Sprinkle: Boats upon the Waters

Thoughts form within
to sail outward as do
boats upon the waters
destinations at times unknown

Each or flotilla sails forth
gentle or hard, heart or machine
arrives, stimulates energy
which radiance returns to thought’s home

Port that sends thoughts forth
from places far away
accepts returning cargo
whose value is yet unknown

With any exchange
its return is positive or not
thus gold are thoughts
whose value is for good

At certain times
perhaps such as this
thoughts float away
as toys upon a stream

Whether out of sight
or floating about
still thoughts give mind a rest
hard to go without

Soon they’re all
just part of life’s painting
boats upon the waters
glimmering in the sun


Wisdom’s daughter

In a land distant and close,
an old hermit was, by higher design
accustomed to roaming
valley and hill, field and forest

As happened almost often,
he encountered a fellow being,
a young woman disoriented,
wounded, and weak

At times assisting,
he accompanied her
to edge of forest
and beyond, a bit

Along the way, they spoke
of Holiness and of Purity
of Love Pure and Holy
of Being Holy and Pure

Then discovered both
children of spirit parents
siblings they were,
their love grew, will always be

Upon her path, in her ways
she strove to do well
to become, remain, to be
Holy and Pure

“Holy” embroidered
on white blouse
pulled over, yes
radiates from true Light within

With flash hermit knew
into his life, first time
Wisdom’s daughter
was sent to meet

It’s been said
when Wisdom is companion to man
changed he becomes
in heart, soul, mind

And the hermit was…

When at last they came
to a land that she knew
he stopped and she, strengthened, turned
looked him fondly, eye to eye

Said he to her, “Go,
for as surely as the Lord lives,
you must return
where I cannot accompany you

“For in your land, as did you here,
bewildered, lost, wounded I become
and my time, my task
is not yet done

“A while more must I remain
in province of those lost
encounter and accompany them
along a path, for a time

“If think of me you must, as I will of you,
may remembrance place
upon your lips, as mine, a brief smile
Holy, happy, and warm.”

“Say no more, dear brother” she replied
“for I’ve come to end your task
invite to stay where you’ve been led
in this good Kingdom, of the found.”

And the sun shone
upon meadow where they stood
the flowers that grew


Sprinkle: A Candle

A candle burns,
radiates heat and light,
brightens all around.

In order to live,
flame must have
heat, air, shelter (from the wind), and fuel.

It has and is life,
as we do and are.

Yet of what worth is a candle
if none benefit
from its light?

Though beautiful it is,
may the real wonder be
when it is observed?

In giving its glow
candle is fulfilled,
yet a mystery exists
in acceptance of the light.


photo credit: Eisbäärchen via photopin cc

Both observer and observed
alive, a part of life,
thus are Holy.

Wax and wick
of the finest,
for flame to be Pure.

Candles are many,
flames are bright,
and we are they.


Uh, about my food?

Your food? Well…
we take extra special, expert care with that…

just as we do with
your air…
your water…
your soil…

photo credit: http://theantimedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/150e9da6472d540c77b429a8eef4dd5f_f48.png

Dear NSA…

I was wondering if you could help me with a problem. It’s a lost file.

I was working on a freelance article about the propriety of data collection based on three basic premises…

data collection…
1) can be (or is being) done clandestinely — until and even after discovered…
2) can be (or is being) done but only on an “opt-out” basis — isn’t this too similar to #1?…
3) only with explicit and fully informed approval — strictly “opt-in”…

With these applying to everyone (no exceptions), which would you choose?

The same should apply to any/all junk mail, phone calls, advertising, databases, services, etc… only if I request it…

Oh, sorry, here’s what I’m writing to you about:

You see, this  article I was working on (for weeks) — filename: DNSA.doc — got corrupted somehow and I don’t have a backup… tough spot, I know… :-(

but I figured, with everything I’ve been reading, maybe you guys had a copy out there someplace? If you do, could you *please* copy it someplace for me? Better yet, if you have the time, can you just download it to my computer & put it on my desktop? You have access to that too, yes?


You guys are all right! :-)

…uh, maybe while you’re there you could also take me off any/all of your lists too?… You know… I’d like to unsubscribe & delete my account… thank you, but no thank you…


Sprinkle: Ice Cream

Have you ever seen two people eating ice cream and having an argument? I haven’t…

I wonder if it’s possibly because ice cream is just that kind of food/treat… maybe because it’s cold, yummy, sweet and creamy?

And to think that there are those who have never tasted ice cream… like perhaps certain indigenous peoples around the world… kind of sad (for me)… there are kids out there who’ve never tasted ice cream… even plain vanilla or chocolate are special…

But then I remember that along with ice cream, seemingly inevitably, comes ‘civilization’… and along with that, the (inevitable) problems…

So now I wonder if ice cream is really worth it… or are those who’ve never had it better off never experiencing it…

Maybe… maybe not…

Yet if I had to think of some really friendly, fun thing to share with people, I believe it just might be ice cream.


Chaos *&* Order

In the yin yang of life, it is not chaos *or* order but chaos *and* order.

Some people use  a variation of the chaos theory to say there is only chaos (a state of disorder). Well… doesn’t this (permanent) state of disorder in itself become the order? Does not ‘disorder’ have ‘order’ in it?

Order can be defined as a condition where things (physical, emotional, etc.) are properly in place (coexist, usually  harmoniously). He leads an orderly life. Everything is in order.

Order can also be the placement of each with regard to sequence, as in space or time.  We usually count in order. Everything is in order.

Order is generally predicated upon (or implies) some ‘rule’ or other. When a leaf draws nourishment from the sun, an orderly process is taking place… a sequence of events (order) is taking place in a harmonious way (order) which will in some (as yet unknown) way affect how that leaf grows.

If we were aware of and understood all the (infinite) rules of a split second of life (now), we could predict what would happen next. If we knew how sunlight affects the growth of a leaf, we could predict its shape to be. But because there are a myriad of other causes (or rules) involved, we cannot… and this is where ‘chaos’ enters. Chaos is the perceived effect (the shape of the leaf in the next moment) of an unperceived cause (unperceived or not understood order). Order is the perceived rule (or cause) of an effect (theorized, predicted, or not).

Yang and Yin coexist within the One… they *are* the One (even if only a part thereof).

Similarly chaos (what we cannot predict) and order (what we know or can predict) exist within the One (moment of Life).

When I breathe, I can rely upon the (harmonious) order of lungs and (unpoisoned) air to help keep me alive. But I do not really know where this moment of life will take this live body…. because things change (within or without) and I do not understand all the causes that affect me… also: I have free will – I can choose my thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions.

Because of this inability to perceive deeply enough (as with *all* life), I/we see the bits and pieces of order result, seemingly, in chaos. If we truly understood all the causes and effects (and how the effects become the new causes), I think it would be obvious that (seeming) chaos is actually (unperceived) order.

Photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc

Life, the yin and yang of which
form the One,
is chaos and order,
which are the same One.

If you want to dive really deep, the relationship between black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, life/death, up/down, in/out, give/receive, is similar… but, at this point, I could hardly begin to explain how (even to myself).

Love you!