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Sadness, a Coin of Feeling

Ever thought about what causes sadness?

Well, for me, I feel sad when I do not have (or miss) something I want… but I think what makes me even sadder is when I miss (or want) something that I eventually find out I already have. Kind of like when wanting Love from others but we’re taught to first Love ourselves.

Yet, it seems to me that these are not separate… but exist as equal sides of the same coin… the coin of feeling sad when we’re missing Love (or something -eventually- very similar).

So what is the true coin of Love? Is it self-Love? Love of/from others? A combination of both?

Yes… and no… because the coin of Love is actually not a thing (having), but a process… a two-sided process of giving and accepting… of such as kindness, mercy, good judgment, support, and so much more (without end).

So when I feel sad, I ask myself, “What is it really that I feel missing… and is it not already here? Both within me and without? Or if not, perhaps it is still on the way? Or is it I just don’t see it… am truly missing it?”


Dapples Dancing

When the winds blow through the trees,
The leaves dance, each in its unique way…
Causing sunlit dapples to shimmer and glow.
I trust this is pleasing to God…
Else why is it so?


When We Wonder Why

When things go wrong we may feel
“It’s my fault… is something I’m doing causing this?”

If this feeling is true,
it may be that we really are the cause.

Whether moving, speaking, listening, eating,
breathing, seeing, touching, smelling,
thinking, wishing/wanting, feeling, etc.
It may be that we are
doing the right thing the wrong way or for the wrong reason,
doing the wrong thing for any reason,
or (not) doing for no reason…
while, in addition (and perhaps more importantly)
often forgetting that we choose to do
this or that thing,
this or that way,
for this or that reason.

07/04/17 – SprinklinThoughts

Watching or Walking

Ever heard the expression “we are all actors upon the stage of life”?

Well… Before I get into this, for those of you who are into the neutering thing, according to Websters Dictionary an actor is “one that acts”…. notice that no gender is implied? Good.


It seems to me that if we are all actors on the stage of life, and I happen to be a member of the audience (or acting as such) and I truly do not like or agree with the acting on stage, then as an audience member, the civilized thing to do is get up quietly and just walk out (of the particular play, not life). Of course this is assuming that nothing of harm is going on. So why is the audience arguing & fighting instead of watching or walking?


Horse Power

Stuck here in the prison of my mind,
finding all that I could find.
Standin’ in my room, with nothin’ to do;
but plenty t’be done, and still be true.
Got a PC, it’s called an HP…
Horse Power on the wire, that’s for me.
Not enough HP to go a walkin,
so today fav spot is not talkin’.
Life in the city, could be a crime,
with too many people lookin’ for a dime.
The spot for today, where I’ll be,
is in my room, takin’ in some scenery.


If It Feels Good

Have you heard the expression “If it feels good, do it”?

Well, it seems many take this to mean ‘feels good’ as in sex, drugs, and rock & roll…

but perhaps what it really means is ‘feels good’ as in heart-felt right thing to do…

like, for example, helping someone out… or behaving honorably.


Off The Beaten Path

If we all traveled
off the beaten path,
then it would never be beaten…
or become the path…
would it?


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