Sprinkle: Positive Plowshares

you’ve heard the expression
“they shall beat their swords into plowshares”?

it’s in the bible

and you’ve heard of “sword of the mouth”?
that’s in the bible too

could these imply
we beat the swords of our mouths into plowshares…
prepare for life
rather than cut it down?

is this not the same as being positive
all the time…
in each thought, word, and deed?

and is not purity
absence of impurity…
building up
not tearing down?

is not Life
absence of Death?

positive plowshares
we can be
if we but freely choose…

the Gift
is in the choice…

always with Love,

Sprinkle: Turn The Other Cheek

to “turn the other cheek”
when walking in the Garden
is respect for Life & Love
as is it to be gentle…

yet, is there a requirement
to do so
when another
is harmed?

if we be all
as flowers & weeds in the field
some survive, some not
what is the key?

Spirit, Honesty, Respect, Purity
then Wisdom comes
opens eyes to see, heart to accept
a Gracious Gift bestowed

will we choose
this Holy Gift
to accept or reject
remember or forget?

submit will I
that One is Life
Beauty and Light
removes all blight

choose freely
for that too is Life
boundless and free
for me and for thee…

always with Love,

Heart’s Rhythm

summer’s short storm over
greens cleansed and air crisp
setting sun shining clear yellow
reminded him of where he stood

always before God
in some part of His garden
knowing that only his forgetting
would get him lost

today he’d gotten lost, a little
deep inside he knew he was not
for separation is from within
the rest but exploration?

Spirit Father is always there
waiting for us
to remember
and to see

his heart beat slowly
rhythm for wavelength
of love and thanks
for all and you…

always with Love,

Sprinkle: Dedicated

stood he on edge of cliff
of such breathtaking height
that his head did spin

knew he had to jump
for time had come
to learn to fly

wings of faith
holy and pure
vibrating ready

thought of spiritual sister
only one who spoke
the words “Holy” and “Pure”

simply saying these
with condemnation none
brings closer to Father

who grants
wings of faith

thought he
of her
by his side

and said he to she
when we do fly beneath a sky
sequined black velvet, opalescent blue

through galaxies
large and minute
what shall we do

speak, write, paint
give life where due

but to learn to fly
we must jump
ready, set, go

ever with love,

Sprinkle: Sparkle

in a way
it could be
that the whole universe
is but a sparkle
in the brook
the runs through
God’s garden

just as it could be
the sparkle
of a brain synapse firing

thus we are
both grand and small
yet equal in God’s eye

the magnificence of the universe
flows through your veins

so it is that you
the One reading this
are a Holy Being…

a conscious sparkle…

Independence Day USA

On this eve of Independence Day, I started thinking about what it all was about… you know, the usual stuff… what is Independence? What is Freedom? What is my responsibility in this area? How does it affect me, others, the world? Politics and corruption… What of those who have none?

And, as you might expect, it all got complicated really fast… just “too much” for this moment.

So I tried to to simplify it and ended up with a thought… tomorrow a whole lot of people will be exercising the Liberty to pursue Happiness.

Cool! Beefburgers!

Yes… well, actually, not for everyone… and a bit deeper than just food… like…

What is Liberty? Why is it so precious?
What is Happiness? Why is it so radiant?
How do they merge? A precious radiance?
Or a radiant preciousness?

OK… uh, I’ll just cut it short… and, God willing, perhaps with a bit of liberty, I may pursue some small happiness…