Truthfulness, Justice, Freedom, Respect…

On Election 2016

I’m fairly certain that most of you have some good opinion on which of the candidates (if any) for President of the USA should be awarded that post so I won’t get into it. But I *would* like to address a couple of issues that I believe are important but which I have not as yet seen/heard discussed.

First… since the election of John Kennedy back in 1960, I have encountered, read and heard of, people voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Not only does that expression speak for itself, but I think it also denotes a certain lack of honesty and integrity. How can any best candidate win an office if people are uninformed or, in a sense, lying with their vote. After all, if I really wish candidate C to win but I vote for candidate B, for whatever reason (example: because C “will never win and I don’t want A to win”), am I being honest or helping my chosen candidate to win? BTW… not voting, or writing in ‘none of the above’ (or “This Mouse”) is a vote… your vote… legitimate and important (and I wish it were properly acknowledged/counted). So for this election I encourage you to consider voting (or not) intelligently and honestly… for, not against.

Second… let us remember that no matter who wins or what shape you think this country is in, it (this country) is still predicated upon the *inviolate* principal that all men and women are created sovereign, equal, and free. This is what makes (or should make) the United States of America a great place to be. But this greatness (admittedly under fire) can only continue or be righted (depending upon your point of view) if we *all* stand up, accept, defend, and live within the constructs of “sovereign, equal, and free”… without animosity and with real respect. If we agree on “America, land of the free” we must choose to be (and really *be*) and allow others to be free… being civil, acting always with respect for each other’s rights. [for more see — Unity in Purpose – 10/21/12]

So vote your heart and mind, honestly… civilly… and then, with grace, accept the result… always continuing to act for the good of each other and this truly great (but, IMHO, a tad under the weather) country. But tolerate not dishonesty, injustice, or evil… for although a proper, individual kind of morality (one that truly makes a nation great) can never be forced, it may at times need to be enforced… yet, requiring it by an encompassing example is the key.


Sprinkle: glow in the dark

Two bikers were sitting at a table, drinking a few beers, smokin’ some weed, and talking…

“Nope, can’t buy any smoke for a while; have to save up for some tires.”

“Yeah? I can get you some good tires real cheap bro. I mean like 50%.”

“Yeah great, more five finger discount specials?”

There’s that sheepish look again…

“No thanks man, I told you before… look, I’ll say it again. Whenever you touch something stolen, some of it, kinda like oil or dirt, rubs off and sticks to you… only it sticks to your soul… it’s sorta like handling radium with your bare hands…”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, eventually you glow in the dark…”


Sprinkle: Enough

Better to be satisfied with enough and be at peace
than to want more and be at war…
but tolerate not those who harm others.


Notes Upon A Sheet Of Music

immense silence,
pebbled with stars,
plays a melody
of colors and sounds

boundless wavelengths in endless flow,
an infinite variation of vibrations,
Energies and Forces and more and not,
are the unlimited many of One

too often unheard, unseen, or unfelt
this majestic symphony, a Divine song sung,
dressed in beauty, the fabric of Life,
its elegant motion makes perfect Time


A Micro Macro Universal Mini

His hands in motion glowing energy exude
move small molecules from there to here
as if just ping pong balls, floating in the air…
his task for healing to promote is.

Galaxies and universe, planets and suns
places he more ping pong balls somewhere
radiant energy becoming through his hands…
an exercise for lessons to learn it all is.

The small, the large, and the in between
moves he each then, now, at same time
every one time and he becoming one…
spinning eternal loop sphere, burst of life.

Wrapped this all in gift ribbon he did
then gave to us it, as secret thus
of an is to come, was, and yet still is…
yet untie the knowing knot is the skill.


The Mothers Are Right

“Momma, when I grow up I’m going to be a doctor… they make people better.”

“That’s very nice honey… and you could also become a killer.”

“Whoa! Really? Yeah that’s what I wanna be. I’m gonna go get my stuff ready right now. See ya!”


Mushroom People

Much (but not all) of what I see and experience around me on a daily basis is people getting along as best they can, cooperating and trying, to the depth of their individual awareness, to live in a symbiotic relationship with each other and the rest of Creation. These people may be compared to mycorrhizal mushrooms… many growing things that work in cooperation with a living host.

But there is also much, too much, I see that speaks to a second world, a world wrapped up in money, mayhem, and misery. With people living off of, using, abusing each other and Creation, consuming resources and each other’s energies without regard. These people are similar to parasitic mushrooms… many growing things that attack a living host.

To me, at the moment it looks like the parasitic part of humanity is growing out of hand. Which means that too many of us, whether consciously choosing to do so or not, are being too “attacking” in too many of our actions/interactions. There are too many parasitic mushrooms.

Without question, this must stop. The question is not if we stop, but rather when and how do we stop?

If we remain acting as parasitic mushrooms, we shall either kill enough of Creation around us – kill our host – to cause us to die of starvation. Or, before succumbing, our host shall purge or throw us off. Life, Nature, God, white blood cells… doesn’t matter which, any one or all… we stop or are stopped. Either way, eventually the parasitic mushroom/cancer will die. This is a simple fact.


Stop pointing fingers. Stop disagreeing over (silly) things. Put away your bombs, your bullets, your poisons. Put away your lust for more… more power, profit, & pain… more stuff.

mushrooms flashback smBe a good mushroom!

Start contributing your energy, using whatever is your skill or talent, toward getting us all… together.. out of this mess and back onto the right and good path. Work at working together… for the good of all.

Mycorrhizal mushrooms work in cooperation with a living host… and each other.


photo credit: Creative commons – vaXine

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