Sprinkle: I want…

That which we desire
yet cannot seem to grasp
is because

it is further down our path
with maybe a hurdle or two more;
calling for perseverance…

it is a temptation
to lead us astray of our right path;
and thus should be avoided…

the bright luminescent chain of life
prevents it, in order to protect us;
for which we should be grateful…

or it is already ours,
not to get, grasp, or earn;
only to accept…


Sprinkle: The Campfire

Dusk was approaching and for a bit of warmth and its comforting glow, the campfire was lit.

In the light, in direct view, his eyes emitted a strong reluctance to engage… yet deeply engaged.

His body radiated the shyness of a soul scarred by numerous wounds, but those reluctant eyes retained that bright glimmer of determination, perhaps even stronger than the poor spirit that shone through.

At first glance, some would say he was almost deferential, which though true, masked a being hard as diamond, pressed into becoming by lessons gentle.

When he spoke, it was as if each word caused him some minor pain, perhaps like a faded difficult memory.

Even his smile, which appeared seldom but often enough, had to burst through hidden barriers… as though the clouds of his heart could not blow away and so blocked his sun from shining through.

We sat quietly for some time, which he liked to do, in the gathering dusk and near the fire’s light.

Then I was stirred and asked him, “What would you say, if you were told to speak now, in this moment? And if what you said was to guide the world through the morrow?”

He remained still for a long while, just watching the fire but visibly struggling with what he might say.

Then he gently sighed and slowly turned his head to look directly at me… into and on through me.

I felt his sadness pierce my space… with no harm to me, but with the effect of a falling tree.

At which I began to regret asking the question. But just then he smiled a small but heartful smile and, looking as if he may break apart with an effort he had to make, slowly, with each word a sorrowed pain, he replied, “What is the ratio of God’s boundless Love for Man… to Man’s gratitude for that Love?”

In that moment, the campfire popped a slew of bright orange sparks into the air… and as they swirled around,  floating upwards on flame’s heat… winked out.


But they go on…

We humans are beings
who are always “be”ing…

As such, we radiate energy
on many different levels;
energies seen and unseen
physical (sound, touch, smell),
heat, emotions & more…

We even radiate energy as light
which is our individual aura,
and this some do see…

As variations of this “energy manifestation”
appear to be infinite,
so the energies we each manifest
are also infinite
in variation and number…

Technically, all the above can be said, “Is true,”
of any animal, plant and
all earth fire water wind,,.


Humans say only we have intellect, wisdom, choice
with which we ‘do’ things, design and create…

So we think,
or so we are told…

But just suppose…

that all the other forms of/in life
have/manifest the same energies,
perhaps in different forms…

And just suppose
that the only real difference
between us and all else

is that
only we rebel…

And thus, of all else around us,
we are, in essence,
the only unfeeling and insane ones…

And they, the others,
observe & are saddened…

But, non-rebellious, they continue on…


Sprinkle: Dinner…

He entered the restaurant…
and was soon seated by the waiter…

“Good evening sir, may I offer you our dinner special?”

“Perhaps, what is it?”

“Certainly… it’s a generous portion of GMO, a side helping of Imitation Freshness, with a ladle-full of Additives Galore poured over the whole… to drink, our best 2015 Chemtrail… for dessert, a thick slice of Genuine Faux pie and a hot cup of Full Spectrum Dominance.”

“Goodness! Really? Well, thank you for offering… but I would prefer some of the Organic, a bit of Natural, perhaps a sprig of Inner Dimension on the side, with a large H2O Classic.”

“Oh I see… very well, sir.”

A little after the meal had been set and sampled, the waiter re-appeared… “Is everything to your satisfaction sir?”

“Why the Organic is blazed to extinction, thank you. Tell me, did you fire it with gas or did you subcontrolled nuclear blast it?”

“Oh no sir! For the Organic, we use real flame… by the book… even waited for lightening to start the fire & all that.”

ps. Is isn’t the title of this post kind of an oxymoron? :-)

Of Words, Threads, and a Tapestry Perceived

I’ve been a clown, fool, thief,
a whore & too much other more…
in each I thought I was and should be
doing the right thing for sure.

Found later that I was wrong…
so hesitate to speak at all,
yet of what use experience
if it trues not a mind or heart?

I suppose what helped me some,
though sometimes late,
as I saw a folly in my ways
then did I willingly change.

Now here I sit stand am
after six decades & more
wondering just what it is
should I stop start doing furthermore.

In any discussion
of things to do or ways to be
each person, a beautiful one,
has own personal views, shining.

Every one was created
and every one breathes…
every one has an issue
and every one has a point…

In a way, or more,
every one is right,
but in ways single or multiple
each of us is also wrong.

All covet to one extent or another;
greater or smaller matters not,
for any degree taints
thoughts, desires, and deeds.

Meanwhile, some believe not in God,
whose existence can be known,
and because of this,
another moral compass points not true north.

These two (not alone) seeds of error
grow into various disparate (or desperate?) difficulties
such as corruption, lying, violence, murder,
pain, suffering, pollution, disease.

The reasons for and causes of
what are proverbially called (these or those) “sins”,
are often covered over or justified by other seeds
‘necessity’, ‘profit’, ‘allegiance’, ‘duty’, ‘defense’.

If but one bad trait, mine or yours,
we were to propagate
unto earth’s inhabitants every one
what result would we see?

In all this, it takes not much to discern
that things are seriously messed up,
and there is a great need for me you us
to Lovingly correct our part in the wrong.

And this that then is the real deal.

Questions & answers
of what, where, when, who, how, or why
can be asked and answered properly
by any who seek, question, and perceive.

Though each of us
is unique and upon a unique path
we also are as one,
as individual plants are one species.

Like other living things beings
we wish to survive and grow
and have some fun in between,
furthering us furthermore as one.

Just as we are many
the answers are many,
but just as we are one
the answer too is one.

The answer, like a coin,
has two sides: stop/start…
stop with the sin and
start with Love, of not sin.

One bad habit at a time
change to good;
I you her him, as individuals,
and us as a group.

Good habits cultivate
so to survive, to be happy,
to live, to let live,
to Love, to let Love.

Discernment deep
of own thoughts deeds and habits
is what’s required;
moral compass points the way.

Because we want to be free
so should we not make tell others
what to do or who to be,
for if they aren’t free, how are we?

Yet where evil is, does, goes
we can, should, must
not contribute, not partake
in any, even small, way.

As no life can live
without nourishment
so deny the evil, starve it
and it will cease to be.

Light the Light instead.

If every one walked away
who would be left
to feed the beast,
to do the hurt or dismay?

Light the Light instead.

Some, perhaps many, would say
the battle against enmity
must be fought and must be won
by such of who may be bound or found.

If so, then consider that perchance
these are ones who weed,
sent to clear the garden park
of life denying evil and other debris.

Remember, as individual or group,
to harm another life, in any way,
is a grave undertaking in the least,
even if done only to survive.

Also there may be those
who would join with the evil
to mislead and do harm,
to cause pain as they please.

To these a warning sounds,
become aware now
for the gardener’s weeder warriors
are sent to do what they do best.

Still others sit upon the fence
not choosing which to be
little realizing fence’s edge, can be razor sharp,
as separates one side from the other.

Within all, do feel and heed the need
live well rightly, pure and holy,
with wisdom, compassion,
and a generous Love of All.

Remember always
acknowledge Giver of the Gift,
by which it is that we can be are grow…
it’s the polite thing to do after all.

This that then is a tapestry described & perceived,
threads of what is was could yet be,
the wherefore and the why, without and within,
moment of Life Love Breath, of Be and Become.


Blades of Grass

upon blue sky, swirling
pregnant gray white silvery clouds
birth clear drops of rain
bright sparkles of sun’s golden yellow light
sweep in on the wind toward earth,
to cleanse and nourish
soft blades of grass
that form grand speckled green carpet
‘neath God’s feet