-pos-al? Just give me you’re fuckin money man!”

“Almost there, K? Look… you can mug me and risk going to jail for what, maybe a few bucks I might have in my wallet? Or, what if instead, I give you some money… free and clear… as a gift. That way you get the money without robbing me. And if you think about it, that’s a heckuva better deal than going to jail.”

“Huh? What the fuck you talkin about asshole?”

“Just that you can mug me or you can accept a charitable gift and get the cash without mugging me… or…”

“Or what? You gonna a-rrest me? Just shut the fuck up and hand over the wallet!”

“Nope, not just yet… like I was saying, or I can just look you in the eye, like this… and inform you that you should notice…” In his peripheral vision, Zender watched a small bluish light, like a miniature star, come shooting down from the sky toward them. “…notice right about now…” as the shooting star touched the hood’s hand. ”…that your hand and the knife are immobilised.”

As a realization formed in his mind, the young thief’s expression changed from anger to a rising unsurety. A moment later he tried to move his hand. Nope. Neither his hand nor the weapon would budge. He tried stepping forward. His body and arm moved, but the hand did not – as if it were frozen fast to an immovable pole. He tried backing up. Couldn’t. Then he tried twisting his body around his hand… his body moved but his hand would not budge and all he managed to do was produce a sharp pain in his wrist.

“Careful bud, you might hurt yourself. You see, your hand, and the weapon of course, are anchored in space. Nothing you can do will make it move… sort of like being a solid part of a massive invisible rock wall. Get it? So if you try to move too hard, you might actually break your wrist… or maybe worse, accidentally tear it right off… so I’d be careful, K?”

“I’m gonna kill you you sick fuck!”

“Really? K… How? And perhaps if you try, something else may happen…” Another bluish-white shooting start glided in and touched the thief’s chest. “…like your lungs could freeze up… making it very difficult to breathe. K?”

A slight gulp, a look of fear, and then a nod… while slight tremors shimmered over his body.

“K, good. Now here’s the deal. You can stay here, stuck like this for a very long time, or you can maybe have your hand cut off so you can go home. Gory, I know… definitely not a great scenario. Or… to alleviate your present difficulty, like I said, you can accept my charitable cash donation and you go home. End of episode. Which would you prefer?”

The kid gulped again and said, “OK! Whatever you want you crazy fuck! Hey look, you can even keep your money… just let me go!”

“K… So here’s oh… I don’t know… how about two twenties? That good? Yeah, that should do it. K, here you go. No not that hand, not yet. It won’t move remember? Try the other one. Now, while I have your attention… if you believe in God… or if you don’t… I suggest you think about why and what that means… especially in light of what’s happened here.”

Then, having never touched the hoodlum, Zender released him, and sent him on his way, “K, now go… and hey! Remember what Jesus said, ‘go and sin no more’.”

The kid’s jaw was slack and his mouth hung open loosely… as if he had some extra empty space between his ears. But he managed to nod and turn away, walked back to the car, eased in, and drove off slowly.

Zender took a deep breath, serenely exhaled, and whispered, “Well I guess that’s one way to ‘nourish the people’… thank you Father. ” Then he turned and continued on his way home, the light fog swirling gently around his feet.


Joys of Christmas

Joys of Christmas may at times become darkened…
as the stresses mount, it all begins to takes its toll…
turning into frustration, tiredness, and sadness…

and I sought to think of what it’s all supposed to be about…
and what he said was the point of it all…

but sometimes the holidays push us to lose sight of that…
and then, though wanting to Love one another,
we seem to forget how…
and that’s when it (a sort of revelation) came to me…

when they brought the adulteress to him to be stoned,
he said to them, ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’…
in perceiving the depth of this simple statement,
my season became brighter…

and I hope yours does too…


Broken Wings

Surrounded by people
all with broken wings
tears begin to well

for they cannot fly
and I know not how
to mend broken wings.

But then I think
perhaps it’s only me
the tears start to flow

for I cannot fly
and am not able to mend
even one broken wing.


Fair Warning

He was once a tall oak tree
Standing, one hundred years bold.
Now he seeks air to breathe
Decrepit and old.

Look at what you’ve done
Hey! Look what you’ve done.
You beautiful people
So mean and so cold.

He was once a clear blue stream
Clear, cold, and clean.
Now he’s just a hole
So dirty and mean.

Look at what you’re doing
Look at what you’re doing
You silly ol’ people
So stupid and mean.

Well now He’s a comin’
A comin’ to see.
And He’ll start you a goin’
To follow that dream.

Look at what’s a comin’
You people so crazed
‘Cause now He’s a comin’
Comin’ to collect whats due.


On Election 2016

I’m fairly certain that most of you have some good opinion on which of the candidates (if any) for President of the USA should be awarded that post so I won’t get into it. But I *would* like to address a couple of issues that I believe are important but which I have not as yet seen/heard discussed.

First… since the election of John Kennedy back in 1960, I have encountered, read and heard of, people voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Not only does that expression speak for itself, but I think it also denotes a certain lack of honesty and integrity. How can any best candidate win an office if people are uninformed or, in a sense, lying with their vote. After all, if I really wish candidate C to win but I vote for candidate B, for whatever reason (example: because C “will never win and I don’t want A to win”), am I being honest or helping my chosen candidate to win? BTW… not voting, or writing in ‘none of the above’ (or “This Mouse”) is a vote… your vote… legitimate and important (and I wish it were properly acknowledged/counted). So for this election I encourage you to consider voting (or not) intelligently and honestly… for, not against.

Second… let us remember that no matter who wins or what shape you think this country is in, it (this country) is still predicated upon the *inviolate* principal that all men and women are created sovereign, equal, and free. This is what makes (or should make) the United States of America a great place to be. But this greatness (admittedly under fire) can only continue or be righted (depending upon your point of view) if we *all* stand up, accept, defend, and live within the constructs of “sovereign, equal, and free”… without animosity and with real respect. If we agree on “America, land of the free” we must choose to be (and really *be*) and allow others to be free… being civil, acting always with respect for each other’s rights. [for more see — Unity in Purpose – 10/21/12]

So vote your heart and mind, honestly… civilly… and then, with grace, accept the result… always continuing to act for the good of each other and this truly great (but, IMHO, a tad under the weather) country. But tolerate not dishonesty, injustice, or evil… for although a proper, individual kind of morality (one that truly makes a nation great) can never be forced, it may at times need to be enforced… yet, requiring it by an encompassing example is the key.


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