If It’s Yours

If it is yours
share it freely…

If it is not yours
give it back…

The energies involved
in either case
are phenomenal…

Not to be messed with,
or hoarded.

Yet in both cases
the energy flow
is away from you…

Another view…
Sunset Movie

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I’ve been told that in the past,
when writing, or transcribing,
the Old Testament… or Torah…

If the scribe made one mistake,
no matter how far he’d gotten,
the entire scroll was thrown out
and the scribe started over…

Kind of a strong rule…

I’ve also been told that
when a prophet of old prophesied,
as coming from God,
if the prophet was ever wrong,
even once,
he was to be put to death…

Because he had lied and
what he had spoken
was not from God…

Another strong rule…

Now I’m not totally certain
I heard or read the whole truth,
but over the years,
as I’ve considered these things,
I’ve wondered if perhaps in some way
those rules may have been beneficial…

I mean…

Not sayin’ that’s what we should do, nope…
not by any means…

But imagine if we applied them today…

What “preacher” or “prophet” would dare to deceive?

And how does lying, in writing or speech fit in?

Sure looks like something to consider…

Not from am implementation standpoint,
but as an exercise in “how would things be different?”
and then build on that while keeping Love in mind

On a somewhat related note…
Some people think this is cool….
I think it’s f’in scary…
And what effect would the above post have?
Military Power Demonstration Russian USA

06/15/18 – SprinklinThoughts

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A Thousand Years

Have you heard the expression
“one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day.” (1 Peter 3:8)

As far as I know most people
take this to go back and forth

1 day (God) -as-> thousand years (Man)
thousand years (Man) -as-> 1 day (God)

kind of like a seesaw or teeter totter…

But seems to me that
it may the same way for each…

1 day (God) -as-> thousand years (Man)
thousand years (God) -as-> 1 day (Man)

God gets as much done in one day
as we might in a thousand years…
and God can take a thousand years of his efforts
then deliver them all in one of our days…

Time, on any level,
is of no consequence
for God…

And time is something
we really have no understanding of…

“I go back and forth every single day,
the clarity it comes to me in a choppy way,
as the feelings and the places
and the seasons change,
the galaxies remain.”

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) Aloha Ke Akua
“aloha ke akua” loosely translated means
the breath of life and the love of God

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Fire Spirits

Some spirits
are like blazing bonfires
others like torches…

some are tealights,
some like matches…

some are orange coals,
some just ash.

Those whose flames
burn as tealights,
need not be sad
nor envious,
for that is what they are…
their purpose is pleasant light and heat…
and on a dark evening,
when power is out,
a tealight is welcome.

There are other spirits
who try to blind
with their false light,
which are to avoid…

Now you may ask,
and rightfully so,
“Which are you?”

Ah, yes… well…

Perhaps I am like
an underground stream
flowing out of and amidst the stones…

take a break… kick back… relax…
and take a mellow ride in your chair…
Mike Oldfield – Nuclear (Instrumental)

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Friend Creative

So I have this sort of friend
who is very creative…

creative like no one else…
way, way beyond anyone
I’ve ever known.

He has an immensely large garden
where he likes to create…

The thing is huge,
like you cannot even imagine…

trust me, you really can’t…

As I like to say “Hi,”
whenever I can,
one day I was visiting…

He showed me one of his projects,
covering only a small portion
of the gigantic garden…

we walked into it
and walked around in it…

for hours.

It was beautiful
beyond comprehension…

full of many different orbs…

some shining brightly
with a burning light,
some spinning
around and around,
some flying
in circles distant.

One particular orb
was covered
in blue green
and colors white…

whose shades
waved flowed
and shimmered too.

I stopped to admire it
and asked what it was…

He answered,
“Why, that’s
one of my favorites…

I call it Earth.”

I long to feel my heart burned open wide,
’til nothing else remains,
except the fires from which I came.

VNV Nation – Nova

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Will and Way

Ever hear the expression,
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”?

I’ve known a few Wills,
but I’ve never seen one with a Way.

One day I asked a Will about this
and he said, “Look, here’s a way.”

But there was nobody there I could see.

A Giant’s Tale of Momentum & Inertia
The Best 71-Second Animation You’ll Watch Today

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A Pair of Somethings

The theory goes…

all that we know
is of a physical existence
in a physical universe…

and all that we perceive,
or understand,
of this existence
points to this
“physicality” being true.

Without the physical body, where is the ego?
Without the physical body, where is the spirit?
Without a physical body, how do we think, feel, or even “be”?

But here’s the thing…

If the above is true, then
all that we know and can prove through experience
points to duality…
black/white, positive/negative, living/dying.

To put it simply,
we could sum it up in two words:
Life / not-Life.

But suppose the entire duality,
both Life and not-Life,
are one of a pair of other something(s).

As if Life and not-Life are both
on one side of the coin…

which is in itself a pair of something(s).

Now I’ve been pretty close to having a peek
at that other side… of the coin…
but all I saw was nothing.

So either I was’t where I thought,
was deaf, dumb, and blind,
or it’s all so beyond me
that there was no way
to experience it in a manner
that could be
“seen”, “heard”, “felt”,
or otherwise comprehended.

So back around I went…
around and around
the Circle of Life…
and here I am
back again…

But the bigger question for me is…

Who holds that coin anyway?

Or what if the coin is actually a dodecahedron?


On a related Note…
“Beauty is sweet for a short time
And then it is gone
Knowledge is precious
But we will never have time to complete it
All is done and finished
In eternal heaven
But our life here is eternally fresh
Keep that in mind, and love”

Nothing Lasts Forever – Lisa Bonet


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